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Not only does he have a nose, but he has rhinestone spots !
This bloodhound needs a home ! DG3131 $8

1-1/4" vintage composition dog on wood backing. Open center. DG0629X $15

Such a cute dog ! Antiqued goldtone finish with mottled red cabochon body and hat with red rhinestone eyes. Bottom half of body swings loose as do legs ! Pendant is 3" and goldtone neckchain is 24". No mfg markings, good condition. All he needs is a home !
DG0821 $15

Cute wood "nodder" dog 2" from Japan. On original card.
DG2211 $10

Spiffy enamel poodle 2" high by Gerry's. DG2193 $10

This guy will run right into your heart ! 2-1/4" , wood hand painted with beady eye. Embedded pin.
DG2192 $8

Silky Terrier with rhinestone ears. 1-3/4" DG2191 $8


Prim and Proper Poodle !
1-1/4" with rhinestone eyes.
DG2215 $5

Copper Scotty

1" Black and white enamel/metal , spaniel/pointer
DG2216 $5

All ready to party - poodle.
DG2217 $4
(See her twins below)

2" Art Deco Wolfhound? openwork brooch in silvertone.
DG91834 $20

Tiny celluloid 1" Black and White Scotty Dogs. Vintage.
DG91833 $5

Fabulous 2" rhinestone Scotty with green rstn eye.
DG91835 $18

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Cute goldtone pearly poodle
1-1/2" unsigned. DG0102 $8

Adorable matte finish silvertone poodle
is 2 x 2-1/2". TRF8169 $20

Collie Tie Bar by Jamisen is 1-1/4" x 1/4". Good Condition.
DG91831 $8

So cute ! composition black body with faux marcasite accents. 2". DG91832 $10

This is such a cute brooch - I've heard of Cat and The Fiddle but not "Dog"....Approximately 2" high and looks like the terrier breed and he plays a mean guitar. The only marks I could find on the back is one that looks like "800". This one sings for his supper ! DG15843 $20

An adorable enamel dog (pomeranian?) on goldtone is approximately 1-1/8". It is signed on the back (sorry can't read it) and numbered. ---tle?
DG16222 $1

Unsigned but definitely fancy quality this beautiful antiqued goldtone poodle sits 2" high and waits to be claimed. No manufacturer markings. DG16777 $20

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2-1/2" coyote  relatives !
Designed by "J.J.". DG0714 $8

1-1/2" scarf slide by
Karma DG071 $5

He Just "looks" mean...
Adorable bully by Metzke.
2"  DG0718  $8

1-1/2" black enamel "tuxedo dauxie" DG0739  SOLD

"Musical Tails" Germany $3

"Christmas Wish"
Germany 1909  $4

"I Love but Thee"
1906  $3

"A Happy NewYear"  $3

3" open wire, pearls and turquoise
rhinestones. DG07148 $12

1-1/4" great detail in silvertone
with red eyes and tongue.
DG077 - $8

Pretty in Pink Poodle. 1-1/2"
rhinestone/enamel on Goldtone.
#DG7458 $15

2-1/2" brushed gold "sexy pooch"
with pearl eye. DG075   $12

Copyright 1910  $3

No markings $3

"A Merry Christmas ToYou"
Germany - $4

"Flat Wanted - For a Little Girl, Doggie, and The Rest of The Family". Julius Bien&Co. $4

1-1/2" with black stone center.
Signed LG in pallet. DG078 $10

1-1/4" by "Gerrys"
Textured goldtone  DG0745 $5

1/2" silvertone older pin.
DG0723  SOLD

1" goldtone with green rhinestone collar and red rstn. eyes.
DG0780  $5

A cute figure charm?
His head is on a spring and he has a pick axe. Maybe an advertising piece of some sort. 2" high D2801G  $10

Pink Pompadour !
2" enamel with pink rhinestone eyes. DG073 SOLD

"The PoodleTones"
Our favorite trio
1" each 2 goldtone and 1silvertone. DG07033  $10 all

1-1/2" celluloid scotty with rhinestone eye. DG072 $5

2-1/4" "laughing" dauxie!
DG074   $8

2" Perky Pooch in a Tunnel !
Older c-clasp. DG0720 $10

Looks Like A Lady To Me !
2" brushed pewter? on black.
DG0716 $10

2" Gold with Green Rhinestone Eyes ! DG0719 $8

2" Dauxie all sparkling with green rhinestones. DG0799  SOLD

It must be a whale !
Postcard $ 2

3-1/2 x 4-1/2 Victorian Scrap
The Seasons Greetings $3

"I Need Some Petting"
E.Weson? $3

"Say, Leave It To Me Kid !"
Schmidt Bros., Chicago 1911

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