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The term cameo originally meant carving a design into a single material in bas-relief. They were usually done using shell, stone or other material. Indications are that cameos were first carved in the 15th or 16th century
where the subject matter was derived from the Greek and Roman period.  However, popularity flourished during the reign of Queen Victoria

Intaglio jewelry is reverse cut from a cameo , cut from the back and sometimes highlighted with handpainting, enamels or other colored glass or gemstone.

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Diana-Goddess Hunting/Chastity

Mars - God of War
Mercury - God of Trade and
Protector of Thieves
Jupiter - Gods Father
Venus - Goddess of Love/Beauty
Saturnus - God of Agriculture
Apollo - God of the Sun, Art and

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A beautiful pink shell cameo bracelet set in 14K white gold includes three cameos (all different).  The center cameo is 1-3/4 x 1-1/4". The other two are smaller. All are facing right. The detail and shade on these is exemplary and they reflect the softness that is always associated with cameo jewelry.  A very comfortable fit on the wrist and the ability to extend the length with just the addition of an O-ring makes this a very desirable bracelet.  The perfect gift for yourself or another.

Custom made cameo by Nostalgique is 2" in diameter with a goldtone vintage metal profile on deep ine background and rose pink rhinestone accents.
NQ187 $25
This is a beautiful shell cameo with 14K gold bezel. The carving is fine and the girl is lovely with a bird perched on a flower. She is wearing a textured dress with flowers at the bodice and in her hair.  This is a brooch/pendant combination and is part of a recent estate lot of jewelry.  It is signed 14K and appears to be numbered.

A beautiful cameo in every respect. Delicate detailed carving on shell is surrounded by an 800 silver marcasite frame. This is a brooch/pendant and comes with an 18" fine sterling chain. Wonderful for your wearing or collecting, you won't be disappointed with this piece.

16" Necklace $50
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This is a unique cameo brooch designed from vintage materials by Nostalgique. The backing is from an otherwise unusable victorian buckle and the cameo topper appears to be a wood composition material also vintage. To keep with the image, an older brass pin back was used. All patina was left as found.
More Nostalgique Jewelry Featured in our Past Traditions Gallery Index
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Older wood base with porcelain cameo and faux pearls.
CMO531A $20


KJL - click picture for more information
This is a beautiful estate shell cameo in 18K gold filled setting. It is a brooch and a pendant (chain not included). The carving on this is exceptional and she is in very good condition just waiting for a home. We can provide a chain, if desired. CMO21811
Very dainty bracelet featuring 1/4" wide plaques engraved with a floral design with light enameling. Center is a glass cameo white on black on a matching plaque background. Delicate original clasp.

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See Main Catalog

Vintage shell cameo set in a contemporary sterling bezel setting with moonstone accents and hanging from a 20" sterling chain. Pendant is 1-3/4" long. Beautiful design and detail.  A very soft and feminine look.

A quality carved vintage shell cameo by BOJAR has a delicate 18K gold filled bezel and a 14K fine 14" chain. The chain has 2 clasps 7" apart and I believe they are actually 14K bracelets that were combined to make the necklace. Either way, this is a gorgeous cameo, facing left with demure head lowered and a strand of pearls around her neck. Don't forget, this is a brooch and a pendant ! CMO21365
1-3/4 x 2" celluloid cameo in composition ornate frame. Beautiful ! No markings. CMO6084
Lovely mirror backing on this vintage stone cameo. Mounted on filigree with amber baguette and chaton accents. 1 x 2-1/2". I just couldnt capture the features and detail on this cameo - they are very detailed.
The beauty of this cameo just cannot be shown.
1-1/2" oval shell cameo in delicate filigree setting - Brooch/Pendant. Nice features. Low karat gold. A real beauty with nice detail. . CMO0103
3/4" oval shell cameo pendant in gold filled setting. Very pretty setting. New goldtone chain. CMO80103
This is a very pretty art nouveau style brooch. Glass faux tortoise oval with brass figural topper. Framed in goldtone.  About 1-3/4" oval. No manufacturer or designers mark, but quality made. CMO21881

Another cameo re-creation by Nostalgique. This features an early cameo profile surrounded by rhinestones in the center of a large filigree bases with two large vintage amber glass cabochons.  A very beautiful piece made with vintage jewels and findings not otherwise useful in their present form. Please see our Nostalgique gallery link to follow.

Studio Designer Bracelet Cuff with Pink Acrylic Cameo and glass stones on antiqued floral engraved goldtone cuff. 2-1/2" wide. Matching 2" clip on earrings. A lovely collage.

This is an exquisite cameo brooch featuring a large filigree setting with delicate engraving - a full 3-5/8" wide. The very detailed black stone cameo is set on a deep carnelian color glass base. The base has been painted black on the back possibly to reduce any translucence. I believe this may be Czechoslavakian in origin although it is not signed. This is an estate item.
Fabulous vintage blue glass intaglio flower basket hangs from openwork 2" bar brooch accented with blue rhinestones.Truly beautiful color and detail, difficult to show in a photograph. #CMO19456 HOLD
3/4" oval Wedgewood jasperware cameo earrings. Sterling frame and screw on closures. Good condition.
CMOWW0104 $25

Eventhough this is not marked, I believe it is Western Germany. The cameo is composition with a very pretty lady with tiara and necklace. Size is approx 1-3/4 x 1-1/2" with a nice loop and rope bezel.
Art Nouveau style with feathers and flowers
in her hair. 1" oval pendant - sterling with 18"
sterling chain.
# 100271

Fossilized Ivory and Gemstone Cameos
From St. Lawrence - Alaska - One Of A Kind
The pictures of these pendants do not adequately express their beauty
and quality of craftsmanship.

Features a hummingbird and floral design. Pendant 1-1/4 x 2" with peridot and opal accents. Sterling
#1002671 $35

2" hummingbird and flower cameo carved in faux shell. Nice detail and heavy quality. Rope frame.

Beautiful set by designer Vittorio features bright silvertone 2" bar brooch with 1-3/4" hanging charm with cobalt blue cameo classic grecian figure. Matching 1-3/4" pierced earrings. #CMO19235 $50

1/2" x 7" triple chain faux slide bracelet features cameo, snake, flower and bee with accent stones.

Beautiful set by designer Vittorio features bright silvertone 2" bar brooch with 1-3/4" hanging charm with cobalt blue cameo classic grecian figure. Matching 1-3/4" pierced earrings.

Very difficult to photo, but this milk glass cameo has beautiful detail. Mounted on brass designed backing with "quiver" of arrows at the top and black rhinestone accents with a milk glass bead drop - 3" overall.
CMO8139 $35

Beautiful unusual vintage pink stone cameo with shaded matrix mounted on brass background with prong set pink "moonstones". A very special piece.
#19402 $50
More Pink Cameos Below......

Florenza Shell Cameo
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Beautiful little cameo 1-1/4" set in a circle of rhinestones. Probably from the 1950's. Good Condition. No mfg. markings.
#82332 $10

1/2" rhinestone cameo earrings on pierced wires. Good condition.
#82633 SOLD

Carnelian and faux pearl warrior cameo brooch 2". Nice.
CMO7635 $20

Unusual silvertone cameo of a Gibson Girl set in a fabulous dimensional setting 1/2" deep - split openwork edge with pearl and rhinestone accents.  Brooch is 2" in diameter. Very good quality, even finished beautifully underneath.No designer or manufacture markings

2-1/4" brass base with chrubs and cameo under glass center. Signed "Jan Michael San Francisco". CMO7223 $20

Gorgeous black matte stone cameo mounted on vintage green jade glass with accenting cabochons. Size is 1-1/2 x 2"
CMO8103 $35

Lovely 1-3/4" shell cameo in nice openwork goldtone loop setting.Eyes cast downward demurely.
CM20103 SOLD

Light shell cameo in silver openwork bezel. Nice detail. 1-1/4" oval. CMO0706 SOLD

Very pretty shell cameo brooch approximately 1-1/2" openwork brass frame. Nice detail, features. CMO 16897 $30

3/4" rectangular shell cameo ring set in silvertone adjustable setting. Very pretty detail with flower on her shoulder. CMO3103 $25 O/I

1" shell cameo pin/pendant engraved bezel. Gold filled.
CMO6306 $55

Beautiful green glass with white cameo stone top is mounted on goldtone holloware clip with charms. Overall length is 2-3/4". Good condition. No manufacturer markings.
#19448 $35

1-1/4" wide engraved bezel shell came. Older c-closure. Very nice. CMO1524 $40 SOLD

1" diameter vintage pink stone cameo hangs from a 3" bow accented with pink stones all prong set. A lovely cameo. CMO8135 $35

Difficult to photo but beautiful vintage white carved stone cameo locket 2" hangs from faux pearl and amethyst. Could also be adapted to hang from a chain ! CMO9131 $50

Nicely framed shell cameo earrings - screw on closures. 1/2" ovals. CMO0188 $15

Nice 3/4" shell cameo earrings in rope bezel. Screw on style.
CMO5001 $15

16" mesh necklace 1/8" wide with
3/4" glass intaglio of Cupid and Psyche. CMO9234 $15
A Selection of Black & Miscellaneous Cameo Brooches
Often used during periods of mourning
Also see our Past Traditions Mourning Gallery

Vintage black matte stone cameo set on black glass in a
3-1/2" setting. Accented by black rhinestones.
A stunning cameo selection. CMO8123 $45

Deeply carved black bakelite cameo is 2 x 2-1/2" with finely detailed carving. This may or may not be a "mourning" piece since requirements were more strict during the Victorian era (pre-Bakelite), but sometimes the black jewelry items were worn more more frequently during mourning periods up to and including the 1920's.Black bakelite cameos were especially popular. This one wears a tiara ! #CMO15733 $65

Vintage Black Cameo with gold accents mounted on early green marbelized base with filigree backing by
NQ2871 $25

Cameo Locket - Click picture for more information.

This is a very nice clear carved lucite cameo bezel with a black with white figure. Size of this brooch is 1-1/2 x 1-3/4". I like the lucite because it shows up your fashion colors behind the cameo !
CMO16149 $25

This is a nice vintage lucite cameo featuring a black profile oval on clear lucite backing. 2-1/2" in diameter. These are so nice because you can see your fashion pattern through the clear lucite always giving an interesting look to the cameo.
CMO21358 $25

2" oval black glass cameo with ornate frame. This is a clip as shown. In good condition.

Vintage Black Mourning cameo is set in bar style 3-1/4" with black rhinestone accents. This beautiful cameo has been reset in soldered brass antiqued setting and is a spectacular piece. # 19380 $40
Black & White Glass Cameo in  1x1-1/4" 10K+ gold bezel.  Pin/Pendant - CM1221 - $65 HOLD Composition cameo in triangular openwork bezel CMO-3 $25 1-1/2" composition cameowhite on black with ornate bezel. Older c-closure.CMO223 - $25
1-1/4" mourning cameo in celluloid. Older c-clasp. Nice detail. CMO6304  $25 1-1/4" older costume cameo in antiqued silver metal base. Composition cameo. CMO6291 $25  Faceted bezel black glass cameo 1-1/2" oval on japanned backplate.
One is stamped Made In Czechoslavakia.
CMO1526 (2)$30 ea.

Locket 2" oval with black cameo on white mother of pearl base. Nice engraved bezel and 18" chain.
CMO0532 $35

1" screw on style black composition cameo earrings. Goldtone setting. CMO0708 SOLD

Click Photo For More

This is a vintage black glass cameo mounted in a belted design brooch setting. 3-1/4" wide x 1-1/4" high. This would also make a nice scarf or hair accent. Very nice.
CMO16274 $45

1" clip on composition cameo earrings in silvertone settings. CMO001 $10 SOLD

Brushed silvertone cross 3" with
black glass/frosted cameo center
CMO471 $25

1-1/2 x 2" glass cameo white on balck in nice openwork setting. Features are much more pronounced than shown. Nice CMO99030 $25

Beautiful golden rose cameo accented by a single rhinestone on glass surrounded by tiny rhinestones and an openwork bezel. 2" oval and signed "Celebrity" on backplate.

Beautiful vintage 2" Itaglio done in silvertone and clear glass, nice frame and hangs from 28" chain.CMO9134 $35

2-1/4" rainbow glass intaglio
brooch/pendant. Nice frame.This is much nicer than the picture shows. Colors are beautiful.
CMO9135 $25

Cupid and Psyche ? amber glass intaglio brooch in wide goldtone frame is by Goldette. Dangling faceted crystals give movement to this piece. It is in very good condition and is signed on the back
#19458 $35

1" top brass and onyx cameo ring is
vintage, adjustable and in good
condition. Nice engraving top and
underneath. CMO82635 $15 HOLD

Fabulous vintage locket with black cameo and rhinestone accents. Locket is 2" oval. Hangs from 32" chain.
CMO83132 $50
Wedgewood, WedgewoodStyle, Jasperware and Stone

Beautiful Wedgewood stone cameo inside a vintage frame
with faux pearl and rhinestone accents.
Size is 3 x 2-1/2. By Nostalgique NQ3801

Wedgewood style cameo in composition material is surrounded by tiny faux pearls and mounted on a brushed goldtone locket containing room for two photos. Currently empty. This hangs from a decorative 24" chain. # 19782 $20

1-1/4" pink stone. Deep carved. Nice
CMO440 $30

2-1/2" light stone cameo stickpin in goldtone setting. CMO0105 $15

2" oval brass cameo mounted on "gold dust"  background. Brooch/pendant. CMO1020F $35

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For Information

1-1/4" composition cameo earrings. Clip on style. Made in Western Germany
CMO14024 $15

Various Other Materials As Described

-1/4" pink stone cameo with unmarked but I believe gf twist bezel.  #CMO101 - $45 PinkStone carved (not layered) cameo 1-1/2""en habille". Twist bezel and c-clasp. CM 1305 $50 SOLD This pretty lady was done in celluloid and almost looks like shell. The brass bezel is rope style and size is 1-1/2x2" oval. She has some age, brown spots and crackling but don't we all at sometime or another...She's still very pretty and would love to once again adorn your fashions.
CM16327 $25

1-1/2" oval milky glass cameo topper on dark green stone background. Silver bezel. CM1220 $35

Beautiful black stone cameo on green glass accents a 1-1/2" goldtone engraved bangle bracelet. 2-1/4"
Inside diameter with safety chain. Some inside wear, but a gorgeous bracelet. CM1523 SOLD

Beautiful pair of frosted floral cameo earrings bezeled in silvertone with simulated pearl accents. About 1-1/4" ovals. The glass has a deep pink/gray changeable glow to it. Very appealing. CMO16885 $20

Cameo Bracelet by Barclay. Heavy 7-1/4" chain with blue composition cameo with faux slide clasp. Nice size and feels good on the wrist. CM10231 SOLD

Palest of pink stone? cameo is surrounded by a floral pink mosaic bezel. Pin is 3". CMO0530 SOLD

1-1/4" cameo barpin has an older c-clasp
and beautiful intricate engraving.
CMO1017 $15

1" composition cameo earrings with rhinestone border. Screw on style CMO77 $15 HOLD

3/4" beautifully framed screw on earrings CMO104b $15
Vintage cameo bracelet is
composition 1/4" thick x 1-1/2" wide. Strung on stretch cording (could be restrung) Very nice.
CMO107A $25
This unusual cameo tests bakelite on the dark green back but has a weathered woodgrain finish on the front. Good features. Pin replaced. 1-3/4". CMO1525 $25 Newer "ideal" girl in a 2-1/2" oval cameo with shell colored background and ivory features. Still considered vintage made in West Germany Beautiful - CMO103 - $45 SOLD Very high relief glass cameo 2-1/4" openwork frame.
CMO5206 $25

A. B.

A. Beautiful mother of pearl cameo set in sterling includes
1" pendant on 20" chain,matching 3/4" pierced earrings
and a size 5 ring. From an estate, this appears never to have
been worn and is in the original box marked "Coppola Largo
S. Mattinio,B. Tel 366125 Napoli". CMO0528 $65

B. Mother of Pearl cameo 1" oval hangs from 18" silver
chain. Nice features and silver frame. CMO0345X $25



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