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JewelCollect Member Extraordinaire
In Japan a butterfly symbolizes
a woman because of its beauty

Since antiquity the butterfly has been a symbol of the soul - beginning with a caterpillar's rebirth and resurrection to become even more beautiful as it leaves the womb in flight.

More modern symbolism could be that of liberation and new beginnings

" Just living is not enough"
- said the Butterfly
" One must have Sunshine,
Freedom and a Little Flower."
- Hans Christian Anderson

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Brushed goldtone by BSK 2-1/4" - $10 West Germany - Click Photo Click Photo for Information


Silvertone almost 2" long x 1-3/4" wide.
Golden resin wings edged with silver
tone and enameling. Gorgeous.
BFLY7310 $10.00

Antiqued bronze color openwork wings
with multi color rhinestones and lustrous
center cabochon. 2-1/2" long.
BFLY 7216 $12.00



Beautiful Victorian black glass center on mother of pearl. New pin assembly. 1-1/2"
# BFLY916

1-1/8 damascene earrings in
clip on style.
19554 $10
A beautifully colored luminescent enamel for this butterfly. Goldtone base with rhinestone accents. About 2" wingspread. Signed and numbered on the back but difficult to read. SFJ ? A great addition to your collection and just begging to be worn
BFLY20841 $20

Giovanni - Click Photo
For More Information

Beautiful molded engraved resin wings on silvertone with enamel edge and rhinestone accents. Spectacular !
BFLY7307 $15

Tiny size 4 14K HGE Butterfly Ring with jade navette body.
BFLY15994 $8

A beautiful mother of pearl specimen with green glass body. GF over sterling base. Upper left wing was broken/repaired. Still a beauty.

#19610 Miriam Haskell

Gorgeous goldtone engraved butterfly has pale green matrix stones accented the 2-1/4" wingspan. Signed on oval plaque "Judith Green".
#BFLY19710 $25

Beautiful pair of pink shaded rhinestone
pins - center navette is a little faded but the lacy silvertone layered design is outstanding ! BFLY82736 $18 pr

2-1/2" goldtone with pastel moonstones and faux pearls.
BFLY8163 $15

1-3/4" profile butterfly in glorious
crystal and ab rhinesones ! Silvertone.
BFLY91932 $15

Rhinestone Butterfly Bracelet
See Main Catalog !

Small 1" pave rhinestone set quality pin. BFLY4531 $10

See Main Catalog

Original By Robert
Beautiful antiqued goldtone butterfly with brushed finish and emerald/peridot rhinestone body accents. 1-3/4" wingspread and in good condition. #19198 $25

Click picture for more information.

2-1/4" bronze cast metal with rhinestones. Looks Czech.
BFLY3 $20

Magnificant rhinestone and ab sparkler 2" !
BFLY4 $30

Heavy Rhinestone and blue enamel
make this very special.
BFLY13 $30

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Click picture for more information
Click picture for more information.

Click picture for more information.

Lightweight metal and composition Made in Germany
2-1/4" BFLY2 $12

Click picture for more information.

Sarah Coventry 2-1/2" openwork.
BFLY 5 $10

Coro made this white enamel
beauty. 2-1/2" BFLY10 $10

Larger than it looks ! 3-1/2" enamel
on metal with rhinestone body.
BFLY12 $20

Shell wings make this one unusual
7 $8

2" profile in blue and white
BFLY2 $8

Lightweight lacy metal with enamel
BFLY6 $15

This 2-1/2"beauty with pink stones and faux pearl accents is by Avon !
BFLY1 $15

More Information To Come !

Very special colors in enamel on
lightweight metal. Korea
BFLY14 $8

2" round brooch/pendant with
beaded butterfly accent. Some enamel wear but still a vintage cutie.
BFLY451 $15

Beautiful pair of screw on earrings with amethyst rstns. 1"
gold wash on sterling.
BFLY452 $15

Swoboda like, but not signed this
goldtone beauty is 1-3/4".
BFLY8271 $10

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