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Invented by DuPont c. 1937 "Lucite" became one of the most versatile materials for making fashionable costume jewelry. It has a wide range of translucent, opaque and transparent colors; adapts well to carving and
reflects the light like precious jewels !

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7" broch lucite boomerang bracelet. 1-1/4" wide. LUC1276 $20
Remember Pop Beads ?
These are Lucite faceted pop beads in a single strand 28". Make a necklace and a bracelet ! Tag still attached. Great color, lime green inside clear facets.
"Pops" work fine !
LUC5829 $20
Right >>Triple strand of chunky faceted smoke lucite beads with crystal glass bead accents. About 18" longest strand. Fabulous !
LUC2162 $20

<<Left - Like chunks of ice - frosted and clear lucite chunk necklace 24" single strand. By Napier ! LUC2163 $20

Fabulous lucite necklace with large ball center. 18" with back hook clasp. LUC72834 SOLD

Left - Unique frosty "semi squares" with clear straight line inclusions make these beads very unique. Tiny white bead accents. Double strand 21" including extender chain.
This had a tag genuine lucite, but is now lost. Good condition. LUC7283 $20

Round Lucite brooch is 1-1/2" diameter and features white flowers and curling stems inside on a black background. Imbedded pin closure. Some light surface scratching not noticeable. LUC1019 $8

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This fabulous lucite bracelet is 7-3/4" x 2"

1" diameter confetti and red lucite earrings. Clip on style. LUC6183 $8

This is a huge 3" flower in faceted olivene lucite. The neat thing about this is that the bottom flower petals are lighter than the top and whatever you are wearing does shimmer through. A pretty accessory for any season, but especially for Fall. This would even make a nice hair accessory !
#16320 $15

This translucent lucite brooch is just over 3-1/2" long x 1-1/2" wide. It is a blending of tortoise and clear carved lucite. Imbedded pin backing and nice floral intaglio carving in the center. There is some age crackling to the center piece, but hardly noticeable. Very nice. #16628 $30

1-1/2" dangling lucite spheres
Really pick up colors ! LUC12181 SOLD

7" x 3/4" pearlized brown links
LUC17 $15

1" pearlized lavender necklace with matching clasp. 24"
LUC72 $20

The old ball and chain !
8" bracelet LUC16 $10

Smooth pearlized sea blue bracelet 7" long x 1-1/2" wide by Coro. LUC20 SOLD

Finely faceted lucite beads and rhinestone rondells are featured here. 18" including extender chain. A great vintage piece.
LUC72836 $20

Floral under lucite dome
2" brooch LUC10 $20

2-1/4" carved orchid flower
charm brooch LUC7 $20

Pearlized Rosey Pink
2" circle pin.
Beauty LUC8 $15

Coral and gold moon confetti
clip ons 1" Carved edge.
LUC9 $15

2" Bow charm pin with shell
and leaf on blue. LUC21 $10

1-1/2" diamond shape blue carved flower LUC60 $15

1" clip on dangles with
Cross design LUC3 $10

Spectacular pink sparkle ! Triple wrap crystal look !
LUC4 $30

Fab Western Germamy Faceted Lucite Belt !
39" of faceted 1-1/2" links ! LUC55 $35

1/2" screw on peachy pink
earrings LUC80 $7.50

3/4" red roses with celluloid screw ons LUC81 $7.50

3/4" deep coral rose on white
screw ons LUC82 $7.50

2" teardrop pendant rose with
foliage on white. LUC83 $10

1" oval cameo on green. Screw ons Nice ! LUC24 $15

Confetti and shell lustrous
clip ons 1" LUC2 $15

7" x 1" pearlized dome bracelet
peacy beige LUC12 $

Lucky Dice - Necklace with single 1" square dice with
rhinestone accents. 16" chain.
LUC25 $15

3/4" screw on yellow floral
LUC62 $7.50

3/4" deep coral roses Screw on style LUC63 SOLD

1" oval orchids on white
LUC64 $7.50
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and other
Jewels Of The Net
Ornamental Jewelry & Accessory