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Sometimes referred to as Archaeological Jewelry, "Mosaic" style usually refers to jewelry featuring small pieces of glass or stone arranged onto a background to form a tiny work of art. When very small pieces are used it is referred to as "micro-mosaic". Mosaic jewelry became populr
as a type of souvenir jewelry in
Italy after the excavation of Pompeii
and Herculaneum. Precious gems
were sometimes used and frames
ranged from base metal to the
highest gold content.
Simple floral designs were the
most popular (Florentine), however the more intricate micro-mosaic pieces (Roman ruins) are
very collectible.
1" clip on earrings with filigree border.
MC81334 $8
3/4" ovals in frame
clip ons MC5222 $8
Older 1-1/4" with c clasp
MC106 -
1-1/4" round; marked Italy
MC10158 - $15
Pretty 1-1/2" mosaic pendant features a trio of white flowers on an olive green background. Framed in silver filigree and hangs from a 20" silver chain.# 19780 SOLD
3/4" screw on style earrings
featuring rose in the center.
MC1359 $10

1-1/4" signed Italy
MC5227 $10

1/2" screw on. No marks
MC5229 $8

3/4" clip on. No marks MC5234 $8

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