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Scottish Jewelry became popularized during Queen Victoria's reign and the purchase of Balmoral Castle. Most of it was fashioned using natural agate, cairngorms and amethysts usually set in silver.
History played an important part in Victorian costume and lifestyle making revival jewelry - Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Egyptian even more popular.

St. Patrick's Day - March 17

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Heart, Hands and Crown , Irish symbol of love .The hands for f
riendship, the crown for loyalty and the heart for love.worn extensively in Ireland, either upon the right hand with the heart pointed outward showing that the wearer is "free" or with the heart turned inward to denote that he or she is "taken ". The best place is on the left hand, with the heart inward, showing that the wearer is happily married.

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2" openwork silvertone with faux agate and opal stones by Miracle.
SCT101 $30

Nice claddah ring in sterling with green agate center.
Size 3. SCT0560X $15
3" diameter pendant on 22" chain. Silvertone signed JEM 71. Faux agate accents.
SCT108 $25

Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring $8.00 Size 7, 8
1-1/2" blue matrix stone brooch by Miracle.
SCT652 $15

1-1/2" silvertone and faux agate stones by Miracle
SCT102 $20

7-1/4" bracelet with faux agate stones Unsigned/marked.
SCT662 $20

Main Catalog # 18691
Celtic Sterling Bracelet

2 intertwined hearts with a crown Scots symbolic of love

Celtic Knot
Continuity of the universe represented by the never ending lines - eternal life and protection against evil.

Natl emblem of ireland and said to be used by St Patrick to teach about the trinity.

Celtic Cross
Guide to the other world - four directional guides and the sun behind for energy

Turf Harp
Irish Natl. Symbol dates back to 11th century
National Emblem of Scotland

The grouse (game bird) foot was considered to be lucky (not for the grouse !)and was popularly worn on kilts and capes. It is considered the "game bird" of Scotland and has it's own hunting season in June and July in the moors of Scotland.
Older Grouse Talon silver brooch/clip ith trombone clasp.
2-1/2" signed Brevet SGDG. Great detail.
SCT106 - $50
3" Grouse Talon Brooch with amethyst
faceted stone. Signed but illegible. SCT104 $20

Pair of 3-1/2" grouse kilt pins with large amber faceted stones. Both marked "Made In Great Britian" SCT653 SOLD

Celtic Knot Bracelet 1/2" wide x 7-3/4" length. Unsigned sterling. SCT3143 $20

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Thistle carved from Stag horn?
1-3/4". Very old from an estate. SCT654 $25
1-1/4" silver thistle pin with topaz rhinestone. SCT112 $10
Beautiful thistle pin out of an early plastic? 2-1/2". SCT658 $20
1-1/4" Sterling Silver Thistle pin with amethyst stone. Signed Sterling Silver BS
SCT103  $20

1" signed sterling thistle screw on earrings.
SCT113 $20

1" lucite earrings with green
pearlized top and glass shamrock accent. Clip on style. Fun !
SCT11924 $8

1-1/2" crowned heart with turquoise stone by Miracle. SCT655 $20
1-1/2" diameter standing lion heraldry brooch. Bronze color. SCT111 $10
2" Sterling clan kiltpin "Fulmus" Hallmarked
SCT105 $35
Same pin available in 1" size, hallmarked sterling

The gaelic word Clan originally meant descendant or family unit and became the political, economic and social groupings in the Scottish highland until the political oppression of 1745. Each clan claims its own "heraldry" in the form of a tartan, kilt, scarf and other insignia
.Loyalty to the clan is fierce and unquestioned.

Large 4" silver clan/kilt pin Argyll and Sutherland encircle a boar's head (symbol of the clan Campbells of Argyll) and a rampant cat (symbol of the clan Sutherland).The center is the monogram of Princess Louise who was the fourth daughter of Her Late Majesty,
Queen Victoria and colonel-in-chief of the regiment until her death in
1939. Thistles around the edge. Still attached to a green plaid woolen square. Most of this information was supplied to me by a kind member of the Monarchist League of Canada
SCT657 $40

Sword Kilt Pin 4-3/4"
"Fulmus" and Lion
Marked Scotland
SCT659 $25

Staff Kiltpin with standing lion. Hallmarked on the back and signed TE.
SCT660 $25
Older weapon pin. Hallmarked WHL,  ..TG Silver. 2-1/4" w/agate inlay
SCT107 $20

2-1/2" Bagpipe kiltpin
No marks
SCT661 $20
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