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No stand alone or premium
vintage items have been used in these recreations.
However, new enhancements have been lovingly added for increased wearable pleasure.

The Art of Remembering

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Nostalgique Jewelry was begun as a hobby between two friends in 1988 and continued through 1995 designing almost exclusively for:

Walt Disney World
MGM Studios
Epcot Americana
Universal Theme Parks
Church Street Station
Custom Designed Americana pieces are owned by First Ladies Barbara Bush and
Hillary Clinton
Items were also availble at various art shows and museums.

2" enamel and porcelain necklace revitilizes an antique buckle
with an old porcelain girl in a sunbonnet. The chain has
ornate enamel inserts and is 28". A truly beautiful
revitalization of an antique buckle part. NQ81638 SOLD

See Main Catalog # 15745 Click Picture For More Info
1-1/2" openwork with rhinestone accents and glass cameo topper.
NQ19344 $20
Medusa is featured in the center with floral and foliage accents and bronze rhinestones.
3936 $25
Medusa Brooch
See Main Catalog # 15801

2" oval cameo brooch in layered goldtone setting with carnelian composition cameo, pearls and jade leaf accents. SOLD If you look closely you can see our Lady of the Leaves accented with pearl sprays and enamel flowers. 3"
NQ1020 $35

Fabulous Eros Archer on filigree with pearl and rhinestone an floral accents. 2 x 3" . NQ1202 $45

Shell cameo accented with rhinestones and large pearl
drop. Overall size 3" long
NQ451 $30
2-1/2" collage of vintage beaded buttons combined with Czechoslavakian glass
butterfly wings and Swarvorski rhinestones on a goldtone base.
NQ981 $35
2-1/2" Angel slaying snake in collage of light coral pearls and rhinestones. NQ1202A $35
Our Favorite Dog pendant ! 
2" oval with 24" chain. Mounted on pearl with mesh background. NQ1019 $35
Approximately 2x2-1/2" collage of blue frosted glass beads, pearls and gold filigree surround a handpainted porcelain portrait of our Lady in Blue. Pearls and enamel butterfly add interest. NQ8291  SOLD Vintage fantasy birds? hold a beautiful pierced floral celluloid button with ornate border. This brooch has loop for pendant.
NQ831H  $55
Gorgeous thick carved pearl earrings are 2" in diameter and topped with floral chased sterling and cut steel buttons with rhinestone accent. Clip on style. Very elegant NQ1120 $30
Brown lucite wrap bangle 1" wide with added embelishments all
in hues of amber and gold with pearl accents.  NQ129  $45
"Comfort the Clown" is what our monkey friend seems to be saying. A carnival collage featuring a tearful clown, brassy monkey and friends amidst vintage brass and colorful celluloid  buttons. All on a white filigree base.  2-1/2" diameter  NQ922A - $35
Vintage blue enameling accentes this  brass butterfly and vintage floral  brooch  2-1/2".   A winning combination. NQ0452 $45 SOLD
She sails away for treasures accompanied
by her ship, vintage glass compass and friends from the sea..
Wood composition with sailor cap and blowing hair.  2-1/2"  NQ192 $45
15" mesh choker 3/4" wide with central focus 1-1/4" glass  cameo with a pink background. NQ922E - $25
Beautiful Wedgewood stone cameo inside a
vintage frame with faux pearl and rhinestone accents.  3 x 2-1/2".
15" with extender chain this Deco choker features triple rows of rhinestones on a black velvet ribbon and center celluloid buckle with rhinestone and seed bead accents.   NQ922J - $45
We had 2 pair of these - the other pair stayed with Disney.
These are Pierced earrings  11" long with oriental silk toggles and jadeite/pearl accents on goldtone. Suprisingly lightweight !  NQ3800 $45
Slightly over 1" in  diameter ,this custom
designed ring is goldtone and features a vintage enamel and cut steel topper with engraved band.  NQ2501  $45
Two olds made new in this layered brooch with perfectly matching edges. Brass with a tiny amethyst stone in her hair. Backing is by "Monocraft" and topper from an old mostly destroyed Paris compact finding. NQ4501
Simplicity in this 1-1/2" composition cameo on bakelite base.
NQ3885 - $20
This choker is approximately 15" with extender chain. 1" black 
velvet ribbon sports dangling glass flower beads. We bought out an old lamp factory 15 years ago just for these fabulous beads.
NQ 4505 $20
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