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Necklace Lengths As We See Them !
Collar Necklace
Sits high on the neck - Victorian
Style. Most of the time more
than one strand. The smaller 12" size also referred to as "Dog Collar" and sat higher on the neck than the Collar.
Choker Necklace
Similar to Collar only worn
loosely around the neck base
Usually a single strand but smaller beads found doubled.
Standard size for most
rhinestone necklaces.
Princess Necklace
Sits on the upper chest. Good with v-necklines or
high neckline garments
number of strands vary.
Long on the chest
Business suits or dresses
number of strands vary.
normally a single strand
semi-formal/formal occasions
can be doubled
- +45"
usually worn long for an elegant look
can be doubled
Necklace Styles As We See Them !

Layered and Multi-Strand

necklaces are best for women with short, wide necks or large busts. Wear under a button-down blouse and allow it to peek out from under the open collar or with a bare neck or strapless gown for a long slender neck. Combine chunky styles with delicate for a bold look.
Look for vintage designs from Germany and Japan.
necklaces are fun and bold . Usually made from larger beads in a variety of materials - bakelite, wood, gemstone, plastics, and coral, Some are on the short side, so they hug the neck and look best on women with long, slender necks: Chunky, short necklaces look best with clean necklines. Try them under an open-collar, button-down shirt, or with a simple crew neck, even an open scoop neck can be flattered with a single chunky necklace. . Don't wear a chunky necklace over a turtleneck or with a competing neckline (v-neck).
First the 20's then the 80's ! Smaller beads updated and made from a variety of materials including wood, gemstone, plastic and feature interesting details like tassels and pendants. Extra-long necklaces are great for women with longer necks and sleek, straight up-and-down body shapes. Wear extra-long necklaces over a form-fitting sweater or turtleneck . For evening try over a sleek cocktail dress - just one outstanding long strand worn single or doubled with a short neck wrap.
Single Strand

in a delicate chain or tiny bead either plain for with a drop or tassel front is a perfect selection for daytime or evening whether it is plain or sparkly. Single strand of rhinestones can soften the staunchest suit. Wear a length to fit your fashion neck opening.
To show off pendants, wear with a solid background or bare neckline.
How To Wear
Your Necklace

Want your necklace to be the focus of your fashion ?
Don't pair it with large dangling earrings, or large chunky bracelets (unless they match with your necklace)
Simple stud or slim small hoop earrings, single bangle or chain bracelets.
Final Word
Don't wear competing jewelry items if you want a focus. Surround the focus with simple complimenting styles.
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Main Catalog # 15530 for Information

Main Catalog # 16231
Art Drizzle Beads

Main Catalog # 17081
Super with a suit and bare neckline..........

Also See Daytime Jewelry

I actually cannot tell if this is a glass stone or enamel in these beautiful navette shapes. Clustered in groups of 5 on this 16-1/2" necklace. Color is a shiny mottled gold with lots of irridescence. This is signed A.W. and does have an extender chain.
NL1651 $25
Sorry I could not capture the beauty of these "stones".

Single 32" strand of composition metallic multi color beads with beautiful pendant. Shown doubled. NL3524 $15

Spun goldtone wires adjustable
about 15" + hug the neckline.
NL62918 $10

Shiny goldtone links each one 1-1/4" !
18" length. Bold and sexy !
NL62162 SOLD

Estate Pendant Necklace
See Main Catalog for more views
Item # 17632

Vintage Victorian
Main Catalog # 17823

See Main Catalog # 17941
Matte goldtone chain and beads with 2-1/4" pendant. 20" Chain. Fabulous !
NL10954 $20
Composition dusty golden beads by Cezanne make a stylish addition to any wardrobe.18" beads are 3/4" diameter each ! Extender chain. NL10914 $20

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