The Jarretts Jade Cattery !

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The Jarretts Jade Cattery !

Among all animals, the cat is possibly the most widely symbolic and leads as the symbol of grace and beauty.  Revered in Egypt, Spiritual in India, Omen of Bad Luck in Folklore. More tales and poetry revolve around cats than perhaps any other animal. Their ability to show complete scorn as well as love and devotion knows no bounds. Cats have a definite intuitive as well as curious nature making them exciting companions. 

Over the years we've had many cats (as well as dogs) and I dedicate my collection to their memory including  Our first, Bitsy, a tiny feral cat that we nursed for over a year before she passed away. She appeared at our door one cold rainy night as if she knew where to come for help.  Smoosie who lived to be 10 in spite of her diabetes and Lumpy a gray persian who overcame so many obstacles and lived to be 18 - passed away last year. We now have 3 - 2 "teenage" brothers (unexpected gifts from our daughter) that keep us on our toes and our golden tabby Slick who came with us from Florida.  He was also a feral cat that we couldn't bear to leave when we moved to WV so we had to trick him into coming with us.  Now he's a big 15 lb lap cat !  

This is my personal collection of cat jewelry items that I have collected over a 40 year period.  Our family has included up to 5 of these wonderful furry friends at one time.  You'll find them pictured along with the jewels in the "museum".... These items are not for sale, but I'm constantly adding to my collection. I hope you enjoy browsing !

Cat Jewelry Items for Sale can be found at Jarretts Jade Cattery !

Unusual large necklace signed Richlieu

Older Clip - Big and Small we love them all !

This is Slicker ! He moved with us from FL to WV -

Unsigned but I've seen similar by Jomaz and others

Unsigned but perfect for me since I also collect "Hand" jewelry

Unsigned roaring lion

Unsigned green enamel older pair of leopards

This is a large older design of cat and fish bowl.

By the regal look you can tell - Nettie Rosenstein

One of my favorites by Hollycraft

This beauty is by Bob M ackie

Another unusual unsigned large roaring lion

Unsigned pendant necklace - Peaceful Lion

A favorite by AJC

Unusual perky leopard signed "Hill"

Unusually large Blue Eyed Lion by Gerry's

Unsigned but similar to JJ style. Love the umbrella !

Sterling Silver leopard in tree

Unsigned with unique enameling

Have to have the Lion King - signed Disney

Sterling Silver hallmarked kittens in basket

Unsigned cat an the fiddle !

Signed JJ 1988

This is an advertising piece

Signed but hard to make out - dated 1977

From left to right - Mandle, Unsigned and Sterling Les Bernard

Sterling Silver Glove Pin

Pretty and Pearly by Kramer

Sassy red cabochon cat by J J

Hallmarked and signed Mexico Copper and turquoise

Merchanical Cat by AJC

Large Surly Green Ceramic Cat Unsigned Elzac ?

Another one of J J's wonderful cat pins

Bakelite and rhinestones Calico - France

Older Weiss Cat

A Favorite Red, White and Blue By Christopher Radko

Large Cat On The Prowl Signed Vendome