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A large quantity of our Mexican Silver and Sterling jewelry was purchased years ago from the estate of a dealer in Southwestern and Mexican Jewelry. Most is vintage and some have the original assay tags. We have multiples of some designs and others are one of a kind.

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As early as the 1920's
a small
town located midway
between Mexico City and Acapulco  became a tourist destination for items made from sterling silver.  Some makers incorporated the city name "Taxco" into their shop name. Small silver shops dotted thet village and some remain today.

Hecho en Mexico =
(made in Mexico)
Plata = Silver

A spread eagle is the Gov't assay mark used

between 1946-1979
After 1979 Registry marks were required i.e. TS-24...TAXCO

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MX22561 SOLD

This is a vintage squash blossom necklace from an estate of quality Mexican silver and sterling jewelry. It does test silver. The necklace is 20" long with silver beads with hanging "blossoms". The pendant is about 2" long. Hook clasp in back. The small dangling bead/blossoms are intricately engraved and there is a hanging charm in the center of the pendant. This is an old piece and there is no marking except for a scratched in signature which looks like NYY.

The squash blossom necklace originated with the Navajo Indians and then was adopted by other tribes. It was an agricultural symbol. The pendant was actually taken from that of the Spanish Conquistidors horse bridles. The necklace originated around 1880. Some were plain and some were eventually decorated with turquoise and other stones and silver charms.

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A fun group of vintage wood or paper mache figural brooches ranging in size from 2-3" painted with colorful designs. These are vintage and all I have. $8.00 each
order by design
Vintage set in silvertone with faux turquoise beading and accents.
Pendant is 2" and drop earrings are clip on style 1-1/2" overall. Chain is 24"
Very nice !MX6793


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Bold , dimensional 2-1/2" brooch/pendant marked TF-43 Mexico 925. MX3140 $25

Unusual bracelet made of a silver content metal. Width is just over 2". This is signed incised Dutka's?? Made in Brazil. MX11564 $30 SOLD

Sterling rose made in Mexico
MX11714 $20

7" Southwestern style sterling bracelet with natural stone inlays, turquoise, mop, paua,, coral,
MX012158 $30

3" silver figural made in Ecuador

1-1/2" dangle earrings. Sterling with turquoise and coral. Screw on style. MX3581 $15

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This is an early Mexican silver (tests sterling) brooch 4" in length. Floral with curling stems and leaf. Signed on the back Silver Mexico. #MX19581 HOLD

Vintage Carved Mask in Laboradite set in sterling silver 2" Mexican.

MX14654 $30

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Older bracelet unsigned. 3/4" wide at front tapering back to 1/2". Turquoise cabochon.
Open style bangle.
MX91387 $20

Hugh 5" arrow shape pendant necklace with native american motif with tomahawk charm attached with aged leather cord. Heavy copper and hangs from 26" copper chain. Signed as shown to the left.
MX03393 SOLD
A Fabulous Piece !

Necklace Above By Maya
A spectacular necklace signed by Maya, Mexico features a 16" neck and 4" pendant. Constructed of brass, copper and enamel with smaller 1-1/2" pendants around the neck.

Brushed finish to this unique sterling mushroom brooch.
2" and signed "Rancho Allegre Taxco Sterling " c. 1956 - 1985.
#MX0544X $30

Left - Colors are a blue/gray/green as shown.The piece looks heavier than it looks but is well made and a beautiful collectors piece.From what I could find out Maya did silver work in Taxco.This piece is difficult to date, however, because it is not silver and was not required to carry assay or register markings.It is signed on the back Maya Mexico in a graduated size logo style lettering.
RP 17821 SOLD

Cute 1"+ leather holsters with tooled design and nonremoveable silver guns. Clip on style earrings. MX379 $10

American Indian Navajo sterling teardrops 1" with amber ? inset. Pierced style.
MX3257 $20
Necklace on left - Sterling, Mexico and lavishly marked but, unfortunately I cannot make
out the marks (shown). Necklace is 3 pieces with front center "knot" and two solid linked sides.
Back slide in clasp. Unusual and very nice. Total neck size is approimately 15". Very good condition.
MX6203 $35

Main Catalog # 17873

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Right - Signed Mexico slender 1/4" necklace and matching bracelet.
Necklace - 16"
Bracelet - 7"
MX9337 $25
At the right >>>>>>
Two gorgeous sterling pendants both featuring boulder opal cabochons.

The Comma or paisley shape is 1-3/4" length without the bale. Features a deep color boulder opal cabochon and a lighter shade.. Signed 925.
#MX7123a $35 ea.

The Kite shape is just over 2" and features 3 gorgeous cabochons with great depth and color. MX7123b $35

2" teardrop with three
boulder opal cabochons with great depth and coloring

All are vintage pieces in very good condition just needing a chain .

Size 8-1/2 vintage silver indian ring. 1/2" wide. No markings. Tests silver content. MX91234 $20

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LEFT - A beautifully designed wrapped feather ring in a size 10. Ring is somewhat adjustable. Ring top is 1-1/2" and it is signed inside the the eagle assay mark and Sterling Mexico around initials HSM? (difficult to read)
18053 $30

1" ovals - silvertone in a southwestern design with lapis? centers. Clip on style. MX3143 $10

2-1/2" x 1-1/2" Rodeo Tie Clasp.
No mfg detail. Good condition.
MX6301 $15

Southwestern silver Indian open bracelet is 1/2" wide. Nicely done; no markings
MX3193 $25

1/2" Native American signed HandMade Sterling.. MX72035 $25

See Main Catalog # 17660

1-3/4" Heocho En Mexico Sterling 925 Brooch/Pendant
Center Face inside star.
MX2221 $25

2-1/4" shell inlay sterling butterfly
has beautiful luster in blues/pink, etc. not shown in photo. MX2232 $20

Lots of hallmarks on this beauty. Heucho Mexico Sterling 2" with natural stone center. Deep glow in an amber brown. MX22250 $25

Main Catalog # 17707
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2" square with onyx inlay and center "coin". Brooch/Pendant. Hechoen Mexico. MX223C $25

Main Catalog #17777
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Main Catalog # 17779 SOLD

2-1/2" silver arrow head pendant with turquoise accents hangs from 20" silver chain.
MX8418 $15

1-3/4" square cut out sterling brooch/pendant
Hard resin type inlay from back. MFL Unique. MX2231 $25

3" sterling and tuquoise roadrunner pin. Great piece. unmarked. MX2227 $25

1-3/4" Mexican Silver stage pin w/jade accent. Marked 900. MX2226 $15

2-1/2" luster shell leaf brooch and earrings. Marked Sterling Mexico 925 CCD. Earrings Screw on style. MX2222 $30 set

4" x 1-1/4" arrow with faux turquoise
and enamel . Even designed on the back. Unsigned MX223AR SOLD

2" round with shell inlay clover. Sterling Brooch/Pendant. MX223CV $15

2" bar pin with faux turquoise.
Unmarked. MX2223U $8

1-1/2" openwork flower with shell and crushed turquoise inlay.Brooch/Pendant. Lots of marks. MX2223M $20

Figure on jadeite. 2" - Made in Mexico Sterling. Chryop. and rhinestone accents. Unusual.

2-1/4" double sided figural pendant.has different figure on each side. Sterling/crushed turquoise, multi-metal. MX2223H SOLD

Heucho en Mexico - 3" including dangling teardrops. Center shell inlay. Older piece. MX223Z $30

Mexico Silver Brooch 1-3/4", screw on earrings 1" and size 5 ring with 1" top. Onyx mask design. MX22233 SOLD

Southwestern style circle pin is 1-1/2" across and earrings are 1" crescents. Silvertone accented with slender faux turquoise navettes. Signed "Kent". MX31932 $20

2" figural royalty mixed metal inlay with crushed turquoise. Sterling brooch/pendant.
MX2223Y $25

2" sterling brooch/pendant. Shell inlay with face/star center focus.
Colors brighter than shown.
MX2223O $20

1" delicate filigree. Sterling signed in triangle. Difficult to read. MX2223G $15

Signed Mexico open bracelet with focus shell inlay flower. Good condition. Vintage MX31934 SOLD

Silver w/copper wash 2" sombrero and mandolin. Unmarked. MX2223X $20 HOLD

This is an older pendant with some damage, but still collectible. Sterling with crushed turquoise (damaged) Signed on the back - Sterling Mexico - F. Mangene in script - other illegible marks. MX6183 $20

Silvertone 3" brooch featuring howling coyote. Signed JJ 1988. JJ7253 $10

Sterling Simplicity 3" curling leaf VBC MX223V $20

Very old souvenir bracelet from Fort Henry in Baltimore. The links feature various American Indian items, headdress, tomahawk, bow and arros, teepee, etc. Some wear, but a nice old bracelet.
MX116814 $20

Indian design 1/4" open bangle with Kingman? turquoise. MX224A $20

Main Catalog #17666 SOLD

Taxco Mexican Sterling Story Bracelets - Several available.
6-1/2 x 1" brushed sterling with cut in detailing each link featuring
a different scene and diferent story. The above design may not be available. MX6302 $35

1/2" wide crushed turquoise inlay. Beautiful design. Mexico sterling MX224J $25

Dainty curling leaves bracelet 6-1/2" x 1/4" wide. SD Sterling MX224L $15

6-1/2" x 1/2" hammered sterling 925
toggle clasp. MX224K $20

1/4" wide turquoise cabochon links. Sterling . MX224I $15

Shell inlay all bezel set ; 7" with safety chain. Sterling. MX224H $25

Child's 5" bracelet. Sterling and
turquoise. 1/4" wide. Intricate
floral links. MX224G $15 (2)

1/4" wide double open bangle - sterling with turquoise stone, engraving. Native American..
MX7203 $20

3/4" sterling bangle with shell inlay . 2-1/2" inside diameter.
MX224B $25

7 x 1" sterling with diamond shell inlays. MX2238 SOLD

Mixed metals bracelet 1/2" wide.
Mixed metals; no marks. #MX2239 $15

1/2" wide at front with nice turquoise stone. Sterling. No mfg. detail. #MX7201 $15

3/4" beautiful sterling filigree 7" with place for 1 charm. Great quality, safety clasp. WPW MX224F $30

1" wide front, shell inlay signed Mexico. Silver. MX224D $15

Signed "N" sterling . Mexican story bracelet. Cut out scene. Nice.

4 Sterling Large Bead Bracelets. Two have a double band and 2 have a single wrist band. Width adjustable. Wear one or Wear them All !
No markings. MX7273 $10 each

1-1/2" front open bangle, floral design. Alpaca MX224C $15 HOLD

7 x 1/4" wide sterling with shell inlay
Lots of marks. MXB22344 $20 (2)

RPF Mexican Sterling 5 sided bracelet. 1/2" wide.
Hinged/clasp bangle. MXB22345 $30

Adjustable sterling bracelet with paua shell inlay.
MX7283 $10

2-1/4" wide at front ! Silver bracelet with luster shell inlay teardrops. Beautiful color play.
Open back bangle style. Unmarked MXB22346 SOLD

Silver unsigned open bangle 1-1/4" wide at front. Pearl with coral enamel accent cabochon center. Unmarked Break in top of bangle as shown. Still wearable. MX22347 $10

Gorgeous green mask bracelet 7" x 1" wide. Matching screw on 1" earrings.
Mexico 980 Sterling. MX224M SOLD
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