Merry Christmas Critters !

Let's not fail our furry friends of all kinds over the holidays.
Make sure they get plenty of warmth and good food.
Adopt a friend from your local shelter -
but only if you are ready to take on the responsibility year-round.

If you have to leave your pet over the holiday, please
board them where they can be fed and cared for, have a
pet friendly friend come over at least once a day or
call on one of the many pet sitters in your area.
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2" kitty bring home the tree !
XM3373 $15 HOLD
2" enamel reindeer
XM3374 $10
1-1/2" deer
XM3375 $8
2-1/4" goldtone reindeer signed
"Hedy" Rhinestone collar

Running Deer and Swag 2". Some
wear on back. Unsigned
XM3340 $10
Gerry's Deer and Wreath
2" stickpin. Partridge in a
Pear Tree. No Sig.
#XM3344 $5 Out of Inventory
1-1/2" Deer jumping fence. Older
piece. Unsigned.
XM3347 $5
Moose Behind house ! Cute 1-1/2"
Signed Newpr. #XM3348 $8
2" enamel Noah's Ark
XM3372 $10
1-1/2" enamel mouse with tree. XM3377 SOLD 2" bear in winter scarf.
XM3379 $10
2-1/4" reindeer bearing gifts
XM3380 $10
1-1/4" funky reindeer
XM3381 $5
1-1/2" flirty enamel deer
XM3382 $10
1-1/2" outline reindeer
XM3383 $15
1-1/2" dog in a stocking
XM3384 $10
2" caroling reindeer
XM3385 $8
2" birds in a holly tree
XM3396 $8
1-1/8" white enamel deer
XM3386 $5 SOLD

1-1/2" reindeer with holly in his horns and bows on his hoofs. Goldtone XM11142 $8 1-1/4" silvertone reindeer charm pin XM0102 $8 2-1/4" Folicking Deer in the wood brooch by Sarah Coventry. Nice detail. XM3163 $10 (2) Set of 3 scatter pins each about 1" size. XM7233 SOLD
Tancer 2" partridge in a rhinestone pear tree with dangling pear charm. XM1027 SOLD Click Picture For More Information !

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