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White floral openwork hoops 1/2" wide x 1" drop. BW0710 SOLD
1-1/" silvertone flower basket with pave set crystal rhinestone border and black faceted rhinestone flowers. Just the right touch !
BW5532 $10

3-1/2" spray of black rhinestones on japanned metal. Unsigned.
BW6071 $12

1" vintage Germany
Glass hearts.
BW199G $10

1" goldtone and white glass cabs. BW202 $10

2" black jappaned finish with white navettes ! BW205 $15

1-1/4" screw on glass beads.
BW0448 $8
These fab hoops are by Monet and are 1-1/2" diameter with button catch. Clip ons.
BKW2770 $10
Art Deco 1 x 1-3/4"
dangles. Clip on style.
BKW3577 $10

DAT2696 $20
3" heavy black enamel brooch with curled leaf - goldtone accents, veining. Quality

#20090G $15
Very nice pair of black clip on wire multi hoops. These are comfort clip on earrings with a flower catch and the hoops are 1-1/4 in diameter. They do have a patent number, but even with a magnifier, I can't make it out. I do believe these once had a tag and are by Vendome

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Black rhinestone navettes set of a round design with centerblack stone and surrounding ab chatons. These are set in goldtone and are clip on style.
#BKW20067 Out Of Inventory

1" black rhinestones with japanned finish and crystal rstn accents. Clip ons

1" wide open composition bangle. Good condition. BKW2691 $15
Vintage 2" wide rhinestone bracelet with black diamond and white rstns. Japanned black finish. 7-1/2" long with foldover clasp. A few of the stones are darker than others, but with this, it doesn't matter !
BKW0430X $30

2" oval white with black enamel brooch/goldtone base. BKW11734 $10

1-1/2" rhinestone/blue accents screw on dangles. BKW1300 $15

Black composition with mop inlay. A couple of inlay pcs missing. Hardly noticeable. BRAC0732X $10
Fabulous beaded nlace is 15" x 1-1/2" choker with 4" cascade in front.
Vintage piece
BLK0439X $25

Double strand 17" flowing black glass beads with square facet and ab carnival flash. Rstn hook clasp. A beauty.
0241X $20

Vintage black onyx and pewter color screw on style.
BLK1366 $10

Lucite dangles 1-3/4" with pearl tops. Clip on style. BLK0423X $10

Single clip on plastic "feather" earring. 3-1/2" "up the ear"
Rhinestone accent. WHT0704 $8

Fabulous 34" single solid strand of graduated black onyx? beads. Knotted.
Lgst bead 15mm. BD91732 $25

16" finely beaded choker 1/2" wide with metallic faceted stone center front. Vintage but still
wearable. BKW9638 $15

1-1/2" diameter these vintage earrings are openwork filigree with black thermoplastic dome centers and rhinetone tipped "star" edges.
Clip on style. BKW
3240 $10

1-1/8" black rhinestone earrings. Clip on style. BKW7233 SOLD

1" black and crystal rstns.
BKW91398 $10

French expansion choker with individually attached white beads. Tassel Ends. About 1/2" wide. 13-1/2" length. Very nice. BKW7113 $20

Western Germany white and frosted beaded necklae. 17" triple strand.
BKW7283 $20

1" white beaded clip on
Hong Kong BKW4153 $5

Black bd domes 1" clip on
Made in Austria
BKW4157 $8

27" black/clear crystal faceted bds single strand, shown doubled.
Graduated. BKW4154 $15

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2" brooch and matching clip earrings BKW4134 SOLD

1-1/2" sim pearl cabs, rstns and blk enamel. Clip on
BKW4156 $15

2" japanned with black rstns

1-1/2" rstn star brooch
BKW4155 $20

Perfect to add that extra sparkle. 1-3/4" long. Onyx center.
BKWH7534 $15

1/4" wide black rstn cluster
hoops; clip BKW4132 SOLD

3" light plastic dangles
great look; clip ons

3/4" wide x 6-3/4" length
japanned bracelet all in black rhinestone navettes and prong set chatons. BKWH405 $25

White composition ribbed links
1-3/4" wide x 7" long.
BKW412 $15

clip on 2" overall white beaded
dangles BKW41515 $10

2" rhinestone drop earrings in clip on style

1" rstn clip on style
BKW41512 $10

2" rstn floral brooch, a real beauty BKWH4151 $25

62" single strand faceted glass beads BKW4139 SOLD

22" single strand faceted glass beaded nl shown doubled and 7" matching bracelet. BKW4138 $20

1-1/2" enamel on goldtone rstn accents. clips BKW4137 SOLD

2" clip on dangles
Vintage solid single strand 31", knotted
3-1/2" tassel. Shown doubled. Good condition.
BKW91838 $25

Vintage and all strung on elastic this choker is
approximately 2" wide with bead strands cascading from the top and bottom. Beads are composition so lightweight to wear. Fabulous !
BKW0777 $25

Beautiful design by B.S.K.
Goldtone base with white slender navettes. 2-3/4".
BSK2798 $20

1-1/4" black with a "carnival"
luster. Screw on style.
BKW4159 $5

2" dangling crystal and black
rhinestone twists Pierced. BKW4135 $8

HUGE dangles, glass beads,crystals 6-1/2". Fab look
BKW4133 $20

Double wrap bracelet faceted glass beads BKW41310 $8

Another wrap bracelet only
larger beads BKW41510 $8

Multi strand seed bead neckclace
15" with fancy clasp.
BKW4131 $20

15" crystal and black rstn necklace BKW4132 $15

All smooth white beads prong set 15" single strand; 1" front. Some
inside wear. BKW41511 $15

Black and White Rivoli Rstn
set 1-1/2" brooch, 1" earrings clip on style. BKW41513 $25

Nice beaded a'la Haskell
1-1/2" clip on filigree base.
BKW41518 $15

1-1/4" blk enamel, sim pearl teardrop and rstn accent. Clip on style BKW41519 $15

2-1/2" danglies - glass bds
clip on BKW41520 SOLD

12" goldtone with black rstns choker. 1/2" wide.
BKW41521 $15

Beautiful white rhinestone 3 dimenational cesign 2-1/4" with pink ab accent stones. BKW1114 $25
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Jewels Of The Net
Ornamental Jewelry & Accessory