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A Trademark for Aurora Jewelry Co., Providence RI - "A" within a circle w/curling lines.
A Within a triangle - Napier Company, Meridien CT since 1923
AJ With a star - Stuckey & Speer Co., Jewelry Mfg. Houston Texas since 1952
AJ With a crown. Trademark for Joseph Zeller/Astoria Mfg. Co., NY since 1952
AJ Trademark for Juergens & Anderson Jewelry Co., since 1907
A Jour (Ah Zhoor) Openwork or meant to show light through. Used in Settings/Enamel
A Jour Setting Cutout on better jewelry leaving the back of the stone open.
A Jour Work "To The Day"
AAL Red Dye from an east indian shrub
Aaron Beauty Brooklyn NY Perfumery C 1937
Aarsleff & Co. Copenhagen, Denmark Perfumery C. 1948
A B An "A" on top of a Bee is trademark for A.B. Mfg. Co., Providence RI since 1919
A B Connecting Letters - Trademark for Arthur P Bear Co., New York Jewelry Mfg since 1959
ABA Square Arab wrap usually made from hair of camels
Abaca Made from banana leaf stalk and used in the Phillippines to weave straw hats, baskets, etc.
Abalone Shellfish with a beautiful blue/grey iridescent shell used for jewelry. The shell is sometimes referred to as an "ear shell". Also used for inlay work called "Paui" shell in New Zealand. Used in Mexican as well as other Latin American Jewelry.
Abalone Pearl Variety of salt water pearl produced by the Abalone. Small but high quality.
ABB Jewelry trademark for Abraham Brounstein New York since 1962
ABC Jewelry trademark for American Bracelet and Chain, Ridgefield NJ - Current
ABNET The long sash usually of linen and worn by Jewish priests.
Abo Bead Cylinder or disc shape bead of red bauxite from Nigeria sometimes confused with coral
Abolla Haunted roman cloak
ABON Jewelry trademark for Abon Mfg Co., New York, Personal Holders, Compacts, Perfumes, Puff Cases, clips, etc. since 1949
Abraham & Strauss Inc Brooklyn NY perfumery C. 1938
Abrasion The wearing of a surface by friction
Absinthe (Ab Sant) Yellow green shade like the color of the liqueur of the same color
Acca Fabric made of silk with gold threads probably woven in midieval Syria
Acacia Trademark for "The Tailored Woman" New York Jewelry mfg. since 1953
Academy Award Trademark for Academy Award Products, Inc. Jewelry Mfg., New York since 1946
Acanthus - Acanthus Leaf Leaf of a plant used as a decorative motif. Popular in Victorian period as well as other eras.
Accessocraft - 1930 to present Jewelry company founded in 1930's by Edgar Rodelheimer and Theodore Steinman. Steinman specialized in unusual designs in costume jewelry. Good quality. Originators of the "Cobra" belts.
Accessories/Accessory In jewelry, considered "useful" items especially in the 18th and 19th century including the Lorgnette, Chatelaine, Buckles, Hatpins, Fans, Pocket Purses, Sash Pins, Pill Boxes, Scissors, Coin Purses. Today they mean relatively the same thing but mostly refer to portable or wearable additions such as hats, pocketbooks, scatfs, etc.
Accolle - (Ak A Lay) Encircling the neck or overlapping
Achamenian Refers to items (jewelry) attributed to the Achaemenid Dynasty founded by Cyrus The Great in Persia c. 559 - 330BC. Usually made of gold.
Acid Cut Back Process used to decorate glass where the acid etches the surface not protected by a wax coating
Acker, Chirstines Santa Barbara, CA Perfumery c. 1928
Acrostic Jewelry Jewelry decorated with gemstones set in a row or a circle. The initials of the names of the stones form a word or name such as dearest, baby or love.
Acrylic Type of plastic used in jewelry since 1970. Designers/makers such s David Watkins, Claus Bury and Susanna Heron and Fritz Aierhofer have popularized this type of jewelry. Sometimes used in conjunction with gold and often made in bands of various colors.
AD Jewelry trademark for Adams Watch, Inc., New York since 1959
Adam, Francis English jewelry/wrought iron designer c. 1878-1961
Adam and Eve Trademark for Richton Intnl Corp Jewelry Mfg, New York since 1971
Adamant Haunted name for a diamond derived from the Greek Adamas (unconquerable)
Adamas or Adamass Hard precious stone
Adams Pef. Inc. New York, ny perfumery c. 1950
Add A Charm Trademark for Charles Rothman Co., Providence RI for costume jewelry since 1954
Adelcia Jewelry trademark of Adelcia, St. Petersburg, FL for earrings since 1950
Adie Bros Birmingham England silver designers 1879 - ?
Adjagba Type of powder glass bead from Ghana
Admark Jewelry trademark of Albert Adler, Philadelphia PA since 1945
Admira Jewelry trademark of Walter Aronheim, New York since 1947
Admor Jewelry trademark for Stein & Ellibogen Co., Chicago for cultured pearl jewelry since 1956
Admy-Ration Jewelry trademark for Kantor Bros., New York City for pearl necklaces since 1923
Adolfo Fashion Accessory Designer - current
Adonize To dress up, beautify, dandify
Adora Jewelry trademark for C. F. Mueller Co., Jersey City, NJ since 1960
Adorn To decorate or add ornamentation to
Adrian Costumer Designer for MGM C. 1925 - Introduced "Saint" and "Sinner" Perfumes and Gilbert Colognes in 1944. Wheaton made the bottles.
Aduration Jewelry trademark for Walter Lampl of Lampl, New York since 1942
Aeronaut Jewelry trademark for Providence RI stock company since 1930
Afghan Soft Blanket usually wool and hand knitted or crocheted. Sometimes used as shawl or robe
African Emerald Local misnomer for green flourspar found in S. Africa
African Trade Beads Hand made glass beads that were brought into Africa from the 17th Century by traders. Some were beautifully decorated and are much collected today. Some brought by Arab traders from India and some possibly even Roman in origin.
Agate *Variety of Chalcedony or Quartz used in jewelry and ornamentation. Sometimes dyed and mistaken for other gemstones. Used in catving. White Agate was used in Victorian jewelry as a base for other stones such as Turquoise or Opal. 
*Astrogically, Agate is associated with the death sign and the Scorpio sign. 
*Egyptians believed gray Agates to be medicinally powerful treating stiff neck, colic, diarrhea, vision imperities and as antidotes for snakebites and scorpion stings. 
*The strongest talismanic power was attributed to the Brown Agate. It was believed to make a sick man well and a poor man rich ! 
*Agate was the "fortune stone" of Aeneus, the Trojan hero. He wore it as protection in war and on long sea voyages. 
*William Shakespeare wrote about the Agate in Romeo and Juliet - "Who comes in summer to this earth, owing to June his day of birth, If wearing Agate on his hand, May all the joys of life command." 
*Moss and Tree Agates were especially popular and used as a beginning for brooch artwork and catvings. 
*Type of Agate include banded, striped, moss, eye, Sard, Onyx, Catnelian
Agatha Maker of "Lea Stein" inspired plastic "French Bakelite" pins. Sold at the "Agatha" Jewelry store in New York. Usually signed "Agatha".
Aggrey Old traditional name in Nigeria, Ghana for trail beads decorated and made for the African trade.
Aglet *Small hard tip at the end of a cord or string to make threading easier i.e. a shoelace 
*Tapering ornament of silver, gold or other metal worn on a garment or hat and tied with a short ribbon . Popular in England before and after the Elizabethan Period. Popular in Germany, Bohemia, France and Spain also. Sometimes as many as a dozen were worn !
Agnel Perfumer in Paris, France c. 1910 "Dolly"
Agnus Jewel depicting the Lamb of God as the emblem of Christ
Agraf Clasp or fastener for a cloak in the form of a hook and ring.
Agraffe A metal fastening device using an eyelet and a lever. Used on early armor.
Agrements (A Gray Monh) French word meaning trimmings or ornaments
Aguado, Deborah Contemporary studio artist specializing in fantasy stones and structural designs
Ahrens, Renata Artist/Jeweller born 1929 in Elbing, Poland.
Aid Labor Perfumer in Camden, NJ c. 1944 "Cinde Lee"
Aiglet Also called Agulets or Aglets. Small metal tags for the ends of ribbons. Popular in the 16-17th centuries.
Aigner, Etienne Perfumer/Designer in France and USA . "Cuir De Chasse" c. 1963. 
Accessory and handbag designer including shoes and belts 
Made limited jewelry items.
Aigrette (Ai Gret) Refers to the tuft of feathers or plumes of an egret or egret-like bird. Most usually a hat ornament or used on a stem. Also referred to as "En Tremblant".
Aiguille (Ai Gwee) French meaning needle - A Reprises "Darning Needle", "A Tricoter" knitting needle.
Aiguillette (Ai Gwee Yet) Usually meaning a brooch or earring with a group of cascading graduasted gemstones. Sometimes this style is called En Pampilles.
Aile (Ale) French word for Wing
Airflow Jewelry trademark of G. Balfour Co., Attleboro, MA since 1941
Aisenstein Jewelry mfg. New York City, first used 1934. Modified Diamond Mark. Woronock & Sons Inc.
Aitken-Kuhnen, Helen Artist/Jeweler born 1952 in Australia
Aitken, Wm Birmingham, England Arts and Crafts Designer c 1905
Ajusta Jewelry trademark used by Coro Inc., NY for pearl necklaces since 1948
Akosu Old decorated sandcast powder glass from Ghana
A La Trademark for Morris Advwar/Casting Co., NY since 1959
Alabaster Very fine grain mineral stone resembling marble. Used for statues, etc.
Albert, Gilbert Artist/Jeweler born in Switzerland; workd for Patek Phillipe as Chief Jeweler
Alacha (Ah Lah Chah) Fine lightweight oriental fabric of silk or cotton.
A La Mode French meaning "In Fashion". 
Alamonde Thin glossy silk fabric for scatfs, hoods, etc.
Alaska Diamond Not a diamond at all, but rock crystal
Albatross Light weight woolen material with creped surface. Named for the bird because of the downy feeling of the fabric. Used for negligees and infants wear.
Albersheim Dr. M. Perfumery, Frankfort, Germany; c. 1925; "Khasana"
Albert Man's vest watch chain made popular by Prince Albert of England during the rein of Queen Victoria
Albert, Gilbert 1930 Swiss design maker of jewelry and chief designer for Patek Philippe since 1954. He actually used fragments of meteorities as accents in his designs.
Alberta Jewelry trademark for Albert Weiner Mfg. Co., Providence RI since 1935
Albret, Jean D' Perfumery, Paris France; c. 1950; "Casque"
Alencon Lace (A Long Sonh) Needlepont lace with solid cordlike design on a net ground
Alepine (A Lay Peen) French word for Bombazine
Alex Jewelry trademark for Priscilla A. Slade, Springdale Conn., since 1949
Alexa, Inc Perfumery, NY; c. 1944; "Enigma"
Alexandrite Gemstone originally found in Russia and named after Tsar Alexander II. It is said to have been founded on his birthday. It has a unique feature of appearing green or green/brown in daylight but under articifical lighting it appears almost red. The color in the stone is due to the presence of Chromium.. 
Alexandrite is a member of the family of Chrysoberyls. They are made synthetically.
Alice Jewelry Trademark for Alice Caviness (1940-65) Sometimes found on earrings. See Caviness, Alice for more information.
Alice Jewelry trademark for Alice Jewelry Co., Providence RI since 1950
Alice Blue A medium light blue color with a green cast. It was the favorite color of Alice Roosevelt (Longworth) ; was worn and named for her when she was in the White House
Alice in Wonderland Jewelry trademark for Cohn & Rosenberger (Coro) New York since 1933. Jewelry Line
A.L.L. Co. Jewelry trademark for A.L.Lindroth Co., Attleboro, Mass. since 1940's
Allan Cosmetic Co. Perfumery, NY c. 1925 ; "Seven Faces"
Allegorical Symbolic subjects portrayed by figures often identifiable by traditional attributes accompanying them e.g. "Justice and Peace"; "Prudence"; "Simplicity"; Angelical or birdlike.
Allegro Jewelry trademark for Standish-Weber Co., NY since 1961
Allen Perfumery, Detroit MI c. 1930; "Lenore Dee"; "Vitafleurs"
Allen, Kate England jewelry designer c. 1900
Allen, Lucretia Perfumery, NY; c. 1934; "Bluebonnet"; "Gardenia"
Alliance French word for a wedding ring.
Allied Products Perfumery, NY, NY; c. 1939; "L'Affaire"
Allied Toiletries Perfumery NY, Ny/Philadelphia Pa; c. 1944; "Catole Anne"; "Spicy Flowers"
Alligator Chain Jewelry trademark for Albert Adler, L Philadelphia Pa; for necklaces since 1947
Alling & Co. Fine jewelry designer of the Art Nouveau period, Newark NJ; usually sterling and enamel
Allonge (A Lonh Zhay) French word for "Lengthened"
Alloy A mixture of two or more metals; sterling silver (silver and copper) Nickel Silver (copper, nickel and zinc); pewter (tin, copper and antimony); Pinchbeck (copper and zinc). Often used for stabilization of one or more metals.
Allure Jewelry trademark for Joseph H. Heyer Bros. Brooklyn NY since 1945
Almanac Of Life Jewelry trademark for Coro, Inc. New York for charm bracelets c. 1954
Almandine Deep purple/red gemstone from the garnet family. Very popular in Victorian jewelry and most usually cut en cabochon. Sometimes referred to as catbuncles and in haunted times they were thought to be magical.
Alma Chain Type of chain composed of broad links having a ribbed surface.
Almay Pharmaceutical Perfumery NY NY c. 1935. "Truly Yours", "Parasol" fragrances
Aloe Lace Fragile lace made from fibers of the aloe plant
Aloha Jewelry Trademark for Pakula and Co., Chicago for pearl jewelry since 1962
Alpaca (Al Packa) refers to the hair of the peruvian alpaca similar to Mohair and used in the making of suites, linings and other fashions. Also refers to type of jewelry with a silver look made in South America.
Alphabet Bead A moulded opaque glass bead with a letter catved or painted that can be used in a necklace. Popular use was a bracelet for a new baby with their name.
Alpine Jewelry trademark used by Louis Fleishmann Corp., NY for jewelry - mostly containing crystals.
Altenloh Brussels, Belgium silver designer c. 1930
Altman, B. Perfumery/Department Store, NY c. 1925; "Premier Amour", Tout Seul" fragrances
Alu-Minn Jewelry trademark of Ludwig J Weber, New Kensington Pa. since 1945
Aluminum Beads Made from recycled saucepans - collectible when made by the Turkana in Kenya
Alvin Corp Providence RI Jewelry Mfg 1928 - present - silver styles
Alwa Jewelry Trademark for Lay & Borges, NY for imitation Pearl jewelry since 1944
Alys Perfumery NY c. 1922 "Elysses", Sheik" fragrances
AM Co. Jewelry trademark of A. Micallef & Co., Providence RI since 1935
AM Lee Jewelry trademark of Am Lee Jewelry, Providence RI since 1946
Amalgum Alloy of gold or silver with mercury and applied to a base metal (or tooth). In jewelry the mercury is vaporized when heated and the gold is left. This process is known as "Fire Guilding" or Mercury Gilding"
Amaranth (Am A Ranth) Reddish purple color named after the flower of the same name.
Amaryl Trade name for a synthetic corundum that is light green
Amazon Jade Misnomer for green variety of amazonstone that has a slight resemblance to jade.
Amazonstone Amazonite. Variety of feldspar ranging from vivid green to blue/green with an opaque pearly sheen.
Amazonite Opaque mottled looking, pale green semi precious. See Amazonstone
Ambas Blue hexagonal prism type european trade bead in Zimbabwe. Sador Bead

True, Copal 
Fossilized resin of trees sometimes millions of years old. Used for making beads sine haunted times. Sometimes insects are trapped in the seeping resin making the bead all the more desirable. This is called "Embalming Amber". Rubbing true amber against a natural fabric will charge it with atomicity. (Electron was the Greek name for Amber). If the item is "true" amber it will pick up small scraps of paper or hair, but beware this is not a positive test. Amber can be soft and warm to the touch. It can also be translucent or opaque. Another dangerous way to test for amber is to make a small pin hole near the bead hole. Natural resin will chip, plastic will not. Copal is amber or resin, but just not as old as true amber. However, it is a lot cheaper. Sometimes plastics will be called "copal" so be cateful when buying. Copal wil react just like true amber when tested with a needle, but it will not show electrostatic qualities. Amber is mined in Sicily, Romania, Poland, Burma, Mexico and Russia. 
Greeks referred to amber as the solidified tears of the sun. Some claim medicinal properties amber caties are helpfulness in respiratory diseases/asthma, improves vision and calms the nerves !
Ambergris (Amber Greece) Waxy substance of various colors (gray, white, black and yellow) found floating in tropical waters. Comes from the sperm whale and it is used in the manufacture of perfume and in cooking.
Amberine Variety of moss agate that is yellowish green
Ambroid Reconstituted chips of amber made by Victorians
American Mfg Mark is an eagle and an "A". Jewelry trademark for American Shoe Specialities Co., New York. They made rhinestone settings, etc. since 1944.
American Perfumery in Long Island NY
American Beauty Jewelry trademark used by New England Glass Works, Providence, R.I. for imitation pearl jewelry since 1921 
American Broadtail Vintage term for processed baby lamb fur
American Mink brown fur of the American or Ranch-Bred Mink of America
American Queen Jewelry trademark for Pitman and Keeler, Attleboro, MA since 1917
American Toilet Goods Perfumery in Boston MA c. 1922 "Fresh Violet" and "Pavlow" 
Americana Jewelry trademark for Coro, Inc. New York c. 1936
Amethyst Clear purple or blue/violet stone used in jewelry or refers to the color . Most popular variety of quartz . 
It is the gemstone of the "House of Fishes" - Pices. Amethyst is derived from the Greek word "Amethystos" meaning not drunken. Amethyst is associated with the myth of Bacchus and Diana where the nymph Amethyst pleaded with Diana to protect her from Bacchus an Diana did so by turning her into a beautiful gemstone. It is also said that Saint Valentine wore the amethyst and in Christianity the rings of bishops often contain amethyst and can also be found as rosary beads. It is also believed that the amethyst signified Christian humility and the following was composed by Marbodus in the 11th century. 
"On high the amethyst is set 
In color like the violet 
With flames as if of gold it glows 
And far its purple radiance throws 
The humble heart it significes 
Of him who in the savior dies." 
Amethystine Variety of quartz with patches of purple or violet
AMI Creations AMI within a shield between horses - trademark for Exhibit Sales, Philadelphia Pa . c. 1949
Ammolite Found only in southern Alberta, Canada, this fossilized shell fragment is covered with a synthetic spinel forming a doublet. Ammolite is an organic gemstone in beautiful color variations.
Amna Jewelry trademark for Emanuel Deutsch/Americana Jewelry Mfg., New York c. 1962
Amoret Jewelry trademark for Novel Products, Co., Inc., Long Island, NY c. 1950
Amorita Jewelry trademark for Robert C. Barnstone, New York, c. 1930
Amorskin Perfumery in Paris France, NY. c. 1930. "Le Peele Aude"
Amourelle Jewelry trademark used by Kramer Jewelry Creations in New York Since 1963.
Amphora Large two handled earthenware vase of haunted greek or roman styling with a narrow neck and ovoid body. Style was revived during the Victorian period and used in all facets or ornamentation. 
Amoret Jewelry trademark for Novel Products Co., Inc. Long Island, NY since 1950
Amorita Jewelry trademark for Robert C. Barnstone, New York since 1930
Amorskin Perfumery, Paris France, NY, "La Peele Aude" c. 1930 AM
Amourelle Jewelry Trademark used by Kramer Jewelry Creations, NY since 1963
Amphora Large two handled earthenware vase of haunted greek or roman styling. Narrow neck and ovoid body style was revived during the victorian period.
Amstelhoek Amsterdam, Holland Silver Designers C. 1894 (J. Eisenloeffel, Christian Van Dar Hoef, W. Hoeker)
Amulet Object believed and worn by the superstitious as having the quality to ward off danger, evil spirits or bad luck. Some are actually worn for the good qualities. Believed to foster good health, love and good luck. Worn in modern times mostly as a fashion accent. 
Anadem (An a Dem) Garland, Chaplet, Wreath worn on the head as an ornament.
Anaglyh (An a Glif) Ornamentation in the low relief style such as a cameo (see Cameo)
Ancestral Jewelry trademark for Cohn & Rosenberger, Inc. (Coro) New York since 1930. Mark also used by Catinn Corp. of Rhode Island in another line beginning in 1964
ANCO NY Trademark for Artistic Novelton co., NY since 1920
Anchor Trademark for Taunton Pearl Works, Taunton , MA since 1912. Used in conjunction with an Anchor Symbol. Figural anchor is also used in metalware marking - Birmingham, England
Anchor Brand Jewelry trademark for North & Judd Mfg. New Britain, Conn since 1949
Anchor Casting Co., New York Jewelry mfg. beginning 1951. Mark an anchor symbol
Haunted Usually describes items of Roman period or earlier
Andersen, David Jewelry designer in Oslo Norway beginning 1876. Sons "David" and "Ivar" have continued business to present. Work in sterling and enamels. Most pieces are signed David-Andersen or "D-A" within a square. Also produced silver and tableware items with enameling.
Andersen, K. Holst Artist Jewellery designer born in 1935 in Copenhagen, Worked for Georg Jensen c. 1937
Anderson Just Denmark Silver Jeweler/ornamentation designer 1884 - 1943
Andre Hair Fashions Jewelry trademark for Coro Inc New York for hair ornaments since 1937
Andree' Jewelry trademark for Cohn & Rosenberger Inc New York since 1937
Angel of Love Jewelry mark for Coro line of jewelry since 1952
Angel Skin Dull waxy smooth gardenia like finish given to certain fabrics such as satin, lace or crepe. Also called Pear D'Ange
Angel Long, loose flowing sleeves on a garmant that look like "wings" sleeves
Angel Pins Jewelry trademark used by Forstner, Inc. Irvington NJ for charm pins 1959
Angela Jewelry trademark used by Angela, Inc. Providence RI since 1963
Angelique Started by Charles N Granville and N Lee Swartout in 1946 as a perfume company which produced "Black Satin" and others
Angman, Jacob Sweden silver craftsman c. 1876-1942
Angora Wool of the angora goat used for its soft, fuzzy warmness in the making of sweaters, coats and blankets
Anjou Perfumery, NY, c. 1943 "Apropos"
Ank Jewelry trademark for Antoinette Pearls, Inc. Newark NJ since 1962
Ankh Egyptian symbol of life in the form of a Tau cross with a loop resting on the transverse arm. Combines the male and female symbols of Osiris and Isis and is round held in the hand of certain deities depicted on some tutankhamun jewelry. Also known as the key of life and the crux anasata.
Anklet Ornament worn around the ankle
Anjour Perfume Co. started by The Capana Co. of Batavia Ill in 1944. Perfumes - "Devastating", Apropos" c. 1946 and "Side Glance" c. 1952
Ann Barton Jewelry trademark used by B. Haig, Bostom Mass since 1938
Ann-View Jewelry designer, Atlanta Ga c. 1950
Annie Oakley Jewelry trademark of Annie Oakley Enterprise, Los Angeles, Ca since 1951
Anniversary Jewelry trademark used by Maybaum Bros., Inc. New York for pearl jewelry since 1921
Anniversary Stones 

Considered gift appropriate on the following wedding/anniversary dates 
1st - Peridot ...................2nd - Red Garnet..........3rd - Jade.......................4th - Blue Zircon 
5th - Pink Tourmaline......6th - Turquoise.............7th - Yellow Sapphire...8th - Tanzanite 
9th - Amethyst...............10th - Blue Sapphire.....11th - Citrine.................12th - Opal 
13th - Moonstone..........14th - Agate..................15th - Rhodolite......... ..16th - Red Spinel 
17th - Catnelian.............18th - Aquamarine.........19th - Garnet.................20th - Yellow Diamond 
25th - Tsavorite.............30th - Pearl...................35th - Emerald................40th - Ruby 
45th - Cat's Eye.............50th - Imperial Topaz.....60th - Star Ruby............65th - Blue Spinel 
70th - Smoky Quartz......75th - Diamond 


3RD...............................................................CRYSTAL AND GLASS 
4TH...............................................................ATOMIC APPLIANCES 
7TH...............................................................DESK ACCESSORIES 
10TH.............................................................COLORED STONE JEWELRY 
11TH.............................................................SILVER JEWELRY 
14TH.............................................................GOLD FILLED JEWELRY 
25TH.............................................................STERLING SILVER JUBILEE 
50TH.............................................................GOLDEN JUBILEE
60TH.............................................................DIAMOND JUBILEE 
65TH.............................................................STAR SAPPHIRE
Annulet An U Let) Small Ring
Anne Boelyn Wife of Henry VIII (one of the 6 wives) who influenced fashion with her costume of long flowing sleeves, fitt4d bodice and low square necklline. The loose sleeves sometimes were edged with fur.
Annular Ring Shaped
Anodising/Anodizing Method of colouring aluminum for use in modern jewelry. Uses atomic current.
Anodyne Necklace Used as a charm against illness or pain especially by babies when teeething. Used in the 18th century. Name is from Anodyne, a medicine that allays pain
Anson Trademark used by Anderson Tool and Die Works, Providence, RI for mens jewley, etc. since 1945
Ansehl Perfumery St. Louis Mo. c. 1925 "Lavender and Old Lade", "Orchids In The Moonlight".
Anthony, Amy Contemporary Studio Jewelry Designer/Artist specializing in smooth machine look
Antimacassar (Ant I Ma Kass Er) Covering used to protect backs and arms of usually upholstered chairs and sofas from soil. Usually made of heavy lace and popular in the 19th century.
Antoine De Paris Perfumery, Paris France NY NY, C. 1940 "Blithe Spirit"
Antoinetete Jewels Jewelry trademark used by Anthony Novelty co., Providence RI since 1948
Anton Michelson Silversmith locat4ed in Copenhagven Denmark from 1841 working in silver jewelry and other ornamental products. Used enamel decoration. Company is still in business
Antonio Pineda Gomez Mexican Sterling Jewelry designer since 1941. Usually marked "Antonio"
Antrobus, Philip Ltd London England Jewelry Designers 1810 -
Antwerp Pot Lace Rare Bobbin Lace With Pot of Flowers in Design
Anulus Pronubus Latin for Betrothal, i.e. finger rings used by the Romans as a betrothal ring
AP Jewelry trademark with double circle, Dupuis Process, Inc., NY since 1941
AP Connected letters trademark for Aaron Perkis, NY jewelry mfg. since 1947
APB Connected letters trademark for Annette Creations, Inc. NY since 1962
Apatite Semi precious stone, clear, pink, yellow, green or violet. Similar to Tourmaline only softer.
Apex Jewelry Mfg. NY
Apsychic readingo Studios Founded in NY in 1909 closing in 1922 producing brass and copper kits for amateur metalworkers and jewelry makers. Shopmark is Apsychic readingo Studios.
Apache Tear Variety of Obsidian around in tear-like or pear shape. Found in the SW regions of US and named after supposed resemblance to the tears of the Apache Indian Squaws.
Apparel Refers to clothing of all sorts
Apple Coral Porous coral from the Phillipines often impregnated with tinted resin to make beads
Appleby, Malcolm Artist/jewelry designer born 1946 in Beckenham England. Engraved crown for Prince of Wales c. 1968
Applique Decoration of fabric laid onto another piece of fabric and stitched down. French word meaning applied to.
Appricot Color with red/orange appearance with some yellow like the fruit
Apron Article of clothing worn over another to protect or adorn it. Most aprons fasten around the waist with a ribbon tie and some extend to cover the bodice as well. Made of various materials that apply to its useage such as protection or adornment. Another meaning for apron is the part of the shoe covering the instep.
AquaDrop Jewelry trademark used by Avon Products inc. NY since 1971
Aquamarine Type of Beryl used as a semiprecious stone. Aquamarines come in various shades of blue green. It was once described as "The color of sea water parted by the bow of a sailing ship". It acquires it's name from the Latin word for "Seawater" and has symbolized eternal youth and happiness. Placed in water, the aquamarine was said to have healing qualities. Haunted Greeks and Romans used Aquarmarines for intaglios. Also used to reference the color of Aquarmarine.
Aquamarine Topaz Variety of Topaz with color shading toward green.
Aqua Regia Used for testing 18 catat gold. Composted of Hydrocholoris acid, Nitric Acid and Water.
AR Jewelry trademark of Rose Rathous/ R&Y Jewelry Mfg. NY since 1962
Arabesque (Ar A Besk) Intricate design usually made with stitchery or applied fabrics showing flowers, vines, scrolling, foliage, etc.
Arabesques In jewelry or fabric, the flowing scrollwork in line, leaves, curlicues, etc. Often done in low relief. Popular in the Art Nouveau Period. Most figures reflect plant growth intertwined with lines and patterns. The Moors were adept at this type of artistic design.
Arabian Having characteristic feathers of Arabian dress, culture, adornment, i.e. loose wide trousers, ankle length robes, loose coat-like outer garments, rich colorful embroidery, slippers or sandals, pendants and arabesque designs.
Arbor Jewelry trademark used by Ferdinand L Baum, Providence RI since 1947
ARC Any part of a line used in forming a circle
Archaeological Jewelry Refers to jewelry or other articles made in the 19th century inspired by the Etruscan archaeological discoveries and especially pieces made by Pio Fortunato Castellani.
Arden, Elizabeth Trademark used by Elizabeth Arden Sales, NY for jewelry since 1939. Also women's cosmetics, perfumes (name usually signed in script). Founded by Florence Nightingale Graham. One of the best selling fragranes was "Blue Grass" c. 1934. Her bottles were mostly made in France.
Ardoise (Ahr Dwah Zay) French word meaning slate or slate colored.
Argentine Silver Luster coming from fish scales and used to make imitation pearls
Argentine Cloth Glazed open weave fabric glazed to make it dust proof
Argent (Ahr Zhonh) French word for silver
Argentan French for "nickel silver" also called "german silver"
Artentine Substance of silvery luster made from fish scales and used in making imitation pearls
Aridnl Jewelry Trademark used by Arnold Constable & Co., NY for faux pearl jewelry
Arif, Marc Perfumery in Paris France c. 1953 Fragrance - "Contact"
Arista Jewelry Trademark used by Coro Inc. since 1954
Aristo-Gram Trademark used by Swank, Inc., Attleboro, MA since 1941
Aristocraft Jewelry Trademark used by Melvin Whitney & Co., Los Angeles Ca since 1946
Aristocraft Jewelry Trademark used by Coro for faux pearl jewelry since 1950
Arje' Original Jewelry Trademark used by Rene Jewelry Co., Philadelphia Pa since 1956
Arkansas Diamond Local misnomer for rock crystal. Arkansas is the state in the U.S. producing the most diamonds. "The" Arkansas Diamond was discovered on a farm near Searcy, Arkansas in 1926 and was bought by Tiffany & Co.,
Arle Jewelry Trademark used by Arle Jewelry Inc., Atlanta, Ga. since 1946
Arly Perfumery, Paris France c. 1915 - Fragrance "La Boheme"
Armel Designs Jewelry Trademark used by Iz-Bel Products Inc., New York for mens jewelry since 1958
Armenian Lace Narrow needle made lace
Armenian Stone Lapis Lazuli
Armlet Ornamentation worn on the upper arm as a bracelet is worn over the wrist
Armor Haunted protective covering for the body used during battle. Usually metal.
Armozeen (Ahr Mo Zeen) A heavy corded silk fabric that was used in the 16th century for garments. Now mostly used for clerical robes, etc.
Arna Jewelry Trademark for Arno Wrazlowsky, New York since 1952
Aro-Sac Jewelry Trademark used by Alpco Inc., Providence, RI since 1946
Array To dress or clothe in fancy attire
Arrow Jewelry Trademark used by Sands Mfg Co., Providence, RI 1928
Arrowhead Used in jewelry to describe the shape of a pendant.
Art Jewelry Mfg/Designer c. 1940-1970's. Company was Modeart/Arthur Pepper. Nice quality unusual and original designs. Collected for their uniqueness. Designs are similar to Florenza and Hollycraft in construction but retain their own originality. They also had a line of jewelry resembling that of the Victorian era. Most "Art" designs were signed.
Art Deco 
Began when the public tired of the flowing lines and romanticism of the previous Victorian and Nouveau periods. Different mediums of expression were sought to reflect the new freedoms and social changes. Jewelry took on geometric lines, cubism, aztec and architectural jewelry flowed. Ethnic infuences were still apparent especially after the discovery of King Tut's tomb in the 1920's. Gabrielle Chanel introduced "costume" jewelry and fashions for the new era and imitation pearls encircled everyone's neck. The "Flapper" chemese eliminated the need for the previously required corsets. Long "Flapper" necklaces were abundant. Designs still included the diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald and other gemstones only in a different presentation. Bakelite came onto the scene as jewelry characterized by heavy catved bangle bracelets and figural brooches. Fruit salad bakelite jewelry came into vogue as dangling cherry pins and bright red apples.
Art-Love Jewelry Trademark used by Artsinc, Canton, Oh since 1970
Art Moderne 
1935 - 1945
This was the period when just about any conceivable type of design, flamboyant or contrived survived. It avoided frivoulous swirls and instead tended to streamline into crisp geometric lines though not as angular as the Art Deco period (call it Art Retro). It gave license to much creativity and created conflict between machine and nature. It combined plastics with metal, chrome and ordium and used three dimensional art designed by famous artists such as Salvador Dali, George Braque and Matisse. Stylistically identified by the use of rose gold and heavy curvalinear designs.
Art-N-Copper Jewelry trademark within a leaf used by Walter Cerveny, Portland since 1954
Art Nouveau (Nu Vo) Romantic period handicraft movement that begain in the 1890's and lasted to around 1914. It was a reaction against vulgarity and machine produced items. It concenrated on graceful curvings, asymmetrical forms, beauty inherent in nature with unusual combinations such as dragonflys, vines, peacocks, flowers and dreamlike figures, faces and moons. Jewelry used were moonstones, opals and pearls in abundance. Silver was especially popular and enamel was important. A lot of iridiscent decorated china and tableware as well as jewelry appeared. The Art Nouveau period began in England spreading to America and France and ended around the time of WWI. 
Some of the designers associated with this period are Rene Lalizue, Georges Fouquet, Henri Vever, Georg Jensen in Denmark, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Art Nouveau was known in other countries as follows: 
America, England and France - L'Art Nouveau for the Paris Establishment of Samuel Bing in 1895 
Holland - Stijl 
Bohemia - Recession or Secession 
Germany - Jugenstil after the art magazine "Jugend" meaning youth. 
Italy - Stile Liberty after London's Liberty and Company, Regent Street Department Store 
Spain - Arte Jouven - meaning young art. 
Artel Jewelry Trademark used by Artel Jewelry Mfg., Providence RI since 1931
Articulated Made with segments connected by joints or jump rings. Also movement as in a "trembler" piece of jewelry
Artificers London England metalwork designers 1901-1942 (Nelson Dawson, Montague Fordham, Edward Spencer, John Paul Cooper). used " AS GD LD" in a shield as their hallmark.
Artificial Not natural. Man-made or man-induced.
Arts and Crafts Movement 
1890 - 1914
Movement led by William Morris in late 19th century characterized by quality hand made process and crafting as opposed to machine made. Jewelry included hand made items in pewter, silver and copper sometimes with a Medevil look. Jewelry made during this time was of exceptional quality. Most being hand made. The themes co-existed with the Art Nouveau period using the popular nature themes only a more simple/stream line variation. Silver was the most popular metal as was the cabochon cut of most gemstones. A few of the designers were Charles R. Ashbee, Henry Wilson, Arthur Liberty, R. Lalique, Jessie King just to name a few. One theme seemed to dictate the Arts and Crafts standing on jewelry - one large focus piece should be worn. Fashion also took a turn during this period due to the campaigning by the American Free Dress League in the U.S. and the Rational Dress Society in Britian. They campaigned against the corset and for looser more comfortable dresses for women.
Arts Of The World Jewelry trademark used by Swank, Inc. Attleboro, Mass for mens jewelry since 1960
Arys Perfumery, Paris France c. 1915 -- Fragrance - "Ambre Vermeil", "Violette"
As Bought or As Found Term used at auctions or sales meaning article is bought with the knowledge that there may be a defective or damaged part and you are buying it as such. Also term for buying an item for which the origin or date is unknown to the seller and you are buying it as such.
As You Like It Jewelry Trademark used by Cohn & Rosenberger (Coro) New York since 1939
Ascot Long broad neckscatf sometimes fastened by a scatf pin. Named for Ascot Heath in England - A Prominent Horse Racing Track.
Ashanti Referring to tribes in Nigeria and Ghana known for their beautiful gold and bronze jewelry made in the "lost wax" method.
Ashbee, Charles 1863 - 1942 Prominent English jewelry designer primarily in the Art Nouveau style but also in the Arts and Crafts period. His marks were "CRA" from 1896 and after 1898 "G O H LTD". Studied Cellii's techniques. He was the first Arts and Crafts designer to begin creating jewelry. His favorite stones were amethysts, rubies and pearls, mostly set in silver.
Asprey & Co. LTD London jewelrs/designers 1781 - present
Assay Determine content/purity of metal. The standard for silver is 925 parts per 1,000 pure silver (92.5%). Four grades of gold are accepted 9, 14, 18 and 22 each representing parts out of pure 24 catat gold. To determine this requires the use of acid and certain testing tools.
Associated Distributors Perfumery, Chicago Ill. c. 1940 ' Fragrances - "Chen Yu", "Taboo", "Tattoo", "Voodoo"
Asta Jewelry Trademark used by Joseph Tittman, New York since 1955
Asteria Refers to a gemstone that exhibits asterism or "star" such as the star sapphire
Astrologram Jewelry trademark used by Chesley L Benjamin, San Francisco since 1945
Astro-Clad Jewelry trademark used by Salvatore P. Iorio of Aero Jewelry, Providence RI since 1965
Symmetrical One sided/longer on one side than the other
At A Time Jewelry trademark bused by Maybaum Bros in New York since 1925
Atelier (A tell yay) French word meaning workroom or studio. Used to refer to large dressmaking or fashion establishments such as Chanel.
Atomic Jewelry trademark used by Coro, Inc., New York since 1945
Atomic Jewelry Style called such bedcause of the rhinestone tipped spokes extending out from a central stone or design. 1950's design.
Attache Jewelry trademark used by Ray Curran & Co, Providence RI for mens jewelry since 1962
Attar Perfume made by distilling of flower petlas such as Attar of Roses. Used in perfumes.
Attenborough, Richard London England jeweler/designer c. 1850-1862
Attifet (A Tee Fay) French meaning ornament for the head.
Attire Refers to the entire costume or dress. Also used to mean "Rich" clothing
Attribute Unsigned but in the style of a person or company and "Attributed" to them.
Atours (A Toor) French meaning dress, ornament, etc.
Attwood and Sawyer Jewelry Designers/Mfg. - England 1980's
Au Fait (O Fay) French meaning expert
Aucoc, Andre Gold, Silver jewelry designer in Paris 1821 - 1900
Auber Perfumer, Paris France c. 1949 - Fragrance "Fra Diavolo"
Auburn A dark copper shade usually referring to a shade of the hair
Auction Venue for selling goods to a bidder at the highest price bid. Sale conducted by an Auctioneer and performed either at a public location or through online auction sites.
Aurientis, Dominque Paris costume jewelry designer noted for large, exquisite designs.
Aurora Borealis Iridiscent coating on rhinestones and glass beads to enhance or flash tye color. Developed by Swarovski Co. c. 1955. Abbreviation used AB
Austria Location of some of the most famous glass works where the Bohemian Glass originated and other mfg. still exist.
Autocrat Jewelry trademark used by Vargas Mfg. Co., Providence RI since 1971
Automade Jewelry trademark used by Automatic Chain Co., Providence RI since 1934
Avante Jewelry trademark found on back of silvertone costume brooch. Signed "Avante" in oval. No other information available.
Ave Small bead on a rosary of which there are 10 to a group known as a decade between a paternoster and a gloria
Aventurine Semi precious gemstone usually green in the quartz family. It usually has tiny flects with a glittery look and is somtimes referred to as goldstone and incorrectly as "Indian Jade". It is sometimes deep blue or brown/red in color. The Chinese refer to this stone as "YU" and hold it in higher esteem than jade.
Avenue, The Jewelry trademark used by Cohn & Rosenberger, New York since 1925
Avon Perfumery, Cosmetic Company, NY NY - Fragrances - Andalusia and Wishing
Avon Originally the California Perfume Company founded in 1886 becomming "Avon" in the 1920's. They made perfumes and cosmetics in collectible figural containers. The company is still in business and now produces a line of costume jewelry clearly marked "Avon" and sometimes with a designers mark such as Kenneth Lane. The perfume bottles have declined in value in past years but are expected to experience a resurgence in collectibility especially the Avon Ruby Red Cape Cod Dinnerware. The jewelry is just now beginning to become collectible especially with the famous designer seating contests. Some are limited edition pieces.
Avon Memory Makers Jewelry trademark used by Avon Products, New York since 1971
Avril, Cecil D Perfumery, Rochester, NY c. 1940 - Fragrance "Overture"
Awabi Pearl Japanese name for abalone pearl
AWAW Egyptian honorific bangle or armlet made in form of a gold hollow band.
AWBC Jewelry trademark used by Speidel Corp., Providence RI since 1936
Axe God Article of Pre-Columbian jewelry shaped as though catved from an axe or celt.
Axel Bros Jewelry mfg. company New York c. 1959. Trademark is a triancle connected with a line to an "L".
Axhead A trapexium shaped pendant that is drilled through the narrowest edge
Ayer Perfumery founded in 1886 by America's first beauty columnist, Harriet Hubbard Ayer. Perfumes "YU" c. 1938, "Golden Hour" 1945, "Golden Chance" 1948 and "Muguet" 1932.
Azalea Jewelry trademark used by Gulf Coast Jewelry and Speciality Co., in Mobile Ala. since 1949
Aztec Articles of Pre-Columbian jewelry, etc. made by the Aztec indians who came from east central Mexico and circa 1325 founded Tenochtitlan (Now Mexico City)
Azure Indeterminate shade of blue, clear deep blue sky of lapis lazuli, etc. Actually a descriptive synomyn for "blue"
Azurite Mineral normally opaque and azure blue sometimes misleadingly called blue malachite.