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Known for their innovative styles and classic brushed gold with pearls, Trifari has long been a standard
for the costume jewelry

Their lineage can be
traced back to the 1800's and founder Luigi Trifari.

Classic brushed goldtone and pearls
1-1/2"  #T922C  $25
Gustavo Trifari - Leo Krussman - 
Carl Fishel
Trifari, Krussman, Fishel 1920-present
    KTF 1924-1938
(crown over the T c. 1954)
   T with crown on top 1939-
Trifari and Jewels by Trifari Marks
- post WWII
Exception - Jewels By Trifari paper tag - 1920
    Hallmark subsidiary - 1975--1988
Crystal Brands - 1988-1994
Chase Capital division of the Monet Group - 1994 - present

Textured goldtone and pearls
1-1/2"  #T922E  $25

2-1/2" shiny goldtone and rhinestone baguette clover
TRF3036 $25

2" Yellow sunflower. Goldtone base.

1-1/2" composition colorful drop clip on earrings. Trifari Crown.
TRF3038 $8.00 per pair
specify color when ordering

Cute pendant by Trifari features a white composition turtle 1-1/2" sliding on a goldtone chain. Turtle is signed on the back and there is also a Trifari hang tag. Chain is 15".
#18530 $15

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information - a really super set and great look !

Two Trifari Pat.Pend. Brooches 2" each with matching clip on 1" earrings. Shiny silvertone with kite crystal rhinestones.

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1" Trifari Crown Pat. Pend. Clip on
Gold wash. Lots of sparkle.

1" brushed silvertone clip on earrings
with creamy ivory pearls.
TRF2099 $10

1" Trifari Crown "Design Pat.Pend".
Clip on with gold wash.
TRF2897 $15

Brushed goldtone 1" clip ons.

Right >>>>>
Black enamel metal with white accents. 2" diameter.
Signed Trifari
TRF1851 $8

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more information

Funky plastic off white mushroom signed Trifari is 2-1/2" and hangs from a white 26" chain. Good condition.

Adorable matte finish silvertone poodle
is 2 x 2-1/2". TRF8169 $20

Pair of necklaces (one shown doubled) One 30" the other slightly shorter. Flexi smooth chain with woven goldtone beads. Matching pierced wire 1-1/4" earrings. TRF4123 SOLD

1/4" wide Trifari goldtone bangle. Side open. 2-1/2" inside diameter.
1520 $8.00

Stylish 1-1/4 drop earrings - clip on style with plastic sphere accented with gold and white ! TRF7283 $10

16" including extender chain, navy blue elongated composition beads and gold links choker. TR625 $10
1-3/4" white with turquoise cabochons.


2" brushed goldtone with white oval cabs. TRF3028 SOLD

3" creamy "melon" pendant on 24" chain. Concave inside back. Signed Trifari.
TR2161 $10

This is a hard to find grouping of three matching floral pins by Trifari , crown mark. A larger one 1-3/4" diameter and two smaller accent pins each one 1-1/2". At first glance, they look like pin and earrings ! They all feature goldtone outlining around frosted glass petals. Flower on the bottom left looks like it has a stone missing, but that is just the camera. All pieces are in good condition with some wear on the backs.
TR7251 $40 set

2-1/2" double pendant necklace hangs from 28" chain. Brushed and shiny finish with nice dimensional design. TR3216 $15

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1" clip on ovals TRF3031 $10

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Goldtone and blue enamel clip on earrings 1". TRF3039 $8.00

1" Amber rhinestones and goldtone clip on style. TRF3040 $8.00


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A clock pendant 1-1/2 x 2-3/4" is done in brushed and shiny goldtone finish. Clock face is signed Trifari and 17 Jewels. It comes with an 18" goldtone chain (don't know if it is original, though) The clock is windup and does run. In good physical condition, but is missing a couple of pieces at the bottom. T611 $25

Gorgeous Trifari
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Information !

2" "fabric look" clip on earrings with goldtone accents. TRF3041 $10 each pair
Specify color when ordering

Trifari Crown 2" brushed goldtone with rhinestones/fpearls.
TRF3013 $20

1-3/4" brushed and shiny silvertone with fpearls and rhinestones. TRF3014 $20

Left - Poured Glass Cross SOLD
Second from Left to Right - 2" Brushed Silvertone fpearl spray TR9221  $20
Right - 2" openwork brushed silvertone leaf with tiny rhinestones and fpearls TR9222  $20
Pale blue, peridot and jonquil rhinestones combine beautifully on silvertone mounts. TR91014 $20

Left - 1" gray fpearls with crystal rhinestoneaccents on silvertone clip mountings.TR1038 $15
Center - 2" brushed goldtone bow and arrow. TR-1 $15
Right - 15" silvertone with blue rhinestone navettes necklace TRF3034 $20

More Trifari Advertisements

From Harper's Bazaar
1967, 70

Lots of goldtone textured leaves and multi sized smooth turquoise cabochons make this an interesting and artistic placement study by Trifari ! 
#T17231 - $25 HOLD

Frosted glass petals in goldtone settings with a center crosshatched goldtone bead. Beautiful and versatile. # T13115 $45


Simple Elegance is yours with this classic 15" single strand pearl necklace with decorative clasp signed Trifari.
#T12317  $20

Graceful fish in brushed goldtone and textured detail. Red cabochon eye. 3" long. #TI7271 - $30

This 2" spray of oval crystal rhinestones will take you anywhere. Signed Trifari Pat.Pend.
Goldtone. Much prettier than photo . T13019  #30

24" chain with a 2-1/2" "curly" brushed and textured goldtone with smooth accents. A perfect sweater or blouse accent.  E T999H  $25

3-1/2" spray with large white teardrops-summertime or winter black and white T999B $20

22" slinky chain with 2" white pendant.
TR9224  $20

Pretty 1" brushed goldtone with folksy enamel flower design. TR1019B  $15

2" brushed silvertone Trifari pin with faux pearl accents. Good condition. TR3293 $15

Trifari Owl 2-1/2" on 20" chain.
TR1015Z Out Of Inventory

18" faux slide goldtone necklace with
leaf motif. Great for those turtlenecks
TR9223  $25

TR09229  SOLD


Knots and tassels ! 1-1/2" clip ons in burnished goldtone. TRF3042 $15

Brushed Goldtone 1" clips with
turquoise beads. TI2501 $15

1-1/2" "plum" lucite drop earrings. 
Clip on  TR0925  $15

Nice clip on 1" openwork shell design with fpearls.  TR0926  $15

Beautiful 2" clip on dangles. Goldtone.
Trifari Crown mark.
TR14833  $20 sold



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3/4" Trifari Crown earrings with faux pearls and rhinestones. Clip on style. TR3743 $8

Trifari Septer 2" high with twist handle and pave set rhinestones in the top.
T2801I  $15

The Archer Zodiac Pendant
#25163 - $9.99

Need Purple Earrings ?
(true color of these  is a little more on the pink side of purple)
1" clip on style  #T999E  $15

Large 2-1/4" pendant by Trifari featuring an oriental Geisha design. Carving is either wood or hard plastic of some sort. Framed in goldtone with a matching chain 24". Signed on the back with the Trifari crown logo. Good condition. This has been in my personal collection for over 10 years
TR15840 $45.00

1-1/4" goldtone basketweave
with pearls design. #T922A  $15

1" brushed goldtone with
pearls in clip on style. #T922B
$12 HOLD

Nice goldtone coral branches on a tortoise background. Clip on style.
T 999G  $18

1" white trellis with enamel
flowers. Clips T915A $12 SOLD

1" brown tortoise design earrings
clip on style. T3802 - $8

Main Catalog

1" shiny silvertone "squiggles" with teardrop rhinestones. A couple are slightly offcolor but I can replace if buyer desires. Clip on.
TRF3019 $15

2" composition hoops in clip ons. Great look
Trifari Crown. TRF3022 $18

3/4" black enamel and rhinestone pierced earrings. TRIF0258 $10

Layered clusters with floral top. Silvertone clip ons. Trifari Pat. Pend. TRF3020 $20

Brushed goldtone 1" Trifari Crown earrings. Clip on.
TRF3096 $10

1" yellow composition and rstn earrings. Clip on style.
TRIF10434 $10

1-1/4" faux tortoise and coral branch motif. Clip ons.
TRF3021 $15

1/2" palest coral and goldtone clip ons. TRF3046 $8.00

15-1/2" brushed goldtone with textured
leafy accents. T916C  $25

3-1/4" brushed gold brooch
T916B - $18

2" classic brushed gold leaf.
T916A - $10

Tri-Link bracelet/goldtone 7-1/2"Rhinestone baguette accents. Signed Trifari Pat.Pend.TI5291 $25.00

See Main Catalog #14841


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Extra sparkling silvertone with rhinestone flowers. Clip on. Signed Pat Pend Trifari w/Crown. TR0927  $20

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Pair of yellow enamel on goldtone Trifari crown bangle bracelets 1/8" wide.
TRF1120 $8

Fancy dangles 1-1/2" in palest blue and white fpearls. Clip ons.
TRF3048 $20

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