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Rhinestones, Cabochons and More
Introductory Sale $1.00 per dozen
Pair of Renoir Earrings. Good condition only needing the clip back replaced on one earrings.
SUP516 $5.00

31" strand of cobalt blue and black lucite beads. Needs clasp or restrung. Neat beads.
SUP1004 $5

Shiny cherry red 3 strand beads with clasp and matching earrings. Necklace needs restrung. Super pearlized color.
SUP1209 $8.00

Necklace featuring rose quartz and garnet nuggets needs restrung. Nice lot of stones and milky beads. SUP1221 $10

Vintage beaded bracelet with custom clasp needs two strands reattached to clasp. Gorgeous Beads !
SUP6046 $10

This is a 6oz bag lot of silver and sterling designer findings, fine chain, rhinestone chain, etc. Great for designing and repair.
SUP6059 $12
2 Pieces - goldtone entwined heart brooches both needing completion of a pin stem. Both pieces have rhinestone inset 2" each. Quality. Add the pin stems and sell as is or use for your "hearts desire".....
SUP6050 $5.00 for both

Silver fabric buckle tops with nice marcasite edge. Each piece about 3" x 2". Great for redesign or just for the flat back marcasites. They are about 5mm size.
SUP6154 - $10

Art Deco
Weidgie Beads
No hold 1/4" square black glass
flat back with "sparkly" letters.
Not all letters available
25 piece scoop for $1.00

Beautiful graduated beads - Cherry Amber ? 26" single strand, all faceted. All it needs is a clasp. These are gorgeous geads.
6105 SOLD

Huge anitque buckle 21/2 x 4" with exquisite detail/filigree and turquoise stones. Has a pin mechanism added some time ago at top put there so it could be worn. Buckle mechanism missing.

Would be a great designer base. Stones are beautiful.
SUP6101 $25

Left is a 6-1/4" vintage brass bar with filigree ends. Bari s just over 1/4" width. End pieces 1-1/2" with red rhinestones. Appears to be some sort of "slide" mechanism on one end. Don't know what this is or was but it is
#SUP9533 $8.00

About 24" of vintage beautiful beads need restrung. This is from an estate and has several pair of matching earrings that need cleaning or repair. These beads are gorgeous ! About 1/2"ovals. Extender chain included.
SUP5669 $12.00 SOLD
Lots of woven black vintage beading. 2 seperate pieces each about 18" x 3", leaf/foliage pattern. These are in good condition needing very little repair
They could make fantastic gown straps or sewn on decoration.
PJ5856 $25.00

Vintage hatpin tops. composition heavy plastic or wood material. Could be painted, lots of uses. Hole in small end for wire insertion. 1-1/4" teardrop shape. SUP21755.
$5.00 for 10

1" silvertone butterfly pin bases with pin mechanism already attached. Textured top surface for applying stones, etc. for your designs. Lots of possibilities
3 - $1.00

Vintage 15" strand of 11mm carved beads in faux coral and black floral designs. Just need a clasp or restrung.
SUP5328 $10 SOLD

Vintage ring box by "Rocket Jewelry Boxes, New York". Art Deco.
Navy Blue Velvet inside. One small mar on front probably removeable.
SUP2356 $8.00

Beautiful piece of vintage beading in good condition except for around the edge. Measures approx 4 x 6". Done on dark blue velvet. Still on paper backing. SUP0183 $20

1-1/2" wide spool of vintage waxed? beading material. This is very old and would be great for vintage restrings/repairs.
SUP1113 $5

5 vintage copper ring bases with small hole in center. Adjustable. 1/4" top pad. Side engraving
SUP15154 $2.00 SOLD

1-1/2" diameter Native American beaded rounds with leather backings. Come in pairs of each design. Limited quantity of each design. Could use for brooch , earring or pendant designs. Vintage. $8 per pair.

Two unique "face" beads in ceramic/glass. Each about 1" diameter. SUP0173X $3 Each

4 1" inks with enamel leaves, turquoise and coral stones, rhiestones. Could be made into bracelet or stones used. SUP0720X $8 SOLD

Beautiful heavy chevron beads 2 large at 1-3/4" long and 1 small at 3/4". From a collection of vintage beads. BD0384X $15 All SOLD

1" long vintage cobalt blue with gold dust and lime yellow. 10 bds BD0363X $20

Just over 1" long these unusual beads are deep red with gold dust matrix and "tricorn" top. Vintage beauties. BD30624 $3.00 each

Copper screw on earring findings with 20mm pad.
6 pair for $3.00 or $5 dozen

Gorgeous 30" strand of graduated size (largest almost 1" diameter) translucent blue and opaque black beads. All they need is a clasp or redesign. These are great !
SUP5285 O/I

beautiful Napier necklace. Parts are here. Needs restrund.
SUP5226 $8.00

Lot of "Haskell" style pearls, rondelles and center design in gray and brown . 1 lot only

Southwestern indian necklace/beads needs restrung. Some nice very old beads. The rock with the hole in it was with these bids so you get that too ! These are very old.
SUP0195 $15

Lot of composition and glass beads - previously a beautiful necklace only needing redesigned/restrung.

2" wide and widest x 2" length jade "puffed" heart. No holes. Great for designing. SUP2497 $20 (2)

Very old 17" necklace in need of repair/redesign. Blue glass flower beads, sequins, faux pearls. Center brass plate for wired on design.

Fabulous sequin beads a full 1" in diameter. Hole goes through the center. Would make super dangle earrings or bracelets.
.25 each or 6 for $1.00

Wired on design faux pearl earrings are clip on style and can use some redo and TLC.

Lot of beautiful cut coral and tan shell freeform nuggets. 1 lot only
SUP6704 $5

Approximately 1" wide x 20" long vintage black fabric with hand sewn faceted teardrop (not glass). Lightweight perfect for a choker necklace with some added decoration and clasp. You could probably get a necklace and bracelet out of this.
SUP5554 $10

Lot of heart charms and chains from a Heidi Daus signed
jewelry backing just waiting to be restored or redesigned.
SUP6203 $8.00 O/I

Bracelet findings as shown green = 1-1/8"
1 lot only as shown SUP679 SOLD
coming soon !

1 dozen asst bells
SUP63 $1.00
7" crushed turquoise and silver bracelet needs redone and clasp. 3'4" wide SUP62 $10 SOLD Bracelet findings 1 lot only
Pair of 2" each lucite grape ornaments/earrings. SUP625 1 lot only.
Misc turquoise, garnet, lapis pieces for redesign or stone reuse. 1 lot only.
As shown SUP624 $20

Olive green w/ivory flower cameo 1/4"
SUP626 - $1.00 dozen
2 silver (sterling?) attached beads. Backside hollow. Probably for use on a hair comb design. 1 lot only SUP673 $20 1-3/4" oval early plastic West Germany with brass profile SUP69 $1.25 each Clip on crystal glass earrings
need resdesigned or use for other repairs.

Purse Handle in carved bone or ivory? is 5-1/2 x 3/4". Carving in good condition
Downer is that the clasp is broken, but
could easily be removed or repaired.
SUP431 $10 SOLD

This is a 5 pc lot of boullion
embroidery insignias including
star, anchor, eagle and shield.
SUP432 $3 lot

.50 per package of 6

.50 per package of 2

.75 per package of 4

2 strands 40" each of vintage wood? beads. Each bead is 1-1/4" long and about 1/4" thick. SUP01813 $5 all

Rhinestones, Gems, Cabochons
Can sell by each or dozen

Chatons - Amethyst Claire
French - ultra pale amy/pink
5 sizes available up to 4-1/2 MM - $1.00 dozen
Ovals - Dark Amber
Large - $2.00 each

state size
Navettes - Peachy Pink
15x7 $1.50 ea
Navettes - Dark Amber
3x5 - $1.00 ea
Chatons - Aigue Marine
4mm - 2.00 dozen
Black Diamonde
3-1/2 mm $2.00 dozen
1" oval stone cabs
4 - $1.00
1" Swarvorski foiled back crystal
SUP67 $5.50
14" x 1/2" woven rhinestone rope. Vintage SUP68 SOLD 1/2" round colorful flat back stones. SUP674
5 - $1.00
Art Deco carnelian color flat backs 1/2". SUP671
4 - $1.00 O/I
6 x 1" rhinestone bracelet. unsigned. Needs new foldover clasp and 2 rhinestones. SUP70
Red millefiori stone cabochon 1/2" oval. SUP628 - 6 - $1.00 Concave top black glass oval with faceted edge. 1/2" oval. SUP627 - 6- $1.00 1/2" topaz glass butterfly; double hole; SUP64
6 pieces - $1.00
Graduated Size faceted lucite; largest 3/4". 1 lot only SUP61 $2.00
Moonstone navettes various sizes and pastel colors.
Our pick or yours $1.00 for 12 or .10 each. Email for sizes.
8x6 Swarovski Glass Oval Foiled Flatbacks
$1.00 per dozen
10x8 Swarovski Turquoise Glass Oval Flatbacks
$1.00 per dozen
10x8 Swarovski Sapphire Glass Oval Foiled Flatbacks
$1.00 per dozen
5mm Round Swarvoski Siam Glass Flatbacks $1.00 per dozen 8x6 Swarovski Oval Jet Flatbacks
4x6, 10x8 Also Available
$1.00 per dozen
18x13 Swarvoski Topaz
Foiled Flatbacks
.50 each
12x10 Swarvoski Bermuda Blue
Oval Foiled Flatback
$1.00 per dozen
Jarrett's Jade
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and other
Jewels Of The Net
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