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*Painted Porcelain
Jewelry and Buttons
By Dorothy Kam
Portrait Jewelry was a favorite of our ancestors and their skills and
love for the art were passed down for generations.
The beautiful images including loved ones, flowers and pastoral romantic scenes were favorite subjects.
Although similar in design, each one became a one of a kind work of art.

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Hand painting was of the finest and was done on porcelain, ivory and
other materials.

For those not so artistically inclined,(or later for mass production) lithography was
applied to the base and then "hand touched" or accented by another.

One famous designer of such  lithography was "Fraggonard".
These romantic scenes are usually signed at the bottom.

Factories in Limoges, France supplied porcelain blanks and lithographies
were d
one for for young women to use as a parlor craft
to increase their "cultural" dowery.

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Magnificant Art Nouveau Necklace is 41" long goldtone/brass accented with custard glass? beads with brown and coral matrix and two black plaques of handpainted roses, one on either side. The necklace culminates in a 4" openwork pendant with porcelain portrait of a woman in long flowing hair and, as if that were not enough, it further cascades to a large faceted crystal drop. The necklace is excellent quality and signed on the back plaque in script BF and Co.It is difficult to even describe the beauty of this piece. It is from an estate, in good condition and in the original velvet lined box.


Pair of Photo Pins each one about 1" in diameter. One is of a young man and the other an older woman. No markings on the backs of either one.
POR1014 $8.00 each or $12 both.

Photo on one side and mirror on the other (fair cond.) 3" oval. Overall good cond. POR03614 $6

Right - Delicate hand painted floral on translucent camphor glass base. 1" diameter with sterling bezel.
POR9336 $15

This vintage brooch features a romantic porcelain scene in the center mounted in heavy potmetal with rhinestone "spokes" in graduated sizes all around the center.  Smaller rhinestone accents.  Very old potmetal with porcelain still in good condition.  This also has attachments on the back where it can be attached to clothing as well as pinned
POR22187 $40

Soft colors are featured in this beautiful floral bouquet. Silvertone rope bezel 1-1/2"
POR9236 $20

Whiting -Davis
hand painted textured glass made to look like needlepoint. 2" pendant. 22" chain. WHD7538 $20

Porcelain romantic scene by Fraggonard
in a goldtone openwork 2" setting with faux slide and double chain 24".
POR9332 $25

1-1/4" lavishly carved floral pearl hosts porcelain forgetmenot. by Nostalgique
NQ5233 $25

Very pretty porcelain cuff buttons with blue forgetmenots.
Signed on back
BU6765 $25 pr

1-1/2" oval porcelain pink rose motif with matching 1" round earrings. clip on style. 20" fine goldtone chain. PF5232 $15

This is a pretty porcelain portrait pendant made by Limoges in France.  It is set in brushed goldtone with simulated pearl and red rhinestones. Size of the pendant is about 2". Signed on the back Limoges Made In France. This hangs from a 22" goldtone chain. Slight wear on the back of the pendant otherwise good condition.
POR21601 $25

Lovely vintage Limoges porcelain floral is set in a beaded base with pink and white glass cabochons. All prong set and soldered brass. 2 x 2-1/2" with gold trim. A gorgeous piece
POR19379 $40

Nice older courting portrait scene (slightly faded) is in a beautiful goldtone frame. No mfg. markings. PF5206 $25

Earrings with a Fall motif. Porcelain 1" ovals. Screw on style. PF5231 $10

Pretty pair of screw on style earrings in handpainted porcelain. Dark blue 1-1/4" ovals are rimmed with gold and feature a bouquet of Forgetmenots. POR16289 $20
1" clip on style courting scene porcelain earrings are signed Germany. Good condition. PF5204 $15

One of a kind vintage brooch designed by Nostalgique has a vintage porcelain insert framed in double antique goldtone frame. Porcelain appears to be a surreal landscape in the colors of light blue, golden yellow and olive green on white.
POR18483 $30

Unsigned bookchain style bracelet is 7" with white floral on pale green/multi porcelain design. Good condition. PF5205 $25

Elaborately framed with twining vines and faux pearls, this courting scene by Fraggonard is 2-3/4" diameter. Brooch/Pendant combination mounted on a filigree backing. Good conditionl PF5201 $35

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Bright modernistic floral hand painting on procelain. Goldtone border. Very pretty. 2". No designer or mfg. signatures.
PF5202 $25

An unusually constructed piece, this vintage celluloid portrait is set in an openwork metal frame which is itself set inside another floral prong bezel. Size is 1-1/2 x 2". Some wear to the metal mostly inside. Otherwise good condition.
PF15666 $35

Beautiful hand painted porcelain pendant by Mary....? is almost 3" teardrop shape with soft pink roses on a muged gray green background of foliage and leaves.A really gorgeous piece and it hangs from a 24" goldtone chain. PF18255 $35

Sweet bouquet of roses 1-1/2" round with gold accents. Mounted on brass plate with c-clasp. PF2171 $20

Another beautiful handpainted porcelain in a floral design featuring daisies on a creamy background with nice colors. Signed M.C. and mounted in an openwork silvertone frame.PF15087 $30

An older porcelain brooch with a romantic pastoral scene. This is an older one and is a bit faded but the beauty still shows through. Framed with a simple antiqued rope bezel. Size is 2" oval. PF15781 $20

Nice hand painted floral brooch in a silver bezel. Design is floral in colors of lavender,coral, pink, blue, green..on white background. Size is 1-1/2" in diameter and is marked on the back Czechoslovakia PF16150 $25

A beautiful vintage hand painted bouquet of daisies is the focus of this brooch. Aproximate 2" oval accented with gold and prong mounted on a brass backplate. A really beautiful piece ! The hand painting is very detailed PF16106 $30

A beautiful sepia/gold scene of a young man in period costume kneeling is the subject of the porcelain pendant. Size is a little over 1" oval and it hangs from a 26" serpentine chain. Really a nice piece. PF16423 $35

Beautiful handpainted porcelain oval brooch/pendant with chain. Framed in goldtone. Nice floral design featuring a pink rose and purple violets. Signed "Neufeldt". Nice detail. PT 15154 $35

Beautiful detail in these 1" oval clip on earrings featuring hand painted roses. PT07081 SOLD

Pretty pair of screw on style earrings in handpainted porcelain. Dark blue 1-1/4" ovals are rimmed with gold and feature a bouquet of Forgetmenots. PT16289 $20

Beautifully hand painted porcelain brooch. Very detailed in colors of pink, yellow, blue and green. This one is in a heavy openwork silvertone frame and serves as a pendant as well as a brooch. Signed "MC" as the decorator. 2-1/2" diameter. PF15071 $35

Lovely 1-3/4" porcelain brooch with romantic litho surrounded by brass filigree and accented with faux pearls. #PO92P $30

Beautiful hand touch painted on porcelain brooch 1-3/4 x 2-1/4" oval. Colors are shades of blue forgetmenots, green foliage on an antique white background with gold rim accent.Brooch is prong mounted on brass backplate with older C-clasp. Probably a parlor piece. No marks.  # PF10666 - SOLD
Striking detail in this celluloid girl with a scarf. Many variations of this particular pose have been done. This is on a brass base with older c-closure. #PN912A  SOLD

2" porcelain portrait litho by 
"Fraggonard" in older brass bezel with trombone clasp. Signed "Made in Limoges, France" # PP520F - $35 SOLD

Spectacular 2" round hand 
painted intaglio done entirely through the back with a three dimensional effect. 
#IP516S - SOLD

2x2-1/4" oval romantic portrait 
litho on  porcelain pendant. 
Made in West Germany. 

#PP516C - $25 HOLD O/I

1-1/2 x 2" oval hand painted scene on mother of pearl. Older c-clasp.  # PP516B - $35

Pretty "stylized" floral on porcelain. Looks handpainted with gold accents. 1-3/4" diameter and prong set onto a brass backplate with older c-clasp. The center design looks like a pansy to me. Nice colors. 
# PF513C - $30

2" Round  period scene on 
porcelain signed Limoges, France. 
Hand touched lithograph with 
rope bezel.  # PP516A - SOLD

Vintage Art Nouveau Shell Style bezel  2-1/2' holds sweet porcelain portrait brooch. Older c'clasp. #PP916A $35

Lovely celluloid portrait brooch 1-3/4 x 2-1/4" oval of a woman in a pink ball gown and fancy hat with roses. Beautiful muted colors and a 1/4" fancy floral bezel. Older C-clasp. 
# CP513A - $65 SOLD

Handpainted LIghthouse design signed lower right. Nicely done.#PT5291  SOLD

2-1/2" oval handpainted dogwood
pendant brooch. Ornate offwhite floral bezel. Nicely done 
#PF925A $25

Older porcelain portrait brooch of romantic couple by a lake.
Oval 1-1/2 x 2" and older "c" clasp. Different and very pretty.
PF10228 - $30

1-1/2 x 2" oval swivel brooch
Photo of man on other side.
No Mfg. marks. Believe it is GF.
PF0223 - $45 HOLD/OI

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