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Commonly referred to as "bugs"
or "creepy crawlies" they are

among the oldest living creatures
and carry with them much

Egyptian Scarob - Life
Ladybug - Good Luck
Bee - Immortality, Rebirth
Butterfly - Rebirth, Long Life
Moth - Truth, Fragility
Ant - Thrift, Hard Work
Wasp - Evil
Spider - Weaver of Destiny
Locust - Calamity
Scorpion - Envy, Darkness
Fly - Corruption, Weakness
Dragonfly - Summer, Illusion

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Tiny goldtone lady bug made in Western Germany. 1/4"
Cute shoulder sitter !
BUG15324 $5
Beautiful dragonfly is 1-3/4" with openwork wings pave set with marcasites and the body is studded with gemstones - onyx, jade, pearl and carnelian. Nice quality. Just needs a shoulder to light on ! #20046 $15

Right - Cute 1" bee with yellow enamel wings, faux pearl head and rhinestone body. BUG7533 $8 Adorable lady bug brooch features enamel wash leaves - about 2"
signed "Made in Germany"
GER8167 $15

1-1/2" goldtone and
simulated pearl.
BUG1 $10

Happy red bug 1-1/2", goldtone with red rhienstones.
BUG2 $8

Cute Tuxedo bug with
rhinestone eyes. 1"
BUG3 $5

2" body, 3" wingspread
with pae rhinestones
Trembler BUG4 SOLD

Dangling 1/2"goldtone bees
clip ons BUG5 $8

Unmarked 2" dragonfly.
Originally on an Anne Klein II card, but card is missing.
BUG6 $8 Hold

Rhinestone and enamel realistic looking 1-1/4" wasp ! BUG7 $6

1-1/4" tiger eye and goldtone wasp BUG8 $8

1-1/2" Bumble Bee by Monet
goldtone openwork.
BUG9 $8

2" rhinestone dragonfly
BUG10 $12

Lady Bug, Lady Bug
pierced earrings, dangles 1/4" BUG24564 $3.00

1" with uusual stone body and rhinestone eyes

1-1/2" blue and pink rhinestones
BUG13 $10

2-3/4" pendant with bee hanging in center. 26" chain.
BUG 14 $15

Great detail on this Monet Bumble Bee !
1-1/2" BUG15 $SOLD

Red and black enamel on this cute 1" lady bug from Spain ! BUG16 $8

What a cute face ! on this amber rhinestone laden bee !
Signed Joan Rivers !

A very deco character in black and silver . Signed B&W(Butler and Wilson)
and numbered.

1-3/4" lady bug with faux ivory body. BUG19 $12

This is a cute brooch approximately 1-3/4" featuring a pear with enamel and texturized surface and tiny lady bug. This has a brushed goldtone finish, is not marked or signed and is in good condition.BUG725 $8
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