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Past Traditions

The Selling of Scent

Since the beginning of advertising and pictures we've been given
"visual scents" in magazines, newspapers, television and now online.
The pictures rarely have anything to do with the actual scent but are made to
attract and make us "feel" a particular scent is for us.  It could be a sensuous or
exotic picture, a fresh country scene, pungent oriental blend or other image to evoke
a pleasant memory or experience  - all fed to our imagination to give us a visual
image of the advertised scent. Here are some of the images from the past used to help
us search for our "scents"...... 

Stradivari by Prince Matchabelli

Lanvin by Arpege
"Promise Her Anything "

Fleurs De Rocaille by Caron 1967

Flambeau by Faberge

Beene - Geoffrey Beene
Geoffrey Beane

Perhaps by Ann Haviland

Mitsouko by Guerlain


L'Interdit - Givenchy
Created For Audrey Hepburn

Kiku by Fabrege


22 Carats by Dana 1970

Chant d'Aromes - Guerlain

By Guerlain - Left to Right Then Front
Chant d'Aromes, Mitsouko, Shalimar, L'Heure Bleue, Vol De Nuit

Le De Givenchy - Givenchy 1966

Chantilly - Houbigant 1966

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Lancome Magie 1967

Marcel Rochas - Madame Rochas

Adele Simpson - Collage 1967

Capricci - Nina Ricci 1968

Ma Griffe by Carven 1967

Tween by Lentheric - 1968

Guerlain Chant d'Ardmes 1967

Estee Lauder Golden Alligator Compact

Faberge Kiku 1967

Tweed by Lentheric 1967

Ambush by Dana 1967
*These advertisements are taken from vintage magazines.
Contact us if you are interested in purchasing
the original advertisement. We'll be adding more as time
and space permit. Enjoy !
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