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2" composition shell on silvertone
Cute !

De Nicola - See Designer Page

See Main Catalog #23090 $10.00

We used to call them chameleons but now the word is "gecko". This one is ready to "party" pave set rhinestones in silvertone body with green rhinestone accents. Adorable and quality made. This one is not signed on the back but he must be special because he is numbered 92550. The perfect size for a shoulder'sitter....
SWP18477 $25

See Main Catalog - chameleon

This is a stunning crystal rhinestone bracelet 1/4" wide band and 1-3/4" snake with tongue flickering as the focus. Goldtone base and green rhinestone snake eye. The clasp for this is the "snake". Bracelet is in small "links" so as to give it that "slithery" feeling....Snake, Slither and Sparkle....what else could you want...

Coiled snake 2" pink opalized cabochon. SWP1530 $15

2" dangling snake earrings with red rhinestone eyes. Clip on.
SWP51910 $10

Fabulous Frog with green rhinestones and shell.3+".
SWP51911 $25

2-1/2" oldie with turquoise stone shell. SWP51912 $20

A composition oldie - Large acrylic stones. 3" Marked with an "S" inside a star.SWP5191 $20

2" silvertonewith green lucite shell. SWP5193 $10

Art designed this 2-1/4" beauty with pearl flower shell and topaz rhinestone eyes. #TT8271 $20

Faux turquoise makes this  2"silvertone turtle by "Gerry's"
a winner. #TT8272  $15

Trifari designed this 2" turtle with brushed gold and creamy plastic shell. #TT8273  $15

The turtle has long been a symbol of immortality, fertility and longevity.
The markings on a turtles back were interpreted in various contexts by different cultures.
Some thought the shell markings to be a map to heaven - others thought them to be demonic messages.

2" enamel alligator
SWP5198 $8

Ancient belief has it that the crocodiles weep "tears" while devouring their victims, thus "crocodile tears" mean false sorrow

2-3/4" museum "gator" replicas
by Alva Studios SWP5194 $10 ea.

1-1/4" cute green frog. Signed AAi - SWP5199 $8 HOLD

This turtle is all enamel, 1-1/2"
unsigned, but looks ready to swim ! # TT8276 

A large translucent green stone
shell adorns this 2-1/4" specimen.
# TT8277 SOLD

Speaking of longevity - this one is an older pot metal - 2-1/2" with gorgeous pink and crystal rhinestones.  # TT8278  $20

1" coiled silver snake earrings.
Clip on SWP5196 SOLD

Brushed goldtone 1-1/2" with
pink rhinestones SWP5198 $8

Cute 1-1/4" "trembler" snail
SWP5197 $8

Unusual silver foil decoration on translucent amber stone with pearl accents. 1-3/4"  #TT8279  $15

Here's the star of the show.
2-1/2 x 3-1/2" large !
Heavy composition "shell" and rhinestone accents. A real unsigned beauty.  #TT13118  SOLD

4" Stickpin signed ane numbered by VanS 3007. Mottled stone shell.
#TT82711 $8

The frog was an emblem of Aphrodite, goddess of birth. However the toad was associated with witchcraft.

This froggy needs nothing but a place to land ! Believe he's celluloid. About 2" long, ivory color witih green spots. All ready to jump to a new home. Picture him on your shoulder ! Attached older celluloid pin backing.
SWP15942 $20

Razza made this jazzy turtle.
2 x 3-1/2" with flexi link body.
Originally meant as a pendant only, a pin back has been added as well as, I believe, the decorative buttons on the back. Rhinestone accent eyes. # TT82712 SOLD

Metzke comic gator 1-1/2"
SWP5195 $8

2" fancy shell turtle #'rd 2165
SWP5201 $10
Multi chain snakey belt is 38" with three 1-1/2" coiled snake design. This could actually be worn as a necklace with some minor adjustments.
See below.

SWP5206 $25
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