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Styles and Trends

Some of the trends
and styles I've seen in
the current issues of
fashion magazines

Cuff Bracelets, especially
when worn with 3/4 sleeve shirts and jackets.

Chains - the bolder
the better

Large Pendants
Jade, Lapis and Turquoise

Layered Jewelry
multi bracelets, bangles

Animal prints are in again. Snakeskin real and faux.

Boho Casual
Folkloric Baubles

Chandelier Earrings

Mixed sparkle and cabochon gemstones and semi-precious.

Newsletter fo August 20009 

Something new from Jarretts Jade !

Each month we'll briefly tell you about our special finds, recent
estate acquisitions, buyouts and, of course
SALES ! Instead of cluttering your in-box, we'll just send you a link to let you know the news is available at your convenience.

Since most of our sales are unadvertised except to those
on our special customer list we wanted to make it a
little more special.

Beginning in August we'll be listing some very nice Southwestern
Jewelry items - made in the USA and featuring sterling silver
with turquoise and other gemstones. This was a limited boutique
buyout we made and some of the items sold for upwards of $200.00.
We'll give you a much better price but our quantity is very limited.

Also this month we'll be giving a great gift with only a
$25.00 order.  It is a Multisizer Ring Sizing Gauge and
comes with complete instructions. We have a lot of rings
on our site and we use a professional ring sizer to give the size.
This individuial sizer should give you the exact size to look for when buying rings !  If you haven't received one before, be sure and ask when you order.

My daughter, Tami, is now helping me full time with jewelry
sorting, light cleaning and inspections so we will be adding
items more quickly to the site.  New items will be listed on
the site for usually a month before being listed at auction. If you see something you like - buy it quick or put it on layaway.

Our Hard Working Crew above With the Supervisor in the Center
on the back of the chair.

New At
Jarretts Jade

Jewelry Boutique
Buyout - Sterling

Christmas Jewelry
More Being Added

Cuff Bracelets

Loose Rhinestones
and Supplies

Jewelry From WV

10% Discount On
All Orders Over $100
Plus Free US Postage !
That's A Deal

New postage rates. If you purchases 1 item through the Pay It Now Paypal link, your postage will already be figured into your total.

If you have multiple items just send the order and we'll figure the combined postage for you and even send you an invoice !

Always free US postage over $50.00 total order.