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Looking For The Elusive Missing Stone ?

You May Find It Here

We don't intend to compete with other supply sites. The items you find here will be from our own vintage stock from years of collecting.


In some cases there is no picture of the stone as yet. But photos will be coming soon. Most repair people are familiar with the stone colors, but if you need a photo in the meantime, just let me know. I have amassed these over the years and during my designing period.

Postage will be $1.00 for most orders, larger orders will be figured at the time of order and will be actual postage - no handling charge.

On most stones, we will sell by the piece, dozen or gross. Most of these stones are vintage never used and you will find some unusual colors and combinations used in the older jewelry. Great for repairs
Listings of more stone sizes available and their properties are listed at end of pictures.

Chatons - Amethyst Claire
French - ultra pale amy/pink
5 sizes available up to 4-1/2 MM
Ovals - Dark Amber
Large - $2.00 each

state size
Navettes - Peachy Pink
15x7 $1.50 ea
Navettes - Dark Amber
3x5 - $1.00 ea
Chatons - Aigue Marine
4mm - 1.00 dozen
Black Diamonde
3-1/2 mm $1.00 dozen
1" oval stone cabs
4 - $1.00
1" Swarvorski foiled back crystal
SUP67 $5.50
14" x 1/2" woven rhinestone rope. Vintage SUP68 SOLD 1/2" round colorful flat back stones. SUP674
5 - $1.00
Art Deco carnelian color flat backs 1/2". SUP671
4 - $1.00 O/I
6 x 1" rhinestone bracelet. unsigned. Needs new foldover clasp and 2 rhinestones. SUP70
Red millefiori stone cabochon 1/2" oval. SUP628 - 6 - $1.00 Concave top black glass oval with faceted edge. 1/2" oval. SUP627 - 6- $1.00 1/2" topaz glass butterfly; double hole; SUP64
6 pieces - $1.00
Graduated Size faceted lucite; largest 3/4". 1 lot only SUP61 $2.00
Moonstone navettes various sizes and pastel colors.
Assorted mix $1.00 for 12
8x6 Swarovski Glass Oval Foiled Flatbacks

10x8 Swarovski Turquoise Glass Oval Flatbacks
$1.00 per dozen
10x8 Swarovski Sapphire Glass Oval Foiled Flatbacks
$1.00 per dozen
5mm Round Swarvoski Siam Glass Flatbacks $1.00 per dozen 8x6 Swarovski Oval Jet Flatbacks
4x6, 10x8 Also Available
$1.00 per dozen
18x13 Swarvoski Topaz
Foiled Flatbacks
.50 each
12x10 Swarvoski Bermuda Blue
Oval Foiled Flatback
Swarv. = Swarovski pb=point back - fb = flat back g = gold foil - s=silver foil un = unfoiled - moon =solid color un
* Priced per piece as shown Check Above Listing For Color Samples Demi Fin = French Chaton Topaze - a bit lighter than regular topaz
1 dozen = $1.00
1 gross = $3.00
10 gross = $20.00

1.4 Sapphire Claire pb
1.4 Black Diamond DFin pb
1.6 Aigue Marine pb
1.7mm (4ss) Prima Fire Pol. Aqua pb
1.8 Lt Siam ruby pb
1.8 Black Diamond DFin pb
1.9 mm Prima Fire Pol Aqua pb
2 mm
Prima Fire Pol Aqua pb
2mm Emerald Czech pb
2mm Rose pb
2mm Aqua pb
2mm Lt. Siam Ruby pb
2mm Fire Polished Topaz pb
2mm Topaze Demi Fin pb/g
2mm Peridot pb
2.1mm Sapphire pb
2.1mm Topaz pb
2.1 Rose pb
2.1 Jet pb
2.2 Sapphire Czech pb
2.2 Blue Czech pb
2.4 Rose pb
2.4 Aqua pb
2.4 Topaz pb
2.5 Rose pb
2.5 Topaz pb
2.5 Emerald Czedh pg
2.5mm Sapphire pb
2.8mm Amethyst Claire pb
1.5mm Sapphire pb
(11 ss)
Topaz pb
3mm Lt Amethyst pb
3mm Amethyst CL French pb/g
3mm Emerald Brilliante pb
3mm Siam Ruby pb
3mm Peridot pb
3mm Jonquil pb
3mm Amethyst pb
3mm Sapphire Czech pb
3mm Gold Topaz French pb/g
3mm Crystal Super Brill. pb/g
3.2 Crystal Super Brill. pb/g
3.3 Sapphire Claire pb
3.3 Aqua pb
3.5 Red pb/g
3.5 Sapphire Czech. pb/g
3.5mm Aqua pb/g
3.5mm Blue/Gray pb/g
3.5mm Jonquil pb/g
3.5 Red (Lt Siam Ruby) pb/g
3.5 Siam Ruby pb/g
3.5 Siam Ruby Super Brill pb/g
3.7 Red Czech pb/g
3.7 Sapphire Czech pb/g
3.7 Amethyst pb/g
3.7 Aqua pb/g
3.8mm Light Blue Moon pb/un
4mm Lt Siam Ruby pb/g
4mm (16ss) Amethyst CL French pb/g
4mm Kiwi Green Moon
4mm Fire Pol. Emerald pb
4.1 -6MM
1 dozen = $2.00
1 gross = $7.00
10 gross = $35.00
4.1 Aquamarine pb/g
4.1 Amethyst pb/g
4.2 Aurora Borealis pb/s
4.2 Emerald pb/g
4.2 Peridot pb/g
4.2 Lt Siam pb/g
4.2 Crystal pb/g
4.2 Sapphire pb/g
4.5mm Siam pb/g
4.6 Lt Siam Ruby pb/g
4.6 Emerald pb/g
4.8 Jet pb/g
4.8 Crystal pb/g
4.8 Jonquil Brilliant pb/g
4.8 Jonquil pb
5mm (22ss) Swarv. Siam fb
5.1 Rose pb
5.4 Aqua pb
5.5mm Carnival pb/un
5.5mm Red pb/g
Topaz Fire Polished pb
6mm Super Brilliant pb
6mm Swarv. Sapphire fb
6mm Emerald pb/g
6.1 - 7.3 MM
1 dozen = $3.00
1 gross = $10.00
10 gross = $50.00
6.1 Siam Ruby pb/g
6.1 Topaz Czech pb/g
6.1 Red (Lt Siam Ruby) pb/g
6.1 Emerald pb/g
6.2 Lt Siam Ruby pb
6.5 Jet pb/g
Larger than 7.3MM
1 dozen = $6.00
1 gross = $18.00
10 gross = $80.00
8mm *(38ss) Swarv. Sahara fb
8mm * Swarv. Vitrail Light fb
8.2 Crystal pb
8.2 Crystal AB pb/s
8.2 Crystal French pb
8.4 Crystal pb
8.4 Topaz pb
8.5mm Emerald pb/g
8.7 Crystal pb
Swarv. Jet fb
9mm Swarv. Siam fb

.50 each
$5.00 dozen
$40.00 gross

8x4 Light Sapphire pb/g
8x4 Light Amethyst pb/g
8x4 Jonquil pb/g
10x5 mm Rubinite pb/g
10x5 Montana Sapphire pb/g
10x5 Smoke Topaz pb/s
10x5 Light Amethyst pb/g
10x5 Aquamarine pb/g
10x5 Jet pb/un
10x5 Hematite pb/un
10x5 aurora borealis pb/g
10x5 emerald pb/g
15x7 Amethyst pb/g
15x4 Sapphire pb/g
15x4 Rose pb/g
15x7 Montana Sapphire pb/g
15x7.5 Copper pb/un
15x7 Black Diamond pb/g
15x7 Topaz pb/g
15/7 Ruby pb/g
15x7 Light Sapphire pb/g
15x7 Watermelon pb/s
15/7 Lt. Rose pb/s


Amethyst Claire

Lt Sapphire Blue

.50 each
$5.00 dozen
$40.00 gross

10x6 Swarv. Jet fb/un
18x13 * Swarv. Topaz fb
Swarv. Emerald fb


Lt Siam Ruby

Crystal Aurora Borealis AB
.50 each
$5.00 dozen
$40.00 gross

4x6* Swarv. Jet fb/un
8x6 Swarv. Crystal fb/g
8x6* Swarv. Jet fb/un
8x6 Swarv. Light Pink pb/g
10x8 Swarv. Turquoise fb/un
10x8 Swarv. Sapphire fb/g
10x8 Swarv. Jet fb/un
12x10 'Swar.Bermuda Blue fb/gf
Mix sizes/shapes/colors Moons
Coming Soon

Aqua - Aqua Marine

Emerald Green
(actually darker than shown)

Sapphire - Claire
Jarrett's Jade
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and other
Jewels Of The Net
Ornamental Jewelry & Accessory