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Faceted Crystals and pearls
See Main Catalog # 17784
The palest of pale yellow or jonquil faceted crystal beads in a double strand 16" including extender chain with back hook. These are gorgeous and vintage. BD1130 $25
7mm crystal faceted
rainbow beaded necklace 15" needs restrung.
Gorgeous blue faceted crystal necklace - 15" single strand necklace has graduated sparkling beads. Matching clip on 1" earrings marked "Coro".
#18541 $30
From an estate containing some fabulous vintage jewelry, beads and silver, this solid single strand of pastel sparkling beads is 32" long. Beads are gradulated approximately 5mm to 10mm. Colors are gorgeous. Shown doubled. Colors shown are about right - pale topaz, lavender, and aqua. BD7256 $25
This beautiful necklace was made in West Germany. It features 4 strands of sparkling blue crystal and ab beads, art glass and smooth oval faux pearls in delicate ivory and the palest of blue. Secured at the back by faceted blue stone clasp with extender chain. This is a gorgeous necklace and in very good condition. The beads are exquisite.
#19701 SOLD
Stunning sea blue crystal beads, some accented with ab flashing. Triple strand; shortest 14"; graduated in size. Rhinestone hook clasp with 2" extender chain.Good condition.Beautiful
#19051 $30
Black faceted glass beads
10mm necklaces with jump clasp. single strand
1 30" strand
1 36" strand

shown wrapped
BD3545 $20 each
54" single solid strand of emerald green faceted crystal beads. Shown wrapped. Very versatile. All knotted.
BD32745 $25
Single strand of pale green faceted crystals is 15" long including extender chain. Crystals are approximately 11mm each except for extender chain. Beautiful shade of green
#18105 $25
This vintage necklace is the palest of baby blues and features cut faceted crystals each about 4mm in a double strand. Length is 12-1/2" plus a 2-1/4" extender chain, which could even be lengthened. Very dainty and pretty.
#18022 $25
A single strand of these black faceted beads is all you need for elegance. These are vintage,18" single strand, graduated in size, knotted and accented by small crystal saucer beads. Jump clasp. Fabulous sparkle and great versatility.
#18013 $30
Fabulous Flapper length crystal necklace in a sparkling golden amber faceted glass accented by two enlongated crystals. Large faceted bead front with graduated smaller beads to the back. Necklace is approximately 31" and does need to be restrung for safety. It is vintage, from an estate and is beautiful. Picture shows the necklace doubled.
#18555 SOLD
BD491 $25
Electric Blue
Faceted Crystals
Graduated Size
Single Strand

Faceted black and white crystals in 24" single strand with jump clasp. AB flash.
BDC3628 $20
Vintage Sparkling Amber/Cognac all over small-faceted crystal beads are single 16" strand, graduated design with small crystal saucer bead accents. Jump clasp at back. These are gorgeous.
#19087 $25
Single solid 48" flapper strand of smooth square and saucer crystal glass beads. These are vintage and are knotted on each side of the triple saucer bead accents. A great elegant look when worn doubled. Ready to wear or redesign.
#18667 $25

BD4918 $18
Faceted Saucers
11" with 3" extender
Single Strand
Choker Style
Double strand 24" longest of
silver metal rose beads and faceted crystals. Fancy slide in clasp. Elegant look especially on black.

BD41931 $25

Crystal 1/2" drops from goldtone chain. Clip on style. FCB15894 $10

1" crystal clusters, clip on. Made in Germany. #15234 $10

Triple strand 3/4" wide memory bracelet. Vintage, end dangles. #CBG2661 $15

1" black diamond ab crystal bead earrings. Clip on style. CBG201 $10

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