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None of the metal jewelry items shown here have been cleaned or polished and are just as they were when I acquired them. That is to give the buyer the privilege of keeping the aged patina or cleanup as desired.

Copper Cleaning Tips - Salt and Lemon (use only if you want it bright and shiny) and Remember - clean gently.

Mexican Jewelry
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Renoir - 1946-1964
Matisse 1952-1964

Copper By Bell

Rosalyn Hoffman

Gretchen Barkin

Kelly Waters

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Nice Set by Rosalyn Hoffman
1-1/2" brooch
1" clip errings.

Nice Copper Open Bangle made in Mexico with Brass Design.
1-1/4" wide, 2-1/2" inside diameter, adjustable/flexible.
6783 - $20.00


2" copper and inlaid stone earrings. Pierced style. Southwest made.
CPR3259 $15

1-3/4" copper and inlaid stone pierced style earrings. Southwest made. CPR3252 $15

1-1/8 copper with turquoise stone. Pierced style. Southwest made.
CPR3260 $15

1-3/4 x 2" brooch with leafy design in copper. CPR8932 $30

2" copper thunderbird with turquoise stone accents. Signed with an "M or W" in a circle.
Hangs from a 24" silvertone chain. CPR19024 $25

1" copper and enamel clip on earrings signed "Renoir" and "Matisse" Good condition.
CPR2878 $10

2" Musical cleff/note brooch by Renoir.
Great Condition. #CPR0651X SOLD

A copper gathering of fall leaves -
brooch is 4". Quality made unsigned #CPR0744X $20

Unusual scarf, stick or tie pin is 2-1/4" overall with what appears to be a frog with outreaching tongues..........Antiqued finish - probably copper although pin mechanism is goldtone. Marked with a large "R". This may be Rebajes - similar in style to some of this designer #CPR 19508 $20

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#19718 SOLD

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Renoir Comedy Tragedy Bracelet Set

1-1/4" nice copper dangle earrings with screw on closures.
CPR42131 $10


Unsigned 1-1/4" round copper clip on earrings with 3 dimensional ballet dancer in center. Good condition.
CPR32135 $10

Art Deco Design brooch/pendant by Kelly Waters. Superior quality. Brushed finish. 2". CPR7435 $20

Signed "solid copper" 1/4" x 20" chain
necklace CPR41313 $15

Unsigned copper twist and knot bracelet has open back style /4" wide. CPR7143 $15

Renoir Clamper bracelet 5/8" wide 2-1/2" inside diameter. Good condition.
Signed Renoir. CPR7283 $20

Gretchen Barkin screw on earrings 1" diameter. super nice. CPR41231 $15

Southwestern style pewter bracelet is 1/2" wide open bangle style. Made by Geo. S. Preisner. Quality
piece. #PTR1302 $20

White enamel palette signed Matisse
Renoir 4" CPR41221 SOLD

4" green and multi enamel palette
by Matisse. Some enamel cracking.
CPR41227 $20

3/4" screw on earrings. No markings but very unusual.
CPR91384 $10


Clip on pinwheels by Renoir

Heavy engraved bangle signed "Guess"? 1/4" wide x 2-1/2" inside diameter CPR41239 $15

1" red enamel on copper screw on
earrings CPR41216 $8

Renoir 1" diameter clip on
earrings with green/gray
speckled enameling.

Renoir 1" diameter clip on similar to
above but different colors. CPR462

Brooch/Pendant 2" diameter
CPR6271 - $15

1" copper clip earrings
CPR6274 $10

1" copper clip earrings by "Renoir"
CPR6279 $15

8" x 1" large copper links by Renoir
CPR62743 $20 HOLD


2-1/2" copper pendant hangs from
28" leather cording. CPR41213 $15

Renoir 1-1/2"  banjo
earrings. clips CPR103A $15 HOLD

1" copper clip earrings by
"Star" CPR6275 $10

1-1/2" copper screw on earrings by "Kim" CPR6210 $8 SOLD

Renoir - 1"-clips
CPR109-1   $10
1" purple enamel fans on copper
screw on style . Signed SARU. CPR41216 $8

7-1/4" geometric link design
bracelet. Unsigned CPR 41218 $15 SOLD

3/4" wide large bracelet or arm cuff
CPR41219 $15

16" hammered copper and brass links
with front brass chain dangles. Very
Arts and Crafts looking. CPR62799  $30

Beautiful copper and enamel earrings by Hogan Bolas. 1-1/4" dangles. Screw on style.

1-1/4" copper clip earrings
CPR6273 $10

1" copper and enamel clip earrings by "Matisse" CPR6277 $15 HOLD

1" copper clip earrings
CPR6212 $10

Copper bracelet knot accent
CPR41217 $10

6" x 1/4" copper chain bracelet
signed "copper" CPR41215 $10

1/2" wide unsigned bracelet
CPR41214 $10

Great bracelet in antiqued brass? in the arts and craft style.Top is 1-3/4" wide.
CPR82831 $20


Beautiful colors in this studio enamel set signed "hga". Brooch
is 1-3/4" and screw on earrings 1". CPR461 $20

2-1/4" heavy cast copper finish medallion
some verdegris Made In Greece CPR4129 $15

6" bracelet features thunderbird
design. Unsigned CPR41210 $10

Heavy 1-1/4" wide bracelet with
oriental faces and pagodas.
CPR41211 $25

4" unsigned Nouveau look spray
CPR4128 $15

3" floral curl by Renoir
CPR4127 $25

2" brooch with turquoise accents
Copper By Bell CPR4126 $20 (2)

2-1/2" unsigned
CPR4125 $10

2" diameter open brooch signed
Copper By Belll CPR4122 $15

Arts and Crafts look 1-1/2"
signed Rosalyn Hoffman
CPR4124 $25

2-1/4" bow brooch signed Nereus
1946 Handmade CPR4123 $20

Unusual "hollowware" look brooch
2-1/4" CPR4121 $15

Water Lily design copper bracelet
with enamel 3/4" wide open back.]
CPR4131 $15

Selection of Copper "Singles" earrings
$1.00 each

Taxco Mexico Copper Bangle made
For Coro Jewelry - 1/4" wide. 2-1/4"
inside diameter

2-1/4" diameter Copper By Bell
Floral Brooch CPR4133 $15

6-1/2" x 1/2" with turquoise and Indian
theme/links. CPR4134 $15

7-1/2" x 1/2" thunderbird bracelet
signed "copper" CPR4135 $15

2" wide open thunderbird design cuff
bracelet CPR4136 $20

1" open cuff; thunderbird, arrow design
some wear inside. Signed "solid copper"
CPR4137 $15

1" wide mosaic look copper bracelet

1/2" wide signed "genuine copper"
CPR4139 $15

Heavy old copper link bracelet with
charm. 7-3/4" z 3/4" wide.
CPR41310 $10

Copper link bracelet 1/2" wide x 7"
signed "solid copper" CPR41311 $8

7 " x 1/2" link bracelet
CPR41312 $10
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