Cameo, Porcelain and Portrait Jewelry

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The term cameo originally meant carving a design into a single material in bas-relief. They were usually done using shell, stone or other material. Indications are that cameos were first carved in the 15th or 16th century
where the subject matter was derived from the Greek and Roman period. However, popularity flourished during the reign of Queen Victoria

Intaglio jewelry is reverse cut from a cameo , cut from the back and sometimes highlighted with handpainting, enamels or other colored glass or gemstone.

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Forgotten Not  


Another Special Cameo Gallery

Photo jewelry was a popular sweetheart or remembrance jewelry item.

Stone and Milk Glass Cameo

Beautiful Shell Cameo Elaborately Carved

This is a beautiful shell cameo with 14K gold bezel. The carving is fine and the girl is lovely with a bird perched on a flower. She is wearing a textured dress with flowers at the bodice and in her hair.

Black Bakelite "Mourning" Style Cameo

Brief Description

Sample Photo 5

Art Deco Set

Shell Cameo Ring, Genuine Pearls

Vintage Shell Cameo

Early Greek Composition Cameo

Art Nouveau Silver Cameo

Porcelain Portrait Brooch

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Cut Out Blackamoor

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Shell Cameo En Habille (with jewelry )