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Vintage Romantic Jewelry, Gifts
and Sentiments

"a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love..."

** All postcard valentines $3.00 or as marked.
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In following years, lots were drawn by sweethearts, or valentines and small gifts and gestures were given later evolving into the valentines that we know today.
Red is the traditional Valentine color
Symbols and shapes include
Hearts, Cherubs, Roses
Nesting Birds, Hands

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Not Just For Lovers.....In all actuality, in Ancient times February 14 was associated with the mating of birds and it was only named for St. Valentine, a holy priest in Rome, when he was beheaded on that day by Claudius the Goth for not renouncing his faith.
Thus it was known as St. Valentines Day...

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Two Large Heart Valentines 6". Both open up. Fair condition some edge wear $5.00 both

Pewter Color Heart Charm Necklace is approximately 22" long and each charm is 3/4". All of the charms are ingraved with tiny hearts. VAL20652 $15.00

Lot of 5 miscellnaeous theme, Policeman, Swing (mechanical) diary, schoolgirl and Lamb.
VAL0089 $10.00
Free Valentine's Day Greeting Cards

Alice Caviness

2 Cowboy Valentines ! 5" USA - VAL0084 $5.00

14K Gold Heart Pins - CLICK PHOTO FOR INFO.

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and information

Gothic Heart pierced wire earrings with center red glass stone. 1-1/8"
VAL2065 $8.00

3 fancy 5" cards all with edge wear but still beautiful.
VAL0080 $5.00

Older sterling heart 1-1/2" with prong set rhinestones. Good condition. VAL1231 $15

Quality 1/2" faux pearl encrusted earrings. Screw on style. Good condition. VAL1232 $10

7" Hippie Heart Bracelet ! woven plastic cording with silvertone beads and puffed hearts. VAL1233 $10

Hand colored on doily paper, plain inside. 3-1/2 x 5-1/4
Some edge wear. VAL0079 $8.00

Quality 1" shiny and matte goldtone clip earrings. Unsigned. VAL 1211 $10

Heart chatelaine brooch. Large heart is 1-1/4" across top and small one is 3/4". Goldtone. VAL1212 $10

Small 3/4" heart scatter pin with rhinestone accents. VAL13414 $5

Large 2" pendant on 30" slinky chain. Hang Tag - Believe it is Ann Klein.
VAL1213 $15

Beautiful card with woman and cherub. Edge wear. Opens up to poem. 4x6" VAL0078 $3.00

Dainty sterling puffed heart bracelet
7" long and about 1/4" wide. VAL1203-2 $8

7" Sterling Hugs and Kisses Bracelet
Slide in clasp w/safety catch.
VAL2912 $15

Large rhinestone and enamel puffed heart pendant 1-1/2" hangs from 28" goldtone chain. VAL1203 $20

Beautiful Napier Sterling stylized heart brooch 2" NAP1203 $25

That's what playing cards will do ! Cute cards 5" tall. pair for $5.00 VAL0077

1-1/4" textured silvertone clip on earrings with ab rhinestone border. Beauties. VAL119 $10

1" clip on "half a heart" earrings
with pearl dangles. Unique VAL1192 $10

2" pearl and rhinestone goldtone heart pin. Unsigned. VAL2293 $8

Hooray for the Indians (and the Dutch). 3 cute cards 1940's VAL0076 $5.00

Avon heart earrings 1-1/2" Clip on

Fabulous 4" heart/sword chatelaine
brooch. VAL115C $25

1-1/2" pendant (comes with goldtone chain not shown). Red rhinestones
VAL115D $15

Large 7" "sugared" valentine with car theme. On cardboard. Fair Cond. VAL0074 $3.00

Pair of early plastic hearts 1" each.
VAL115E $10 pair

1" rhinestone openwork
VAL115F $10

1-1/4" red rhinestone heart brooch
VAL115G $10

Just what we all want - a mechanical man ! 8" high but his "monacle" is missing. VAL0075 $3.00

1-1/2" brushed goldtone by J.J.
VAL115H - $15

1-1/2" GF over sterling by Linc
VAL115J - $25


1-3/4" rhinestones
VAL115I $20

Heart charm earrings 1-1/2" clip ons
faux stone VAL115K $15

4 Bear theme cards 1940's. All good cond.
VAL0073 $5.00

1" rhinestone/faux sapphire heart dangles from 18" silvertone chain. VAL13294 $15



Screw on 1-1/4" overall brushed goldtone with faux pearls. VAL13304 $8

Advertising Valnetine Pops inserted into pre cut spaces. 5x6 VAL0072 $3.00

15" mother of pearl heart necklace. Graduated heart sizes. Barrel Clasp.VAL13314 $15

2-1/4" brushed goldtone with rhinestones. Some wear but still very nice. VAL13324 $10

6-1/2" peek-a-boo card with design inside the "lace". Cherub design. Poem inside. Edge wear
VAL0081 $5.00

Whitney USA valentine
Dearest Valentine, this token
Only shows my love in part,
Did I dare think you'd accept it
I would send to you my heart....
4x5 VAL1-2 $4.00

1-3/4" potmetal with rhinestones
VAL115L $15

Pair of 1" pearl and green rhinestone scatter pins VAL115M $8 pair

Lot of 5 large 6"+ some with lacy, doily, mechanical but all missing "something". Great for collage.
VAL0082 $8.00

1-1/8" delicate faux pearl and turquoise bead. VAL115N $8

3/4" rhinestone heart pendant "Austria"
18" silvertone chain VAL115Q $15

1-1/2" double heard with faux pearls.
VAL115O - $8

1" heart rhinestone charm
VAL115P $5

All of the above valentines have been in my collection for years - leftovers from when we had an antique shop. Most of them are in good condition, all have appropriate age/edge wear (don't we all !). But all suitable for frame or collage. I'm sure I'll run into more as we plow through all of our stored ephemera.

Yellow heart earrings with tiny yellow beads. Goldtone base. Clip on style.
VAL14474 $8 SOLD

In America and the UK folklore tells us that a girl is able to tell what sort of man she will marry by the first bird she sees on Valentines' Day>>>>>>>>>>>
If You See This Bird On Valentines Day - You'll Marry
Blackbird - clergyman

Robin - Sailor, nautical
Goldfinch - Rich man
Sparrow - Farmer
Bluebird - Happy Man
Crossbill - Argumentative Man
Dove - Good Man
Woodpecker - No Husband !

Secret Admirer Brooch 2" -VAL115A $8 - Only 2 left
"You Mean You Haven't Found The Sale Yet ??? "
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