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About Amber
It's origins, mysteries and beauty....

Ancients referred to amber as "sea gold" because of it's golden color and because much is found on the seacoast particularly the Baltic Sea where once huge forests stood.
Actually amber ranges in color from a lemony cream color to almost a black with green or golden inclusions
Such beauty none could imagine coming from tree sap, especially from a long extinct pine species.
The sap would run and in its journey would pick up bits of flowers, bark and insects - some in entirety.
The oceans rose and carried the hardened sap into its depths. It sometimes rises to the top during storms or other ocean bottom disturbances.
Beautiful nature amber pendant with sterling front and back. See Main Catalog
#17721 for more view and information.
Double Strand Golden Amber
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2A29 - $ 75.00
This is a gorgeous design with green baltic amber and sterling. Large center cabochon with glittering gold inclusions. Smaller cabochons accent the front and sides of this piece. 1-3/4" wide at the front tapering to the back closure with safety chain.
Bracelet inside diameter - 2-3/4" Weight 50.4 grams
Truly an elegant presentatio
Dramatic amber necklace features five amber flowers each one 3/4" with 5 alternating green and cognac amber "petals" with bright golden amber center. All linked with a fine sterling chain. Total length is approximately 20"..Showy inclusions. If you love amber, you have to have this. 18.2 grams

#2A298 $65.00

Dramatic 2" pendant featuring the fossil Orthoceras accented by three beautiful moonstones. Orthoceras fossils date back to the Silurian Age 400 + million years ago and are the earliest recognizable animals. They were among the earliest forms of life and also one of the most intelligent forms of ocean life. This beautifully designed pendant hangs from a 22" sterling silver chain. A beautiful conversation piece you will never regret owning.


Alternating 3/4" links of cognac, green and golden (sunlight) amber make this a very special
bracelet. Lots of sparkling inclusions. About 7" long and 21.9 grams.

#2A295 $50.00
Bracelet on the right is Cognac Amber set in sterling with 1/2 and 1/4" alternating links with
lots of inclusions. Bracelet is 7-1/2" long x 1/2" wide. 24.5 grams

#2A293 $60.00
#2A294 $35.00

Bracelet on the left is beautifully engraved bezels set with alternating cognac and smooth creamy amber
cabochons each one 1/2". Very elegant. 7-1/2" long and 15.5 grams.

#2A296 $30.00

1-1/2" dome brooch in cognac amber with glittering inclusions all bezeled in
sterling. Very dimensional and elegant. A perfect amber go anywhere fashion accent.
Weight 11.4 grams

# 2A301 SOLD
Amber Poison/Locket
Sterling Ring Size 6
3/4" front
2A613 SOLD
1-1/2" faceted amber brooch. Beautiful 1

#2A299 SOLDSpectacular Art Nouveau style sterling bangle with large 1-1/4" amber cabochon is 1-3/4"
at the widest in the front and tapers back to a triple circle with clasp and safety chain.

The inside diameter on this bangle is approximately 2-1/2" and it weighs 36.4 grams.
A fabulous piece when worn.

Fabulous Ammonite and gemstone pendant with sterling silver 22" chain.
Pendant is quality 2". The Ammonite fossil is from the Cretaceous period, 65 million years ago. It swam the seas along with the dinosaurs ! It's closest living relative is the Chambered Nautilus
For More Information
#2A20594 SOLD

Sterling silver engraved hair barrett with a center amber cabochon. 3" x 3/4".
#2A297 HOLD

#2A292 $95.00
The most beautiful golden amber I've seen - Sterling bracelet has seven 1" cabochons that absolutely glitter
with inclusions. Bracelet is 7" long x 1" wide and weighs 39.3 grams ! No picture can do this
beautiful bracelet justice.
#2A292 $65.00

2A300-2 $15.00
Sterling with floral
engraving. Size 7
3/4" front.
2A300-2 $15.00
#2A302 $25.00
Sterling Poison/Locket Ring with engraving
1" front.
Size 7
2A303 $20.00
Sterling/gold wash locket/poison ring with
golden amber. 1/2" front..
2A303 SOLD

Gorgeous amber and sterling ring with inclusions. Size 8.
AMB0851 $ 20

# 2A291 $42.00

Sterling and Cognac amber bracelet with decorative links is 7" long x 1/2" wide
Lots of inclusions and a beautiful piece

There are materials such as plastics and copal that are made to resemble amber, but true amber has a pine scent when burned and it becomes electromagnetic when rubbed. Sometimes smaller pieces of amber were pressed together to make larger items such as cigarette holders.

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