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Best known for their exquisite metalwork designs and enameling done mostly on sterling silver. Their beauty and quality is unmatched and has remained steadfast for many years in popularity and collectability.
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Norway - David-Andersen 1888-present

Denmark - George Jensen 1866-present
Denmark - Jorgen Jensen 1895-1966
Denmark - A. Michelsen 1809 -?
Denmark - Hans Hansen 1884 - 1940

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George Jensen


Beautiful sterling set By Bjørn Sigurd Østern for David-Andersen, Oslo, Norway. Pendant length: 2 inches, no chain; Earrings are just over 1" dangles from wires. Unidentified stone is a coral matrix in color. This is from the original Troll Series of 1964 featuring silver jewelry with Norwegian stones. #19988 SOLD

Beautiful filigree brooch with porcelain Delft windmill scene2-3/4" x 3/4" center. Signed "Sterling". Old trombone clasp.Good condition.
SCN617 $30

Neikerk Bros - Holland made
these pretty delft 850 silver
earrings. Screw on style and 2-3/4" long. SCN6251 SOLD

2-1/2" pendant Pewter? signed by Rolf Buodd
Norsk HandArebide
18" chain. SCN615 $25

Mark for item on left.

David Andersen Set

2-1/2" Signed "Sweden and the initials E.F. K9. Believe this may be pewter. Nicely done.
SCN616 $20

White enamel leaf 2"
Signed "Sterling B and B.. Denmark Handmade"
DM613 $35

Georg Jensen Brooch
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#17595 SOLD

Beautiful sterling bracelet approximately 1/2" wide with floral link design and safety chain. Length is 8". There are matching screw on earrings. All pieces are marked "Sterling Denmark". DM16143 $45

1" clip ons signed "Norway Sterling 925". Beautiful style.

Gorgeous earrings with blue/green enamel and faux marcasite edge. Clip ons.
Signed on Clip Base
"Sterling Denmark"
David-Anderson Heart Ring has copper finish over sterling and white enamel accents. Adjustable #DAR522 SOLD

Red Enamel Leaf
earrings - Norway
yellow and white enamel on sterling sailing ship
No signature but I believe it to be Norway
NB5223 - SOLD

Signed 925A Sterling Norway 1" clip on style NB612 SOLD

Sleek feather brooch 2-3/4"
with blue enamel on sterling.
Signed Norway Sterling .925
#BN5225 - SOLD

Gorgeous David-Andersen Norway
Sterling Enamel Bracelet
7-1/2" x 1/2" wide with decorative clasp.
#DAB5222 - SOLD

A 2-1/4" wavy leaf done with blue enamel on sterling. This is marked  ASCH .925S and is Norwegian in design. #BN5228 - SOLD

This sleek  2-1/2" abstract brooch is 
sterling and is signed
VB Sterling Denmark
BVB5225 - $30

Wonderful sterling abstract earrings 1-1/2" with blue enamel with "line" art. Clip on style.
These are hallmarked with three separate marks. The only one I can make out is the "AM" hallmark for Anton Michaelsen Co. The words "sterling and Denmark. There are two other very small marks I cannot read.
#EAM5229 - $45 SOLD

Large yellow enamel leaf on sterling.
Approximately 2 x 2" with great detail. Signed  ".925 Sterling Denmark Hand Made

Symbolic Brooch Signed only
"Sweden" is approximately 2"; possibly pewter. #SN0721S SOLD

This is an adorable pair of sterling earrings in light blue enamel, very detailed fish with their mouths open just waiting to be worn ! These are marked JB? Sterling Denmark. They are clip on style approximately 1" and just too cute
#SC16051 SOLD

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