Wabbit Patch

A Rabbit By Any Other Name......
is also called a Hare and a Bunny...
The male rabbit is a buck and the female is a doe.
A baby rabbit is a bunny.
It is often identified with the Moon because it sleeps during the day and awakens at night. In some fairy tales and legends the markings on the Moon are said to be awakening hares !
Rabbits are also associated with fertility and "Mother Earth" where it shares its home in furrows in the ground.
The word "Bunny" is Scottish in dialect from the word "bun" which originally meant a bunny tail !
The Easter Bunny can be symbolic of the above in its association with the Easter Egg (also a symbol of fertility) and representing spring, youth and the growth of new life.
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Adorable Rhinestone Bunny
1-1/2" with pave set rhinestones and green rhinestone eye ! RP1029 $10


Vintage Post Cards $3.00 each

Adorable 2" wood carved and painted bunny. BNE9153 $8

2-1/4" rabbit with blue cabochon body
and pearl ball. Brushed gold.
RP4015 $15

3" "stained glass" type brooch with handpainted and rhinestone accents.
RP19944 $15

Cute pair of plastic dancing bunnies
1" each.  RP4017  $3 pair
To the right - A bunch of bunny rabbits all dressed for easter. Each one is 2" high with glass cabochon jelly belly and painted ears. These are vintage pot metal from the 1950's, all ready to decorate your easter outfit !
$3.00 each - Order by Color

8-1/2 x 11 Softcover Book of Easter Songs written for piano. Order by description $5.00

1-1/2" dressed up rabbit
with polka dot egg.
Plastic - RP4018 $2

Copper Running Rabbit 2-1/2" long. Looks handmade.
Cute RP407A $15

Sarah Coventry winking wabbit !
1-1/2" with red rhinestone eyes.
RP4019 $10 SOLD

Cute 1-1/2" enamel and rhinestone bunny brooch.
Goldtone base. Good condition. RP31931 SOLD
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