Cat Museum # 2

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Cat Museum Room 2

Some of our favorite sites include Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, ASPCA, Cat Hospital of Orlando, Alley Cat Allies and others.  Please don't forget to spay or neuter your pets !

Signed JJ 1988

Artfacts by JJ

Unusual Sterling Silver Cat Pendant

Roaring Tiger by Pauline Rader

Lumpy and Butterscotch - Two of our kitties both passed on to Rainbow Bridge and lived 18 years + each

One of the shelves in my Cat China Cabinet. That is a wood purse in the background.

Unsigned but such pretty colors

Glowing Black Cat From China - an oldie though

This pretty kitty is by Warner

Goldtone and Cream lounging cat unsigned but familiar design

Cute wire design with rhinestones. Unsigned

Taxco Sterling Cat Dangle Earrings - Love these !

Climbing Cat Signed JJ 1986

Black Cat Howling at Bright Orange Moon . Signed but I can't make out the name.