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Certain birds became symbolic...
Dove - Peace
Cuckoo - Evil
Swallow - Spring, renewed life
Pelican - self sacrifice, devotion
Falcon - Masculinity
Hen - maternal care
Parrot - Spring, fertility
Peacock - Sun, Vanity
Swan - Trust
Stork - Spring, birth
Crow - ill omen

Since ancient times,birds have been regarded
as as mediators between heaven and earth
It is thought their flight enables them to
embody the soul and bring peace. In many
religions there are heavenly beings with
wings - angels and cherubs.

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Sterling Gallery
This is a beautifully crafted sterling brooch featuring a hummingbird as a charm hanging from an open flower with curling stem. Very nice quality and detail. There is a signature or marking on the back, but I am not able to bring it up enough to read it . A lovely brooch for hummingbird lovers or any one appreciating  nature, flowers and birds.
BRD20591 $50.00
Hand created and signed by
Ralph Massey. Wildlife Artist.
Cast in resin. Very limited production
Comes with information flyer.
BRD5895 $20

In the style of George Jensen, this mallard in the rushes brooch has great detail in a pewter like pot metal. Almost 3" oval. Unsigned
BRD12064 $20

Gorgeous enamel peacock is 3-1/2" long and doesn't mind showing you his tail ! Beautiful colors and studded with crystal rhinestones. Heavy quality made. Unsigned manufacturer.
#18309 $20

Leggy flamingo is goldtone, 2" with pink enameling and rhinestones. Green rhinestone eyes.
BRD5689 $12

Coro Rooster ! Click picture for more information.

See Designer Gallery - Mamselle
A gorgeous pave set rhinestone bird with green and blue enamel accents on outspread wings. Sitting on a black branch. Size is 3" and it is done on silvertone metal. Market on the back only Pat.Pend. How beautiful on a navy blue fashion suit or dress !
#19585 SOLD
Right - This classy bird will look good perched on just about any fashion ! Textured and brushed goldtone finish with faux amber cabochon and black enameling with rhinestone accents. A great accent piece. # 19194 $15

Silver flash and ab rhinestones cover this framed swan brooch. 1-1/4 x 1-3/4" #BRD7173 $10

Trio of long tailed beauties
Great color and detail
BRD28 $20

Enm and Rstn Songbirds !
Great detail. BRD27 $20

Fabulous Hummingbird and
floral. Enamel and rstns. 3"
BRD26 $30

Red enamel and rstns. 2-1/2"
BRD30 $25

Real Beauty. Rstns and Enamel
2-3/4" BRD16

Hunter's Joy. Handpainted wood 3". Feathers in holder 4".

Mol and Pol Parrot. Chained
for life....2". BRD14 $15

On The Wings Of A
Snow White Dove !
Mother of Pearl 2"
BRD25 $20

Dive Bomber ! 3-1/2" Pewter
Color BRD18 $20

Love Bird Beauties with
Faux pearl bodies/rstns.
BRD29 $15

Soaring eagles 2" dangles signed USA #82. Onyx? inlay.
Quality. Pierced Style
BRD3438 $15

Mamselle - Just For Show !
Rstns...1-1/2" BRD24 $25

Very nicely done pewter and 18k gold overlay brooch features a pair of Canadian Geese. Shields is known for their excellence in wildlife brooches in pewter and gold and their studio is in Williamsburg Virginia and I believe there is one located in North Carolina. This is on the original presentation card with information on the studio and on the Canada Goose. #18519 $20

Mamselle - No Secrets Here !
2-1/2" BRD23 $15

Ground to Air - He'll Get There
2".Great detail. BRD15 $10 (2)

Tortoise duck with gold
accents 1". BRD6 $20

1-1/2" sterling bird in flight
turquoise body BRD7 $15

Boucher 2" hummingbird
with pearl wings SOLD

Accessocraft 2-1/2" rooster
BRD9 $20

Castlecliff white dove, blue
rstn eye. 1-3/4". BRD8 $20

J.J. 2" enamel and rstn beauty
BRD10 $20

Pair of 2" parrots on branches BRD1 SOLD

1-1/4" lucite jelly belly with
rstn accents. BRD3 $12

Adamodes New York
Heavy detail birds, nest, eggs
1-1/2" BRD17 $25

Enamel and rstn. bird of paradise. 3" BRD18 SOLD

Acrylic body, enameling.
2-1/2" BRD21 $10

3" rhinestone and enamel duck. 2-1/2". BRD15534 $15

Searching for the Sea !
By Gerry's 1-2" Gulls BRD20 $10

Great colors, detail. 2-1/4"
BRD19 $15

Fiesta Bound ! Roadrunner
in enamels 2" BRD38 $10

New Mexico's state bird is the Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus).It was officially adopted March 16, 1949 under the name "Chaparral Bird". In Spanish, it is called "El Correcaminos".

Large 4" long roadrunner
pendant on 24" chain. Red rstn
eye. BRD4 $20

Roadrunner with rstn eye on
natural stone BRD14 $10

Silvery Roadrunner with Blue
rstn eye. BRD 41 $10

2" wide peacock with rhinestones BRD2 $25

Beautiful rhinestone peacock pendant 1" with open back sparkling stones. Hangs from 18" chain. BRD451 $25

Pair of Peacocks 1-1/2 and 2"
Rstn accents. BRD11 $10

Marvella bird with olive branch
2" BRD13 $20

3-1/2" Enamel Beauty. Gorgeous
colors. BRD33 $30

Is The Sky Falling ?? No On This Chick ! Great Design
Rstns 1-1/2" BRD34 $20

Click The Chicken
And Visit
The BarnYard

Greetings With Open Wings
BY J.J. 2" BRD35 $15

A Real RedBird ! Handcarved,
painted wood 2-1/2" BRD36

Eventhough the Penguin has a black head, it's name was given by Welsh sailors and was derived from the Welsh words meaning"white head".

Silver Penguin. Nice Detail

Cute 1-1/4" pendant with
love birds BRD43 $5 (2)

Something To Sing About
Pearl Eggs and Blue glass cabs
1-1/2" BRD42 SOLD

Sassy Looking Parrot With
Faux Marcasites 2"
BRD39 $15

Beautiful Sterling
Swan with Topaz Rstn
2" BRD40 $25

3" yellow bird. Some enamel
wear. rstn eye. BRD48 $10

Pair of cute 1-1/2" penguins
Enamel potmetal some wear
BRD44 $15

Beautiful antiqued gold, rstns and pearls 3-1/2" BRD50 $25