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Enjoy our "Jewels Of Fall" Colors

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sun-burned hands I used to hold

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon Ill hear old winters song
But I miss you most of all my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

The Golden Jewels

Topaz,Smoke, Amber,Jonquil
and Champagne

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From Bright Yellow to
Deep Gold, Amber and Red

The golden sun of autumn
Warms each lovely day,
The leaves are turning
bronze and gold
And staging dances gay.
They tumble as they skip along;
They seem to know the way
To make the autumn days complete
In colorful array.

.....Marguerite Haker

3" fall bouquet of ab pale amber rhinestone flowers tied with a ribbon. A perfect day or evening accent. TPZ1368X $15

Lots of filigree and rhinestones the color of falling leaves. This 2" brooch is made in Austria. TPZ0438X $15

1/2" of soft amber cabochons
in goldtone. Clip on style.
TPZ3742 $8

16" vintage necklace with creamy brown glass beads, carved rosewood and engine turned design composition. Bakelite clasp. Could be restrung. TPZ91831 $15
Fabulous Flapper length crystal necklace in a sparkling golden amber faceted glass accented by two enlongated crystals. Large faceted bead front with graduated smaller beads to the back. Necklace is approximately 31" and does need to be restrung for safety. It is vintage, from an estate and is beautiful. Picture shows the necklace doubled.
#18555 $30

Nice Art Moderne brooch in brushed goldtone with shiny accents and a selection of stone colors and shapes. Faux Tortoise and light topaz or champagne rhinestones. Approximately 2". Good quality.
#17672 $30

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An unusual, but attractive, design in shades of topaz and amber rhinestones. Actual necklace is 15" but the center drop is 3-1/2" ! Giving this a formal "tie" look. Nice stones and quality construction. No markings or signatures. Very flattering to strapless,low or high neckline #18564 SOLD

Heavy designer quality brooch has textured background studded with small amber rhinestones on either size of a large 1-1/8" open back champagne with amber casts faceted rhinestone. This is a gorgeous stone and pictures cannot do it justice. A very elegant brooch.
#16883 $30

Beautiful shades of amber topaz rhinestones are featured in this necklace - single strand 15-1/2" with a width of 1" at the front design. Elegant golden sparkle with the use of baguettes in this design. #16669 $35

2" of champagne and amber cluster flowers and teardrops.
Fabulous. TPZ9163B $30

Sparkling sherry and black diamond rhinestones ! 1" clip ons.
TPZ9163A $20

Amber glass roses with gold frames
by Bergere'. 3/4" clip ons.
BER91835 $15

Openwork cinnamon enamel petals curl gently around a cluster of smoke topaz/amber rhinestone chatons. Design has a nice 3 dimensional look and the back is all fancy engraved too ! No manufacturers marks, but obvious designer quality. 1-3/4" diameter. Very slight enamel wear. #15940 $30 HOLD

Amber rhinestones in a
2" open design. RP5281 $20

Single Strand 16" with center drop and tangerine rstn accents.
TPZ411 $15

1" diameter round glass "button" earrings with gold luster and multi color floral accnts. Clip on style.
TPZ4331 $10

Circle pin 2" unfoiled rstns in amber, tangerine and olivene.
# 28395 $25

2" pinwheel style with amber
and black diamond rstns.
TPZ41001 $25

2-1/4" jonquil spray
TPZ61001 $25

Jonquil and smoke topaz rhinestones with clear accents.
2". TPZ1274 $25

52" vintage solid flapper strand of 1/2" topaz glass beads. All knotted. Ready to wear. TPZ91834 SOLD

Pair of small 1/2" scatter pins.
TPZ1267 $5 pr

1-1/4" faux tortoise in silvertone frames. Clip on. TPZ1266 $10

Clip on earrings 1-3/4"
TPZ71001 $15

1-1/2" diameter brown with topaz rstn. border. Clip ons
TPZ81001 $15 HOLD

3/4" beaded clip on style
TPZ91001 $8

1-1/4" clip on
TPZ1271 $10

1" navette rhinestone clip on style.

1" autumn brown clip on; pearlized finish. TPZ1268

Smoky topaz and gold flash beads accented with black in 1-1/4" clip on earrings.
1151X $10

1-1/4" round dome earrings with geometric goldtone bezels and bright amber/topaz rhinestones. TPZ08125 $10

1-1/2" large translucent smokey matrix glass stone. Unfoiled.
TPZ41002 $20

1-1/2" clip on style. Matrix cab. Pat.Pend. TPZ21002 $15 HOLD

1" sparkling deep amber faceted beads. Clip on. TPZ61002 $15

2" dangle faceted crystal beads. Clip on w/rstn accent. TPZ71002 $10

1-3/4" faux tortoise hoop. Clip ons TPZ1291 $10

2" dangles with smokey topaz rhinestones and brown faux pearls.
TPZ1289 $10

2/3" topaz baguettes. Screw on style. TPZ1288 $10

Adorable 1/1'4 drops; clip on
TPZ1286 $8

1-1/4" triple row rhinestone dangle.
Clip on style. TPZ1285 $10

1/2" screw on rhinestone earrings.
TPZ1284 $8

3/4" amber rhienstones with floral motif. TPZ1280 $10

Black diamond and amber rhinestones
Clip on style 1-1/4". TPZ1278 $10

1-1/4" topaz rhinestones; clip ons; center crystal rstn. TPZ1277 $10

Beautiful brushed goldtone and smoke topaz with ab accents. 1". By BSK.
BSK1262 $15

3/4" clusters made in Austria. Clip on Style TPZ81002 $15

Spectacular 2" clip on earrings. Unfoiled. Schreiner ?

2-1/4" unfoiled rhinestone circle pin
TPZ21002 $25



Beautiful 3" brooch with filigree center. Smoke and topaz rhinestones #13231 SOLD

Pinwheel brooch with smoke topaz rhinestones  #13311 $25 HOLD-J

1-3/4" circle pin in shades of amber/topaz. Austria? Unmarked.
TPZ21001 $20

2-1/2" goldtone with beige and topaz rstns. TPZ31001 $25

Vintage screw on style large topaz glass rhiestone. Unfoiled. TPZ91837 $10

1-1/2" large teardrops. Screw on style. TPZ1272 $15

7" broch lucite boomerang bracelet. 1-1/4" wide. LUC1276 $20