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You Never Know What You'll Find and
Sometimes The Natives Get Restless
and show up unexpectedly !

Nice enamel Noah's Ark bracelet 7" x 1". Good quality and condition. SFR616 SOLD

Cute 1-1/2" enamel panda makes his entrance into the safari scene ! SFR217 $8

3" Ark by "AJC" is pewter in color with nice 3 dimensional detail.
SFR3193 $10

2" goldtone camel with enamel and rhinestones ! A beauty.
Unsigned. SFR619 $18

Check  our gallery selections for a special section
on Elephants ! 

Silvertone 2" diameter
clip on earrings featuring elephants ! Not as heavy as they look. #SI0721A  $8

Things Are A Little Quieter Over Here !

1-12" mouse with rhinestone eye and blue stone body. SFR1141 $8

Make someone "Squeek" by wearing this realistic porcelain
mousee pin on your shoulder !
1-3/4" $8 (4)

Cute 1" enamel squirrel by "Gerrys"
SFR1139 $5

Pair of Kangaroos by Gerrys
Largest 1-1/3". Enamel with rstn. eye. SFR1150 $10 pr

Keeping tabs on what's happening ! A safari wouldn't be complete with Poo Bear ! 1" brushed goldtone signed "Disney"
SFR-1 $10

Fancy squirell with nut has faux pearl cabochons ! Nicely done.
SFR617 $15

Pewter colored metal Noah's Ark
Bracelet is 7" with toggle clasp.
SFR617 $10

Here's The BarnYard !

For all you "Elsie" lovers out there (at least I think this may be Elsie, but maybe it's Ferdinand????. Anyway, it is so cute, especially the expression. Size is 2" ear to ear and it has an attached bell with clapper. The pin back is pronged into the leather and it has a c-clasp. This is old and was in a recently acquired estate lot of jewelry.
SFR1103 $15

This green zebra is a rarefind- by Richlieu. 2" and Heavy 3 dimensional design.
GZR29 $25

We're in safe territory now...
This huge elephant has his trunk
raised for a good luck greeting !
Click Below For More
Elephant Jewelry !

Leapin Zebras ! This ones in silvertone
2" SFR1152 $10

Looks like a stampede ! 

2" faux marcasite and enamel leaping
deer? SFR1135 $10

1-1/2" goldtone with rhinestones llma?
SFR1138 $8

2" stately brushed goldtone deer.
SFR1142 $8

Cute brushed goldtone and enamel
fox approx. 1-1/3"  Red rstn. eyes.
SFR-113 $5

Cute 2-1/2" silvertone giraff
begs you to take him home !

Cute pair of bears one in a gold and the other more bronze color. The lighter one is signed "Gerry's"
1-1/4" ea. SFR618 $5 ea or both $8

Sterling Mamma and Baby Bear
Click photo for more info !

Can't leave these behind !
1-1/4" skunk with pink rstn eyes
SFR620 $5
Looks like Peppie La Pew on the right ! 1" older metal. Cute
SFR621 $8


If You Go Too Deep In The Jungle
You'll Enter the Mysterious, Mystical World of Animals and People ??????????


Cousin to the green zebra, this two headed black and white really set the animal world to talking ! Unmarked but definitely special.
WZR $25

2-1/3" leaping gazelle? by BSN.
Goldtone with turquoise stones.
SFR1140 $12

2" running rhinestone giraffe. Signature plaque on the back but no name. SFR615 $15

UH OH ! 
Told you it could get dangerous !

1-1/3" black enamel bull pawing the
ground. SFR1142 $5

1-1/2"  Tauraus bull charm
Looks like pewter. SFR1131 $3

1" ram door knocker earrings.
Clip on style. SFR1147 $8

The Ultimate Safari !
Necklace and earrings. 
Necklace pictured at top of page.
Openwork front design of about 13" plus double extender chain of about 8". Design features a unique line of animals including elephant, horse, snake, rabbit, bull, ram, plus a couple of "humans". Matching 1-1/2" diameter hoop style "pierced" earrings.  This is a fabulous set ! Very well made but no designer or manufacturer marks.  N979 ON SALE $50

Big Cats and Little Cats
Click Below !

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Jewels Of The Net
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