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Whether Dark Red,
Ruby or Bright Mango -

Red is the most emotional  color
 flirtation, love,
lust and seduction,
anger and passion
and danger !

Festive red beaded earrings all hand wired onto a filigree base - approximately 1-1/4" in diameter. Clip on style. No manufacturer or designer signature.
#17045 $15

1" red rhinestone earrings
with pave set frame.
Pierced. #RD2894 $10

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13" smallest double strand faceted crystal and cherry red moonglow composition beads. 3" extender chain. RG625 (needs restrung ) $15

15" deep red faceted beaded necklace. Single graudated strand. Hook clasp. Vintage.
RED9173 $20

1/4" single sparkling faceted rhinestones. Screw onstyle.
WV10051 $8

1/2" sparkling red and crystal rstn clip earrings. Engraved clips. RED0625X $15

Deep Red composition rounds approx. 17" front accented with goldtone. By Napier ! RG2161 $12

Fabulous earrings - clip on style about 1". RG5266 $15

1" clip on red and crystal rhinestones. RG5267 $12

Vintage circle pin. Good condition. 1-1/4" RG6203 $10

Fabulous unsigned Art Deco Set in potmetal  brooch and earrings. Red enameling on approx. 2-1/2" x 2" brooch and 1-1/4" clip earrings.

 Bright red small slant cut glass beads are featured on this multi strand (8 strands to be exact) with a length of 20". Beautiful decorative clasp can be worn at the back or side. Unsigned but vintage and probably West Germany. This came from an estate where there were some truly gorgeous beads which I will be listing in future auctions. I can picture these with a black, navy blue or gray suit or sweater but they would also be an elegant evening accessory.............
RG1071 $25 HOLD

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3/4" screw on earrings with red rhinestones and faux pearls.
RG121 $8

RG1 - $10

RG4 - 1" clips $10

RG5 - 1-1/4" Fac.Cry $12

RG7 - Screw on 3/4" sparklers $12

RG9 - 1" Glass clips $8

RG11 - Sterl. Screw ons

1" round earrings are screw on style with deep red rhinestones individually set around a larger rhinestone center. Good condition. No designer name or mark. RG1081 $8

RG2 - 1" clips $ SOLD

RG3 - $8

RG6 - Bead dangle cluster

RG8 - Clips 1" - $15

RG10 - 1" clips $15

RG12 - Beaded flowers
Screw ons $8

1-1/2" quality pierced earrings in goldtone with red rhinestone accents. RR2801 $15


15" rhinestone chain with red pendant accent.
RRNL 345 $15

Heavy goldtone in a curling openwork design are clip on style with large acrylic stone in a drum like setting 1". Overall length of earrings is 3". A fun pair of "disco drops".....Nice quality in good condition. No manufacturers marks but they do remind me of "Craft Co." jewelry. RG3434 $10

Vintage Quality dangles in clip on style 2-1/2" goldtone with red rhinestones. RG1017A $20

1-1/2" expansion bracelet with red and white composition beads. Lots of movement !
0415X $15
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