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The Smell of Violets hidden in the green
 Pour'd back into my empty soul and frame
The times when I remember to have
been joyful and free from blame

....Alfred Lord Tennyson

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Crystal perfume bottle 2-1/2" incl. ground stopper. "Modern No 2 Perfume" Pittsburgh 33, PA on the label. Also the company name, but illegible.Good condition.
PRF07106 $5

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2-1/4" delicate blown; very old; gold overlay
missing stopper.
Rare -
PRF2666 $10


Part of an estate collection, this little bottle is 1-1/4" and I was told it was carved amber.

Rare and hard to find bottle include a mercury glass smelling salts bottle 2" high x 1-3/4" wide by Shulton...This is in very good condition except the top is missing. It has a picture of a period lady in the center holding a bouquet of flowers. Around the edge is written " Old Spice Smelling Salts By Shulton". PRF32054 $15

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Commercial perfume tester in lucite is 12" long with goldtone removeable cap revealing atomizer tip. Other end is stationary with a number marked on the end. 3/4 square diameter.
PRF20954 $20

Vintage Evening in Paris lay down bottle with tassel top. Some wear on cap. L abel intact. 3". PERF0474X $10
This is a pretty goldtone heart hanging perfume bottle 1-3/4" and it hangs from an engraved bow pin. Overall length is 3". No mfg. markings, but a nice item.
2PF16012 SOLD
Designer plastic case holds bottle of "Fantasque" perfume by Avon. Approximately 1-3/4". Still has slight fragrance. Hangs on a silk cord. PERF32133 $8 1-1/2" heavy metal perfume pendant by Geminesse - Max Factor. 28" goldtone chain.
Some fragrance remains.
2PF4222  $20
Vintage bottle of Prince Matchabelli Masquerade Spray Cologne, original box new old stock.
20294 $12 SOLD
3-3/4" high paneled clear glass bottle. Eau de Cologne, Crepe DeCine by F. Milot. Bottle is full. Looks never opened.
Plastic deco cap.
2PF 4221 
2-1/2" porcelain bottle with "Fraggonard" style romantic scene. Royal Bavara Germany
2LGF0615 $15
....This is a nice glass bottle by Bacorn "Chancellor Lily" fragrance with a rooster on the gold foil label. 5" high with ground stopper. 2PF0614 SOLD Sterling overlay with fish and seaweed design.
Signed Mexico 925
"CRV" Plata on the bottom.
Glass insert 2-1/2" high.
2PF6251 $35 

Aladin's Lamp ! Incense burner has jade and carnelian glass cabochons. Heavy brass. 5" long x 2-1/2" tall.
2PF50556 $15

Old perfume bottle Made In France, etched grass design with sterling floral top and glass dauber. 3" high.
PF7089 $15

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