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The Many Hues
Of Blue

The color of flowing water indicating a cool steady motion. 

A calming color that also gives balance and an outward flow
of energy

Openwork design in a bright turquoise blue rhinestone. Silvertone base. Brooch is 2" diameter and earrings are 1-1/2" overall. Clip on style.

Blue Baguettes sest off this dainty pendant and screw on earrings set. Set is marked B&N gold filled. 1" pendant hangs from 18" delicate chain.
Beautiful Set - BLU1029 $15 HOLD

Beautiful vintage brooch featuring blue dome cabochons prong set into a silvertone pot metal setting for an elegant presentation. Size is 2-1/4 x 1-1/2 " and it is in good condition. These stones are gorgeous and need no other decoration. BLU1019 $25

Fabulous 1" wide rhinestone and turquoise rhinestone cabochon bracelet - stretch !
Comfort and fit - this is a dazzler !
BLU6307 $14.99

2-1/2" blue enamel leaf with goldtone accent. Gorgeous. No mfg. detail.
BLU7536 $10

1-1/4" wide clip on earrings with brilliant sapphire and light blue rhinestones.
BLU15584 $15

Vintage filigree hoops are 1" with screw on style. Aqua rhinestones are gorgeous !
BLU20194 $10

2-1/4" open work retro style with blue rhinestones BLU91385 $15

See Main Catalog # 16233

1-1/4" blue rhinestones and simulated pearl earrings. Clip on style.
BLU5954 $10

See Main Catalog

2-1/4 light sapphire rstns in a feathery design
All prong set.

Flat top navette rstns for flashy sparkle 2-3/4" brooch ! Prong set stones.

A real standout by Lisner in silvertone with aqua blue & crystal rstns accented with simulated pearls. 2-1/4" dome style. LIS618 $25

2" dome style with sapphire and emerald rstns. in a pinwheel design All prong set.

Fabulous sparkle with baguettes and pear shapes 2" All prong set.. BLU623 SOLD

2" diameter bright blue sparkle. Silvetone base brooch. Prong set
12944 SOLD

Great versatile design in this quality rhinestone brooch. Pale blue and peridot green. 3". All stones prong set in goldtone. BLU16015 SOLD

1-3/4" silvertone heart with outline blue rstns. BLU627 $15

Light sapphire rstns in a tight cluster. Silvertone . Some wear to back. All prong set.

Nice set features a 2" brooch with goldtone filigree beads and deep Montana blue navette rhinestones accented with ab rhinestones around the edge. Matching 1" clip on earrings. This is a nice classic set for day into evening. BLU19457 SOLD

Icy blue and white cabochons accented with light blue rstns.
2-1/4" BLU636 SOLD

Cheery blue rstn flowers in a goldetone floral swirl. BLU640 $15

Silvery leaf with blue rstn accent 3" BLU638 $15

Sleek blue navettes with pave set rstn ribbon accent. 1-3/4" All Prong set . Open back setting but foil back rhinestones. BLU1116 SOLD

1-1/2" drop front design blue ab rstn necklace; 15" BLU629 $25

Nice double row with front design bracelet 7" with matching screw on earrings BLU635 $25HOLD-J
This is an unusual designed heavy pendant in silvertone. Round 2-1/4" base with slightly concave center lined in cobalt blue velvet and accented with loops and textures featuring blue rhinestone baguettes and crystal chatons. Even the back of this piece is finished with a filigree heart and floral design. Hangs from a 26" textured to match chain. No designers name on this, but it reminds me of Nettie Rosenstein pieces of the 1940-1950's. BLU15709 SOLD

14-1/2" drop front design lt blue and moonstone blue rstns. Prong Set
BLU630 $20

7" x 1" bracelet; foldover clasp.
4 blue moonstone rstns and 1 center clear blue rstn. Prong Set
BLU625 $15

Fabulous 4 chain twist in light blue rstns. Slide clasp. Safety chain. BLU626 $25

It's party time - soft blue rhinestone single chain necklace 13+" falls to a front focus of approximately 2". Matching 1-1/2" dangle earrings in the screw on style.Beautiful Blue Sparkle. No manufacturer marks.
BLU13664 $30

Triple Row front of light blue and montanna blue rstns.15" x 1/2" front. BLU622 $25
#06842 - $15
1-1/4" Clip

#06841 - $15 1-1/4" Clip

05013 - $15
1" Clip style

These earrings are in the Juliana style but are not marked. They are clip on style with silvertone base and feature black diamond and dark blue ab rhinestones with molded leaf navette accent. Very pretty. BLU16233 $15


1-1/4" clip on earrings in shades
of blue ! RP5282 SOLD

Beautiful starburst design rhinestone earrings using light blue, amethyst, green and lavender rhinestone navettes for extra sparkle and versatility. Clip on style. BLU17080 SOLD

Sparling blue ab rhinestones -
1-1/2" clip on style.
BLU6281 $20

1-1/2" overall clip on earrings with blue rhinestones and crystals accented with deep rose. BLU7123 $15

Nice pair of pale blue lucite cabochon earrings accented with gold veining.
Approximately 1-1/4" ovals set in ornate silvertone setting with blue rhinestone accents. Clip on style. 
BLU1222 $20

Dark Montana blue cabochons with clear and rstn accents.
Clip on style. BLU631 $15
Click Here For More Blue Earrings !

Gorgeous blue glass "confetti" cabochons and enamel accents. 1" clip on style. BLU2171 HOLD-O/I

06912 - $25

2" Brooch

06913 - $25

3-1/4" Brooch


05011 $25
2-1/4" Brooch

06856 - $15

06915 - $18

2" clip

3-3/4" clip on dangles with blue aurora glass beads and faux pearls
BLU3439 $20