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Egyptian jewelry has long been coveted not only because of its beauty but its mystery and lore.

The scarab is a popular design
element. Representations of this beetle have been found in ceramic, stone sculpture and cut gems. It was used in ancient Egypt as a talisman and a symbol of the soul. The size lends well to jewelry design and its symbolic history of good luck and long life make it even more desirable.

Egyptian Deities
Isis - Queen
Thoth-Lord of the Moon
Osiris-Fertility, Ressurection
Amun-RE - Creator God
RE - Sun God
Anubis - Protector of the Dead
Nut - Sky Goddess
Bastet - Goddess of Sun, Crops


22" rosary bead necklace with 2" carved mop dove in flight.
vintage piece.
EGY17984 $20
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1-1/2" filigree earrings Made in Israel. Gold Filled Wires.
0351X $10

Beautifully done carved sterling with center blue stone. 2". Signed 935 Made In Israel.
ISR9103 $30

1/2" wide silver bracelet with enamel link scenes featuring birds and wildlife. Very good condition. Persian made. EGY0737 SOLD

2-1/4" brooch signed J.J.
JJ7283 $15

1" scarab pendant necklace by JJ on 15" chain. Nice. JJ11054 $15 SOLD

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Vintage amethyst scarab and cabochon bracelet is 7" long x 1/4" wide. Beautiful !

Unique sterling silver pendant is 1-1/2" and hangs from silver chain 30". Pendant is marked "Israel 925". Black enamel inlay work. Very nice.
ISR71136 $35

Nice Israel brooch/pendants one featuring dancers and the other a cactus. Enamel on Sterling. Signed.
ISR71137 $25 each HOLD

18K vermeil pendant is 2" filigree and signed 18K vermeil. Beautiful item.
EGY6183 $25

2" star earrings by Varsand, Israel. Clip on style. Sterling.
ISR6173 $25

Very nice,I believe gold filled, scarab bracelet is 7" length and features two rows of smaller stones accented by larger. Stones appear to be tiger eye, carnelian, onyx, jasper.About 1/2" wide. Jump clasp.

1-1/2" brooch/pendant with natural green stone and turquoise beaded edge.
Signed 925 Made In Israel.
ISR3293 $25

1-1/2" carved mother of pearl star. Very intricate. Signed Bethlehem.
**NAT32134 $12

1-1/2" brooch with textured surface appears to be silver. Marked but illegible. Similarly designed ring.
EGY413A $15

7" x 1/4" wide stone scarab bracelet. Also blue screw on earrings. Marked Jewelart.
EGY216 $12

2-1/4" silver filigree with camel, oasis center. No markings. EGY413B $20

3/4" scarabs in this bracelet - 7" Nice.
EGY222 $15

Fabulous brooch features green jade? vintage stones topped with sphinx at top and mummy on teardrop stone.
Width is just over 3" and overall length 4-1/2". Vintage stones solder reset in brass Egyptian motif. EGY81238 $35

Great Egyptian themed vintage set includes a 7-1/4" large link charm bracelet with three charms each 1-1-1/4". Matching earrings are screw on style with "bullet" tip and have an overall length of 2". All in good condition. A super set ! RP17710 SOLD

6-1/2" scarab bracelet
with safety chain.
EN -  1081 - $10

Silver Openwork 1-1/2"
Signed but illegible
#EN 9817 SOLD

1-1/2" circle pin with glass scarabs.
EN1082 - $10
Dangle scarab clip earrings by Brookcraft EN1085

1-1/2" Damascene 
King Tut Pin
By Reed and Barton
Some wear
EN1087 $15

Large 1" stone scarab
clip earrings. EN1086

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