Sometimes Referred To As "Regal Jewelry"

Royal Cat

Scepters, Shields & Fleur de Lis

Once Known By The Ancients
To Be Signs Of
Family Designation, Power and Nobility

Now Known By The Fashion World
To Add Power and Class
To Any Fashion Statement.

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Ornamental Jewelry & Accessory
Fleur de lis
For Use in Heraldry
A symbol consisting of a stylized three-petaled iris flower, used as the armorial emblem of the kings of France.
An ornamental made to encircle the head or head covering, often made of precious metal set with jewels and worn as a symbol of sovereignty.
A staff held by a sovereign or ruler as an emblem of authority.

A weapon usually consisting of a long, straight or slightly curved, pointed blade with one or two cutting edges and set into a hilt worn at the waist or over the shoulder.

A protective device or structure such as that used with armor.

See Main Catalog # 18753 HOLD
This pretty crown is vintage and about 2" wide. Nice antiqued goldtone with blue cabochons, rhinestones and simulated pearls all combine to make this a very "stately" piece.

Elegant cross with blue glass open back stones hanging from a goldtone crown. This is a brooch/pendant combination.

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Sarah Coventry silvertone crown with sapphire and crystal rhinestones. 1-1/4"
SCG621 $15

2" silver content crown. No mfg. markings. Very nice.
CRN6214 $20

Gryphon With Sword
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LEFT - Sword Chatelaine
Brooch. Swords are 3" accented with rhinestones.
Unsigned. CSS0480X
Goldtone and enamel brooch by Giovanni Torlonia features detailed and dimensional lions on either side of a shield with a crown above. Nice enameling and rhinestone accents. Green stone accent at the bottom with chain swag. About 2" wide x 2-3/4" long. Would look great on a suit or jacket.Elegant looking.
#20183 SOLD

2-3/4" sword bar pin with charms
CSS6183 $8

Pewter tone brooch with armored profile on central cross. Black and red glass cabochon accents. 2-1/2" Unsigned CSS1 SOLD

Small crown is only 1/2" but is
adorned with tiny faux pearls and rhinestones. 2" overall length. No markings. CSS3303 $8

3" x 1/4? sword with eagle shield and scabord. Marked silver. Older C-clasp. CSS7283 SOLD

Older shield  2" with mop inlay. Trumbone fastener on back. CSS01D $10

Sizes 1 and 1-1/2" pink shields, one with crown design at top. Heavy quality made. Across the top both say "Facite ACII" with 4 insignia
Scientia - Auctus - Opera - Pulchritudo - CSS2122 $8 ea.

3/4" screw on earring crowns with multi color rhinestones.
CSS91836 $10

2" light blue rhinestone crown with pale opaline navette accents. CSS611  $20 HOLD

1" crown with red rhinestones
CSS32122 $10 HOLD

1/2" charm with red stone accents. CSS41222 #5


3-1/2" goldtone scepter signed Pat.Pend. Boucher
CSS1222 $20

3" scepter with black stripe black stone
CSS1222 $8.


3" knife with green tinted mother of pearl blade on potmetal base. Older c-clasp. S831H  SOLD

2" rhinestone engraved sword with chain. SCS21222 $8

3" goldtone sword with fabric wraped sheathe. SCS21222 $8

1" clip on style earrings with shield shape and navy blue standing lion motif. CSS1020 $10

Metal Shield 2"with words "DeOppresso Liber"
CSSS2802D $10

Goldtone scepter with amber
faceted glass top. 3" long.
CSS92313 $10

Heavy potmetal crown
2" with great detail. No marks or manufacturer names.