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Coral Branch and nugget necklace is 18" long x about 1-1/2" at widest front graduated back to nugget size branches.
Good condition. Truer color is shown at far left.
SHL4694 $45

This is a vintage ivory netuske or japanese sash bead from an estate. It is about 1" high x 1" diameter, opework featuring a horse design along with oriental writing. Nice detail. There is a hole top to bottom and through the center. This appears to be in good condition. NAT08314 $30 HOLD

2" faux ivory earrings. Pierced wires. NAT0455 SOLD

2" pierced and carved bone? brooch. NAT949 SOLD
This is a nice bone necklace approximately 18". Nicely strung with bone clasp.
From an estate, this is a single 32" vintage strand of 1/2" ivory tulip beads. This is wearable as is or could be taken apart and used for redesigning. The beads are delicately and expertly carved. Truly beautiful.
NAT #20095 SOLD
Both of these pieces are from the same estate and I believe they are carved coral. Both pieces effervess
when touched with lemon juice or acid. The pink is just over 2-1/4" in length and 1" wide and the white is 1-1/2" long x 1/2" wide.They have both had the pinbacks replaced. Beautiful examples of early carved coral.

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NAT #17837

Lot of hand carved bone rings, different styles/sizes . 7 in the lot. $5.00

Beautifully designed single strand 18" necklace features branch coral nuggets accented with turquoise and silver bicone beads. Barrel Clasp. A welcome color lift to any outfit fancy or casual ! NAT15921 $25

Ivory Necklace with Figural
Beautiful !
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1-1/2" floral ivory as shown. No signatures NAT21313 $15

1" carved mother of pearl drop earrings. Fabulous foliage detail, Screw on style. NAT3263 $10

Natural material carved into a leaf shape - possible pendant use. Older c-clasp NAT 8386 $8
Loosley strung 16" single strand of floral carved bone roses with clasp. NAT8389 $20 1" wide hinged bangle - vegetable ivory ? Floral carved. NAT2252 SOLD 16" single strand of coral beads; graduated sizes. Barrel clasp. NAT8395 SOLD
Gorgeous Ivory? clip 2" long. Nice pierced work. NAT8393 SOLD 15" single strand of dark red coral? beads. Graduated sizes. Silver bow clasp. NAT8396 $SOLD 20" strand of carved bone roses with clasp. NAT2252 $20

20" bone necklace with carved elephant motif and pendant.
NAT8401 S0LD

1/2" wide bone or ivory ? bangle - hinged with silver clasp. NAT8403 SOLD

1-1/2" diameter carved ivory daisy.
NAT8404 $20

2 pair of carved ivory earrings - screw on style 1" each. NAT8413 $15 each pair

Faux/glass simulated coral bead necklace. 18". Matching clasp. Beautiful ! NAT8421 $25

2" bone? daffodil trio. Older c clasp. NAT8425 $15

2" carved openwork bone pendants featuring bird and babbies !
NAT8405 $8 each Not all with bales

Beautifully carved and pierced 3" bone brooch with older c-clasp and matching screw on 1" round earrings.
NAT8407 $25

28" bone necklace with 2" carved bone pendant. Nice. NAT8427 SOLD

1-1/2" carved mother of pearl star signed Bethlehem. **NAT32136 $121-1/2" carved mother of pearl star signed Bethlehem. **NAT32136 $12
ABOVE - 16" and 8 strands of coral beads with matching clasp. NAT8409 $30 HOLD

2" carved mother of pearl pagoda style clip on earrings.
NAT1945 $8
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The above necklace came from a southwestern estate and I was told it is red coral. 60" with 20+ strands of tiny seed beads and it seems to be in good condition.A lavish display for wearing or use in designing.
#19720 $45
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