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I don't know when I first began my fascination with "hands", but it began with my collecting of the lovely Victorian Calling Cards you see at the right. Hands were a popular subject for these cards because of their symbolism in greeting, but they came to symbolize far more.
These items are not for sale, but if YOU have something that may fit into this collection, please let me know.
I have over 1000 Calling Cards now and
My hand collection now includes jewelry, glassware and pottery. Shown here are a few of my jewelry favorites and I hope you enjoy your visit.

*About Calling Cards*
See Below

Mourning Brooch 4"

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Pot Metal Rhinestone





Tiger Eye

14K and Diamond

Tonquin by Clarice Cliff







Gutta Percha ? 5"

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About Calling Cards

Victorian Calling Cards were actually the predecessor to our current "Business Cards" only they were used by individuals to announce their arrival or visit to a residence. Many of these cards were lavish with lacy designs and symbolism which sometimes incorporated secret messages to the recipient. Salesmen and printers worked diligently to come up with new and fancier designs. Some people designed their own cards in pen and ink and they became known as "flourishes". Small cases were made to carry these cards. Some were made of precious gold and sterling silver.

Some of the containers you will see here featuring hands were actually used for holding these calling cards at a residence.
They were placed for convenience near the door.

Small purses were used to carry the cards
when you went calling or visiting.