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Trifari "The Archer" pendant
#25173 $9.99

Trifari Leo - 1-1/2" #25266 $15.00
Joyful Germini
Twin Mermaids
by Vogue
Sterling 2"
#21085 SOLD
1" vintage silvertone fish "Pisces
earrings. French wires.
PRS6667 - $10

Sterling Libra 1-1/4"
PS3242 $25

Antiqued goldtone 3/4 " Aires
Ram clip on earrings
PS6301 $10

Unmarked pewter tone 5/8" wide
with fish Pisces. Bell accents
BRAC7143 $10

1-1/2" diameter carnelian
disk with Chinese Zodiac
on one side - warrior on the
other. Hangs from 20"
Woven cord. PS8143 $10

Left - 3" bright goldtone double tac crossed sword insignia. No markings. PSM293 $8
Right - Eastern Star Rhinestone and Enamel Bracelet, Necklace and screw on Earrings. 1"
Good condition. #PSM31832 SOLD

For Your Favorite Manicurist !
Large pin is 3" - $5
Small pin 1-1/2" - $3
(# 1 Manicurist) with rhinestone nail bottle and file.

A.Knights of Pythias Medal 2" Copyright 1874. Both about the same size with the same imprinting shown on the back of each.Order A or B PRS11584 $10 each
Some black enamel damage on top of "B".

1" insignia pin with enameling. 10K gold.
PRS23774 $12

Eiffel Tower Bracelett 7" x 3/4" wide with architectural themes. Some silver content. PRS2167 $15

1-1/2" star with enamel insignia in center, rhinestone accents. PRS2168 $8

Astronaut enamel medal/tac
Musgrave, Covey, Bowersox...
PRS2169 $5

1-1/4" clip on earrings in silvertone with shield designation "Angers" PRS2181 $10

Unusual pin in rwb with some enamel damage. Wings and crown. English? No markings
PRS2132 $8

Looks like initials inside a wreath and black enamel bow pin 3/4". Unmarked sterling.
PRS2133 $10

Eiffel tower swivel key chain/fob
PRS21688 $5

Victorian brass with c-clasp and engraved with beautiful flowers and leaves with the "B" in the center. Size is 2" diameter. If you're a Betty, Barbara or Bernice - you're lucky - This is for you !
PRS31831 $20

1-1/2" goldtone rope brooch with dangling anchor. PRS298 $10

Beautiful ornate sterling grape and leafy frame around an openwork "P" 2-1/4". Older c-clasp.
PRS210 $25 HOLD

Beautiful goldtone charm bracelet with single fraternal enamel charm. 6-1/2". PRS299 $15

Very old American Red Cross Donor's Pin 1/2" metal with single prong
PRS2101 $8

3/4" button J. E. Caldwell lapel button 1899 Exposition.
PRS01854 $8.00

3/4" Air Force 20 Year Service Pin. Signed LS Sterl.
PRS82339 $8

1-1/2" mother of pearl sorority/fraternal ? Alpha Zeta ?
PRS15574 - $15

Betty Ann's Steno-Cuffs
Ladies Gallery

Nassau County Police
Benevolent Association
Badge 1" PSM123 $8

1" Air Force Communications Service pendant.
PSM291 $5

1-1/4" American Legion Auxiliary double prong insignia. PSM292 $5

1-1/2" enamel bar pin with red cross. PSM295 $3

1" sterling USN insignia pin. PSM296 $10
For The Secretary In Your Life !
Vintage Lacy Steno Cuffs
See Ladies Gallery II

1" enamel pin. Signed on the back Skesorm Ind, Germany Southen. PRS5 $10
Round pin back button showing a gathering of ladies with bustles PRS $15 
1/2" red enamel charm with wings and anchor on tie clasp PRS294 $8

Left - Approximately 2" including fabric fringe. Text = "Treu dem gulen alien Brauch"
Hallmark on the back. PRS-1 $15
Center - 2" pave rhinestone leaf with Shriner center detail. Signed Ora. ORA-1 $20 HOLD
Right - Size 3 - 10K gold filled Hallmarked. Enamel design "R" with bird and stars. RG-108 $25

Size 8 Ring from Lycoming College Williamsport, PA.  Sterling Hallmarked PRS-35  $25

Lot of Insignia, Service Pins PRS61 $5

2-1/2" Space Ranger Brooch

Pennsylvania State University Sterling Watchkey necklace.
16" chain. PRS1642 $15
Heavy metal airplane brooch
is 3-1/2" wingspread.
Antiqued goldtone metal
PRS112 Out of inventory
1-1/4" winged bar pin
United States Air Force
PRS 297 $5
1-3/4" brooch with crossed swords and on the back it says "Draco Paris". PRS2131 $15

The Name Game !
Names in script were popular around the turn of the century. Some were gold filled
and used mother of pearl as their background.  They were popularly used as souvenirs
from the seashore. Some were made so that tiny charms could be hung from the lettering.
Rhinestone initials became popular in the 1930's and
again in the 1950's  but in more toned down styles.
Remember "Laverne and Shirley"?
These were done by a lot of manufaturers in many styles and sizes.

Very special script gf "Mother" pin 2" long.
PRS22988 $15
See Our
Mothers Day Gallery For More Like This

Name pin for "Rosie" GF 1-1/2"
PRS19424 $10

Name pin for "Lena" GF 1-1/4"
PRS19264 $10
2" gf names on lustrous shell. C clasps . "Madeline" and "Maxine" PRS2291 $10 each Openwork gf names in script "Paige", "Rae" with heart charm, "Wilma" with heart charm, "Kirk" with red white and blue charm. PRS2292 $8 each Large 2" "Alice" openwork gf
name in script. PRS2292 $10
Hard to find chatelaine openwork initials "MIB" and "AMB"
PRS2294 $12

2" initial pin by Mamselle

1" initial pin by Mamselle

Top initial pin unsigned $3
Bottom by Mamselle $5

1" initial pin with loop for charm.
unsigned $5

Pretty guilloche enamel initial with roses. 1-1/4". VGC $10 HOLD

1-1/2" rhinestone initial pin

Shiny goldtone initial pin

2" Initial Brooch in Sterling with a hallmark (illegible).
PRS10344 $20

2-1/4" unmarked sterling initial brooch BW.
PRS10354 $20

1-1/2" "T" by Sarah Coventry
PRS19534 $8
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