Germany, W.Germany

Czechoslavakia exported jewelry from around 1918 - 1939 with much of it showing the Victorian influence.  Later popular pieces were featured in the Art Deco style

Germany and West Germany jewelry was exceptionally popular after WWII. They featured rhinestones as well as glass cameos  and brightly colored plastic beads usually with matching earrings.

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This is a beautiful vintage bracelet - the good, gorgeous rhinestones, beautiful cut in a deep champagne sparkle. Nice slide in clasp with safety chain. This bracelet has a lot of wear on the inside (thus,the low price) none showing on the outside. Signed on an oval plaque "Made In West Germany". I really can't stress and the photo does not show what fabulous stones are in this bracelet.
Price: "SOLD
Vendors Item#: 20109

Main Catalog
# 16150
Faux Turquoise and white beaded ring on goldtone filigree. Adjustable Signed
ACG5235 $10

3/4" clusters made in Austria. Clip on Style TPZ81002 $15

2" made in Austria
TPZ0438X $15

Very pretty openwork brooch with center green rhinestones. Signed Made In Austria.
ACG0420X $20

Lot of 4 pair Austria, Czech screw on earrings. Some signed. ACG9338 $15
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Beautiful bracelet 1" wide, open filigree with a flower on each link. 7"+ length. Still has original tag "Echt Silber". Comfortable and does lay flat on the wrist.
ACG82335 $20

17" triple strand of white and frosted clear glass beads. Western Germany
BKW7283 $20

1-3/4" brooch with peridot and black diamond rhinestones. Signed Made In Austria. ACG1112 $25

1-3/4" goldtone floral brooch with shades of green sparkling rhinestones.

Adorable lady bug brooch features
enamel wash leaves - about 2"
signed "Made in Germany"
GER8167 $15

Made In Western Germany
Multi strand black and gold glass beads - wear them twisted or not.. 18" with matching clip on earrings
A fabulous look !
ACG3303 $25

Unsigned floral spray 2-3/4". Goldtone
with blue rhinestone accents. Very typical of Austrian designs eventhough it is unsigned. ACG5263 $15

1-1/2" beautiful prong set made in Austria. ACG3181 $20

1" clip on earrings with celluloid carnival color insert. Made in Austria ACG2181 $10

Russian Hanpainted 2" diameter gorgeous floral. Wood base. Lacquer finish. Signed. Good condition.
RSA71132 $20

Deep sapphire blue and green rstns on a dark antiqued goldtone background. 1-1/2"
Signed Czechoslovakia
ACG461 $20

2" diameter in the most beautiful blue ab colors ! Outstanding sparkle and signed Czechloslovakia ACG8 - SOLD

2" white glass beads in a pinwheel design. Silvertone mounting. West Germany. 
AA10723  $25 

2-1/2" aluminum faux marcasite
unmarked but probably W.Germany. AA1202 $15

Double Circle Pin made in Austria AA107 $15 

Austria - Dark green enamel "hearts" with flowers and dangling rhinestones. 1-1'/2" brooch. 1" clip on earrings. AA1077 $20 set 

2-1/2" floral with green rhinestones and frosted cabochons. GV831I $20

1-1/4" with rhinestones. Signed

2" faux turquoise stone brooch. Made in Czechoslavakia - AA1079 $25 

15" bookchain with 2" filigree
pendant with gorgeous blue glass
stones and pearl accents. No marks but probably Austria or Czech.
#28144 $35

Beautiful matte green glass beads with gold splatter design. 15" including extender chain. Western Germany.
ACG6281 $20

W.Germany lightweight aluminum" faux marcasite earrings. clip on style. AA10758 $10 

1-1/2" filigree with large faceted amethyst stone, pearl accents. 
Germany AA1075 $15  HOLD

3" Cross Brooch/Pendant with filigree and amethyst cabochons. 
A beauty made in West Germany AA1072 $35  HOLD

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